Update on alleged "Nazi" executions at the Struthof camp in France

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A building located 2km from the Struthof camp is alleged to be where the gassing of some prisoners took place. This is the best they could come up with?

On May 26, 2015, Dr. Robert FAURISSON sent out this announcement, with the message that "in 70 years, there has been no forensic study proving the existence and operation of the alleged Nazi Gas Chambers!"

An accompanying 10-page article provides information on an argument that is important for those who, like any revisionist researcher worthy of the name, care about historical EXACTITUDE.

In the case of the most ordinary of crimes, justice and police officials know that a forensic examination is absolutely indispensable. However, for seventy years, in the case of what is reputed to be the most atrocious crime ever by its nature and its proportions, that of “the Holocaust” or “the Shoah”, the judges have dispensed with any medico-legal study conducted under the rules established by law and observed by good judicial practice.

There has been just one exception: in France, a forensic examination of the alleged Nazi gas chamber in the Struthof camp near Strasbourg was ordered shortly after the war and assigned to Professor René Fabre, Dean of the Paris faculty of pharmacy and a toxicologist. On December 1, 1945 the professor came to a negative conclusion: he had found no traces of hydrocyanic acid where such traces ought to have been discovered, i.e. in the enclosure called “gas chamber” and in the exhaust stack of that enclosure; nor were there any such traces in the corpses left by the Germans at the University of Strasbourg’s institute of anatomy, corpses of Jews alleged to have been gassed by the camp commandant, Josef Kramer, alone, without the assistance of a single gas specialist. Lacking any training in chemistry, J. Kramer was, in civilian life, a simple accountant!

The report by Professor Fabre has vanished but I personally discovered, in 1980, a document certifying the results of his study. Even Jean-Claude Pressac admitted that Fabre’s findings were negative: “The result [of toxicological testing for traces of cyanide] at Struthof was negative, which was somewhat embarrassing” (The Struthof Album, Edited by Serge Klarsfeld, [published by] The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, New York, 1985, p. 12).

Robert FAURISSON December 31, 2014

See my radio program with Germar Rudolf here debunking Natzweiler-Struthof gassing claims.



Looks an evil outlet pipe on the right side of the gas chamber.  Any poems scratched into the walls with fingernails?  Kind of looks like a Gingerbread House designed to lure the victims to their doom? 

So even after 70 years of holocaust propaganda, the most scientific and open investigation of any mass killing in Europe still remains the German investigation of the Soviet mass murder of Poles at Katyn.
Its amazing that the huge holocaust industry in 70 years has done less actual scientific investigation involving digging, sampling, testing etc then the Germans managed to do in the middle of a World War. All the holocaust industry has managed to do is to selectively quote "survivor" stories and come up with incriminating code words to make innocent German words sound evil.

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This is the first Chrisitan evengelist I have seen go against the Jews.

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