James Comey, FBI promote Special Treatment for Jews

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2017-05-10 22:12

The day before he was fired, FBI Director James Comey gave the closing remarks at the ADL Leadership Summit in Washington DC, extolling the close relationship between the two organizations.

By Carolyn Yeager

HEREWITH ARE EXCERPTS FROM COMEY'S SPEECH AT THE ADL NATIONAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT on May 8, 2017. Other headliners at the 3-day event were Republican Sen. Marco Rubio (keynote address) and liberal 'Republican strategist' and immigrant Ana Navarro. A video of Comey's full speech can be found here.

Comey's words reveal the very special place organized Jewry holds in the USA (no surprise there) and the "special treatment" they enjoy. I like to use the term Special Treatment, and am slowly developing that theme in a future, more comprehensive article, because Special Treatment has been used by the Holocaust Industry “death camp” spinners as code for “selected for extermination.” What was actually being referred to by the SS detention camp bureaucrats was the confiscation and storage of personal and household goods belonging to detainees and deportees, many Jewish. (See MattognoSpecial Treatment in Auschwitz, Origin and Meaning of a Term, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago IL, October 2004.) Therefore, the post-1945 Jewish demand for Special Treatment because of the holocaust has quite an irony to it.

For me, what is of interest in Comey's speech, made when he was still Director of the FBI, is his recognition and full acquiescence to the rule that when you speak to Jewish organizations, you must refer to the Holocaust and include words like 'evil,' 'world's most unimaginable evil,' 'hate,' 'antisemitism,' and concepts such as 'Never Again,' and 'Jewish courage and specialness.' Comey did not disappoint. I was still transcribing this speech when I saw that Comey had been fired by President Trump. It was a real shot in the arm! We can be glad this man is gone. Herewith are some of the most potent passages spoken by Comey, with some educational commentary from me in red.

* * * *

I can say to the ADL from the FBI, we are still in love with you. […]

Together we have confronted bomb threats in Jewish community centers and schools; the vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, the racially motivated shooting of two Indian immigrants. We have met together to talk about swastikas painted on synagogues and subway signs; a transgender woman attacked in her own home, a noose sent to an African-American attorney. [...]

It has astonishingly gone unremarked, after the first reports, that this huge bomb threat hoax (generating hundreds of hoax calls world-wide) was mostly all done by one Jewish 19-year-old living in Israel with his parents. See here, here and here.

Part of this year’s growth, [Greenblatt] said, was the 161 hoax bomb threats against Jewish community centers and other Jewish institutions, including the ADL itself.” Two men — an [African-] American in St. Louis and a dual citizen Israeli American teen in Israel — have been arrested and charged separately with committing the crimes.

Not mentioned is that neither of the two men who carried out the crimes were White or White Supremacists or wanted to hurt Jews. Therefore, they are not examples of antisemitism at all.

As to the vandalized Jewish cemeteries, some cemetery operators said the damage was due to age and neglect of the tombstones, causing them to naturally fall over. It's not new. Comey must be aware of that too. As far as I know, law enforcement never catches any real antisemites they can charge with an antisemitic crime. It's always Jews who turn out to have done it to themselves.

Added 5-13-17:  James Petras, American liberal professor and political commentator, has written:

It is more likely that the hundreds of false-anti-Semitic threats were part of an Israeli state operation identified by the FBI who ‘diplomatically’ pressured Tel Aviv to cut out the monkey business. The news report of the lone-wolf [autistic] teenager in Israel allowed the Israeli intelligence to cover-up their role. Once the Israelis passed off the unbelievable tale of a brilliant, if troubled, young ‘lone wolf’, the entire US mass media buried the story forever.

In your line of work and in ours, we see a lot of people filled with hate. Some of those people will sit quietly, simmering and stewing in their own bitterness. Some will shout about it to anyone that will listen, ever hopeful that maybe their hate will attract – hate. And while we can try to illuminate and educate those people who are sitting there simmering, some will always be trapped in that starless midnight that Martin Luther King wrote about so many years ago. […]

Free speech is the bedrock of this great country, that we can believe and say what we want. No matter how distasteful or how disruptive. That is a vital right in this amazing country of ours. But there are others more worrisome to everyone in this room – those are the ones who stop talking about who and what they hate so much and start acting on that hate. You know all too well that in a heartbeat words can turn to violence. Because hate doesn't remain static too often, and opinion, dislike and prejudice sometimes foments, sometimes it festers, and it can grow into something far more dangerous. Sometimes, too often, hate becomes hate crime. So we have to do everything in our power to stop those people who move from stewing to acting. Who move from just hating to hurting. […]

Comey has fully internalized the idea of “hate” as a free-floating human virus. He has credited Jews with pushing so hard for hate-crime legislation. It's their idea and he expresses his approval. Although he does hold out that physical violence has to take place for something to be a crime. There are still no 'thought crimes' in the US legal code.

