Update: I'm independent again!

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2016-11-19 16:09

I am walking with a cane (like the one picutred at right) and can drive now. On Wednesday morning, the day before Thanksgiving, I'll be walking out my front door, down the porch steps, down the walkway to my car which is temporarily, for convenience sake, parked at the end of it. I'll drive the six-eight miles down the local “highway” to Kerrville, take the cut-off road to the southeast section of town where the hospital and my surgeon's office is (and the post office where I have some mail waiting) for my first out-patient appointment with him. I will get out of my car and walk into his office, unassisted. How exciting is that!

After stopping at the post office, I'll head to the HEB supermarket where I'll go in and access one of those riding carts to do my shopping. I could just hold onto a push cart but that's a lot of walking and I don't want to wear myself out. I still feel every step I take pulling in my hip and down the front of my thigh.  If I have the energy, I'll stop at Walmart on the way home, but if not, I can always go another day because I am now free to go out and about as I please. And all in the space of 30 days from accident to this stage of recovery, thanks to the advances of modern orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation techniques. Soon I'll be swimming again. I am so pleased with my progress that I have to brag a little bit.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans and love and appreciation to all my friends and followers around the world.

P.S. What a great pick Jeff Sessions is for Attorney General. Love it that “Dirty Donna” Brazile is upset about it. What a phony and a liar she is.

More update 11-20:  As I said to David, I could not wait until Wednesday, so drove to Walmart today and used one of those riding carts for the first time. What a riot. The store was very busy but I managed not to run into anybody. I stop a little too suddenly, so it jerks to a halt. But riding through the store to the pharmacy section on the other side, I felt how thoroughly I was enjoying myself. I'm very much like a child in my approach to things right now - the simplest things are like entertainment. When I left the store still in my riding cart, I had confused myself as to what side of the parking lot I was on. I was riding around looking for my car when it dawned on me I had entered on the other side, so I worked my way through the parked cars until I found it. Like a treasure hunt! Who knew it could be so much fun to go to Walmart.


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Congratulations, Carol. Looks like the doctor were right when they said you'd have a speedy recovery. Must be your genes!

And now I'm already moving up my schedule. Planning now to go to Walmart tomorrow because I need some food items and don't see why I should do without them until Wednesday.

With me, it is my genes because I have always been very quick to "get better" from any illness or injury. Happy to know that even in my "old age" I still have that capacity. When I had my tonsils removed at age seven, the morning after my surgery I was dressed and skipping around the hospital room while my mother spoke with the doctor before I was discharged. He said he had never seen anyone recover as fast as I did. I felt perfectly fine and my Mom could not keep me "laying down" at home.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
The election results show Whites don't want to be displaced; be subject to shariya; pres dos para ingles nor be criminalized for having white privilege. Also shows the people of colour coalition does not exist and that there's nothing to fear from the snowflake/cupcake army.
This was also the last hurrah of the MSM. Everyone now knows there's no news and information there.

Good to hear you're recovering from your accident Carolyn! Your website will always be a treasure on the web. Have a great week and a happy Thanksgiving Day. Take it slow. Like I always say, everybody's in a hurry to get to the red light. (:-))

May I suggest drinking a lot of homemade bone broth with plenty of marrow? It helped me heal better after a motorcycle accident

Yes sir! I do make bone broth as a soup base. I plan to make some later today - I have lots of bones in my freezer. Then I suck as much of the marrow out of the pressure-cooked bones as I can. I didn't do it earlier because my pressure-cooker is so heavy. But I can handle it now.

I'm off to see my doctor at his office now. Big day!

Hey, great news!
My own suggestions:  (1) Vegan diet, mostly raw; (2) Try (if you can) to eventually be able to very lightly jog for a few seconds per day.  Then increase that by 10 percent per week (if you can), until eventually you are running a marathon.  Don't start too fast.  Just find what you can do, then increase it slowly week by week.  This will strengthen your bones, your muscles, your connective tissue.  Human body was made for running, and when you stop, you age.

Get better Carolyn!

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