Ursula Haverbeck sentenced to another year in prison for video played on Youtube

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From Spiegel: “In an interview with a YouTuber, who calls himself the "People's Teacher" and which he published in March 2018, Haverbeck trivialized and denied Nazi crimes.” Nikolai Nerling aka “Volkslehrer” on left, with Ursula Haverbeck during the interview in question.

By Carolyn Yeager

SPIEGEL PANORAMA REPORTED ON 4 DECEMBER 2020, the second day of the Berlin trial that began on 17 November, that the judge in charge convicted our brave Ursula of another year in prison. The most memorable words he spoke in court were that he finds her statements to be "unbearable." I can imagine that he hopes she will die in prison this time so he won't ever again have to hear her unbearable questions that neither he nor anyone else has an answer for. But that is the very crux of the injustice and the reason she must keep asking. From the Spiegel article that's been removed from their website since I accessed it:

“At the very end of the trial of Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck, the judge at the Berlin-Tiergarten District Court quotes Oskar Gröning - the former SS man who was sentenced in 2015 at the age of 94 years for aiding and abetting murder in 300,000 cases. In [his] trial before the Lüneburg Regional Court, [professional, paid] Holocaust survivors' reported the horrors of Auschwitz. Gröning also spoke of the gas chambers, of the screams, and of an SS man who hurled a baby with full force against a truck.

“Ursula Haverbeck sat among the spectators in the 2015 trial of Gröning. This did not change anything in her propaganda. The 92-year-old continues to question the murder of millions of Jews. On the fringes of the trial, reporters from NDR asked Gröning what message he gave to Holocaust deniers. Gröning's answer: 'They are irretrievably lost.' It is this sentence that the judge now quotes in Berlin."

It's hard to know what Gröning actually said because the reporting is so biased, but it's clear he's not an honorable man. He's been a collaborator with the current zeitgeist, who deemed himself innocent while finding the SS as a whole guilty. According to Gröning's Wikipedia page, after a 40 year silence:

He openly criticised those who denied the events that he had witnessed and the ideology to which he had subscribed. Gröning was notable as a German willing to make public statements about his experience as an SS soldier, which were self-incriminating and which exposed his life to public scrutiny.

Read what I wrote about his trial in 2017 and how he was misquoted; he'd been in the crosshairs of the criminal justice system since 2005. Also look here. Continuing with the Panorama article:

“Ursula Haverbeck is probably also "irretrievably lost". The old woman does not hear the sentence of the judge on this day. She was in the courtroom on the first day of the trial. But the court allowed her to stay away from the sentencing. So she did not have to travel to Berlin again from North Rhine-Westphalia, where she lives. That words still have any effect on the notorious Holocaust denier is impossible anyway.

“In an interview with a YouTuber, who calls himself "People's Teacher" and which he published in March 2018, Haverbeck trivialized and denied Nazi crimes. In the approximately 15-minute video (search for Volkslehrer+Ursula), she called for "efforts to ensure that this lie, this debt burden" that lay on the German people was "lifted." In it, Haverbeck denies the industrially organized mass murder of six million Jews. Haverbeck says she never received an answer to the question "where the six million Jews were gassed.”

[You may also enjoy this video featuring 'Volkslehrer' along with other Germany protesters.]

So the judge tells the court he finds it “unbearable” to listen to such statements: “They are a mockery of the victims.” But he was asked to name the exact location where these 'victims' died and he could not! That's the cause of his discomfort. He knows he's defending a political chimera! He says “I am afraid there is a threat of repetition,” as he sentences Ursula to one year without probation. He reminds the court that the state uses punishment not only to change behavior, but also to sanction misconduct … (of a 92 year old?). He takes 3 months off the One Year plus Three Months demanded by the prosecutor, and with that credits the court with "being sensitive to her advanced age.”

But here's, for me, the worst of what he said: that Haverbeck sold the historical fact of the Holocaust as the “Auschwitz lie,” which it is. However now—in typical Left behavior--the establishment has stolen the revisionist's term Der Auschwitz Lüge and begun to use it against them by calling it the lie. The Left are inveterate thieves.

Closing argument

Defense attorney Wolfram Nahrath portrayed his client as "a sensitive and intelligent person" who, if she expressed her conviction was liable to prosecution [German law does not punish people for their convictions]. People such as her were forced to remain silent, and this makes people ill,” he said.

Narath suggested that Haverbeck had a "profound, firmly established misconception," and that she could not deny anything that she did not recognize as a fact. He called on the court to show mercy. "Doesn't there come a time to leave this old lady alone?" He argued his client had not known that the "conversation" with the "People's Teacher" was to be published. Because she had not agreed to the interview's publication, Nahrath asked for acquittal.

But the court held that the interview was not a private conversation with Nikolai Nerling at all, shown in that he greeted the audience with "Hello friends," and Ursula Haverbeck spoke into the camera. "The video was intended for publication," said the judge, and Haverbeck was aware of this.

It comes down to what the judge accepts.

Naturally, following German legal norms this sentence will be appealed, and Ursula will remain free and at home during Christmas and into the New Year.

More to come ...


That video can be found on:
and search for Volkslehrer+Ursula

It’s appalling the state to which the German judges have sunk: “…trivialized and denied Nazi crimes.” What this judge may find even more “unbearable” is the number of people who support Ursula. My hope is the judge becomes apoplectic as he discovers how his trial generates more notoriety and more questions for himself as people stand up to this sham trial.
Ursula Haverbeck is an indomitable lady! A real heroine to us all! Live a long life!

A new plaque in Auschwitz now displays the number killed are millions less.  This is now a historical fact and as such shows Ursula has facts to prove her statments.  The judge is just following the original story line of 6 million Jews were killed. And that number was started in 1895 and lives on until today.

Ursula is my hero.  It is people like her that keep me inspired.  Thank you Carolyn.  Dave W.

No, it was much longer than that. The original appeared on the 4th; I put it in the translator and then copied the English version to a document. For some reason, they've left only this stub with a new url.

But thanks anyway.

YES! I admit it! I believe that EXACTLY six million Jews were gassed with bug spray and turned into multi-colored chimney smoke in those "Nazi death-camps"! 2+2=5!! Awk! Awk! Nazis evil, Jews Chosen! Awk!
I wish Ursula better times.  

Indeed Hilberg said it was "the most documented event in human history". The mulicoloured nationalty smoke is documented. The tat lampshades, human thumb light switches, and shrunken heads were all in a documentary by Billy Wilder. The spontaneous eruption of blood geysers with the full force of an oil well was documented by Eely Weasel. Perhaps Haverbeck could be drawn over to the side of reason if she heard the the account of the miraculous scheiss diamonds?