I believe the Holocaust is the most significant event in human history – and I mean significant in two different ways. It's of course significant because it was the most horrific display of inhumanity imaginable, one that simply defies words and that, I believe, challenges meaning. How could such a thing happen? How is that consistent in any way with that of a loving God? How could there be meaning in life when so many lives were snuffed out in such a way?

How could such a thing happen? The correct answer is, it didn't. It's war-time atrocity propaganda that wasn't allowed to be cleaned up afterward, which is why it's so inhuman. No human being committed it. We conveniently forget the atrocities the Germans were accused of in WWI – which later were proven and admitted to be false. The same Allies – Britain, France, the US, and Russia (plus Jewry) – are very talented at dreaming up war crimes of “unimaginable inhumanity.” And those in government and politics can't question our accepted history, especially when it comes to our wars.

I asked those same questions standing in a pit at ground zero early in 2002. I asked those same questions studying the history of slavery in America. I've asked those questions many times as I have confronted unimaginable loss and suffering. And standing here today I know I am in good company in asking those questions. The answer for me is: I don't know. We don't know. But we do know this – that it is our duty, our obligation to make sure that some good comes from unimaginable bad.

The problem here is that he/they don't want to know. There is an explanation but it's not one they want to hear. So they go on pretending that it is “unimaginable,” unexplainable, inexplicable, yet it happened. God remains silent. Human evil remains a mystery because we cannot question the facts, only dumbly accept the narrative.

There are so many ways to fight that darkness – this room is full of them. This room is full of people who devoted their lives to making sure that evil doesn't hold the field.

I also believe the Holocaust was the most significant event in history for a second reason, which is, although it was a display of inhumanity that defies words, I believe it was also the most horrific display of our humanity imaginable. A display of our true capacity for evil and moral surrender. And that second significance, the demonstration of humanity, is the reason we require every FBI agent and every analyst-in-training to come to the holocaust museum, cause we want them to learn about abuse of power on a breathtaking scale. But we want them to confront something more painful and more frightening. We want them to see humanity; we want them to look into humanity's mirror and see what we are capable of.

The greatest "abuse of power on a breathtaking scale” can easily be regarded as the Nuremberg Military Tribunal of 1945-46 that found the surviving leaders of defeated National-Socialist Germany guilty of a variety of after-the-fact invented crimes and sentenced them to death by hanging. This Tribunal was run by the war victors, with thousands of Jews working behind the scenes.

We want them to see that though the slaughter of the holocaust was led by sick and evil people, those sick and evil leaders were joined by, and followed by, people who loved their families and took soup to sick neighbors, who went to church, who gave to charity – "good people".

Here is where we see that Comey doesn't understand the history of the period at all; his education comes from the USHMM in Washington D.C.—what he calls the holocaust museum – and its exhibits. And from media and movies, I suppose. He has simply accepted the popular narrative without any investigation. Kind of ironic that he led the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Good people helped murder millions and that's the most frightening lesson of all, that our very humanity is capable of convincing ourself that we have to do this, it's the right thing to do. And that should frighten all of us. That's why we send our agents and our analysts to the holocaust museum, so they can stare at “us” and realize our capacity for rationalization and moral surrender. We want them to walk out of that great museum, in the constraint and oversight of divided government, the restriction of the rule of law, and the binding of a free and vibrant press. It's also the reason that we now require that every new agent and analyst also study the FBI's interactions with Dr. Martin Luther King, and as part of that curriculum visit the King Memorial. [...]

It's important to know that the visit to the United States Holocaust museum was instituted in 2000, but the visit to the national Martin Luther King Memorial was added by Comey in 2013 when he took over the Bureau. In his words, it was to show an example of “abuse and overreach” in the FBI’s history, with its investigation of King's communist ties.

We put those sessions, the holocaust museum and the King curriculum, at the very beginning of our training program for analysts and agents. We start there because we believe it is foundational. [Learning to shoot and make an arrest is important and hard, but] it's much harder and more important, in our view, to understand and internalize the long term ramifications of prejudice and bigotry – the value of oversight. It's much harder to fight against unconscious bias and the sting of subtle racism. These are more than just lessons, we believe they are living principles that have to be ingrained into everything that we do.

As Law enforcement officers, we especially need a full understanding of the history and journey of Black America. The hopes, the dreams, the disappointments and the pain. We need to know the history of law enforcement's interaction with Black America because black people cannot forget it. […]

He speaks of the needs of Black America, Jewish America, Muslim America – but never of White America. He assumes Whites have no needs. At least Trump shows concern for White America.

We must do a better job of tracking and reporting hate crime. To fully understand what is happening in our communities, in our country, so we can stop it. Some jurisdictions do not report hate crime data. Some say there was no hate crimes in their jurisdiction, which would be awesome if it were true. (laughter) We have to continue to impress upon our state and local counterparts how important it is that we track and report hate crime data. It's not something we can ignore, even though its painful; it's not something we can sweep under the rug, even though it's painful.

And lastly, we need to know and believe in good policing in this country. (Why is this last? Why not first?) […] We have to stand together, law enforcement, advocates like the ADL, community groups and people from all walks of life to understand what we need and insist upon it.

Muslim activists raised over a hundred thousand dollars to repair Jewish headstones vandalized in St. Louis and Philadelphia. That makes us better. Good Samaritans, who painted over the vandalized slurs written on a neighbor's house so when they came home they would never have to see those slurs. A defaced sign on a Spanish language church that local pastors covered with posters that “Love wins.” A lawn sign that says “whoever you are and wherever you're from, you're welcome here.” (!! Isn't that dangerous?) Stories like those make us better. You make us better. For more than one hundred years you have advocated and fought for fairness and equality, for inclusion and acceptance. (For 3rd world immigraton.) You NEVER were indifferent or complacent. The word 'silence' in not in your vocabulary. (That's for sure!) You have advocated for voting rights, and on immigration issues; you have fought against anti-Muslim prejudice, you fought against cyber-bullying, you stood up for LGBT and gender equality. You have pushed and prodded for hate-crime legislation.

And you've helped us find terrorists all over this country and all over this world. (He must be thinking of old "Nazis" because they sure don't help find Jewish terrorists.) And for all of that, we at the FBI are grateful. [...]

My thanks to this room full of people who have devoted their lives to insuring that evil does not hold the field … to Jonathan Greenblatt, David Friedman, Michael Lieberman and so many others, thank you for standing by us, for making us better. Love, from the FBI.

My love letter goes to Donald Trump for firing this sob. You can understand why I cheered when I read that headline. Certainly, Trump will do more things that I (and you) don't like, but we should also remember to be grateful for the changes we do like ... in the Justice Department, in the Supreme Court, and in dealing with Border Control agencies and Homeland Security. Nobody ever promised us perfection.


James Comey, ADL


Bravo!  Bravo!  Bravo!  What an informative and insightful article!  A real treat!
I certainly can understand why you were thrilled when you read the headline that President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.  After what you went through transcribing and analyzing Comey's speech so full of Hallmark card-like bromides especially aimed at Jews and Blacks, a talk so full of ignorance and stupidity.
My favorites among your educational commentary were the following:
(1)   . . . Comey doesn't understand the history of the period at all; his education comes from the USHMM in Washington D.C.—what he calls the holocaust museum – and its exhibits. And from media and movies, I suppose. He has simply accepted the popular narrative without any investigation. Kind of ironic that he led the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  
(2)  Regarding Comey's mention of the Holocaust:  How could such a thing happen? The correct answer is, it didn't. It's war atrocity propaganda that wasn't allowed to be cleaned up, which is why it's so inhuman. We conveniently forget the atrocities the Germans were accused of in WWI – which later were proven and admitted to be false."
(3) The “greatest abuse of power on a breathtaking scale” can easily be regarded as the Nuremberg Military Tribunal in 1946 that found the surviving leaders of National-Socialist Germany guilty of a variety of after-the fact invented crimes and sentenced them to death by hanging
Your article was a provocative grand mix of a topical event with important history that truly teaches.  Good food for the brain!

Your comment reminded me of a short line I had added, but then lost when I had some browser trouble when formatting the post. So now, I've added it again. I think it's a good addition, what do you think?

How could such a thing happen? The correct answer is, it didn't. It's war atrocity propaganda that wasn't allowed to be cleaned up, which is why it's so inhuman. No human being committed it.

I think the extra sentence "No human being committed it" is very clarifying and makes the "inhuman" aspect of the invented holohoax truly emphatic and significant.  Good touch.  

Now I've added another paragraph, a quote from James Petras, to the first of my 'comment' sections in red. I'd been thinking about writing it up as a new post, but in the end just added it here - even though some people probably won't see it. I don't know of any hard evidence for it, but it sure fits the way the Israeli's operate.

I reread the entire article you wrote just to see if the ideas of Petras fit in, and they certainly do, Carolyn.  I've read similar accounts on Israeli monkey-business, but I've also read that the FBI has been complicit at times.  Regardless, his insight and your notation of it adds even further depth to this wonderful article, I feel.  And upon rereading your writing, I realized there were two more favorite pieces from you writing that really are nonpareil.  
One is your mentioning of how Comey sees "hate" as a free-floating virus.  "Free-floating virus" really nails this thing called "hate speech."  The first time I read this, it didn't quite stun me as much as it did the second time around and as it deserved to.  It's a wonderful phrase.
The other piece of your writing that really is smart was your pointing out that Comey, sounding so patriotic and like Emma Lazarus, says in his ADL speech, "A lawn sign that says 'whoever you are and wherever you're from, you're welcome here."  And then a tiny realistic and pragmatic voice, the voice of America's conscience, suddenly is heard after all the Jewish blarney is finished, saying, "Isn't that dangerous?"   The simple question just dismantles Comey's inflated, phoney rhetoric like the ego of a haughty, supercilious dowager as she falls on her face after slipping on a banana peel and brings her back to common sense and what living without borders really means.     

I read Comey's speech and commentary by two rabbis at a site called 'Djoosh Insider'. If you can possibly imagine, after all this excessive, over the top arse kissing---these two rabbis said it wasn't enough! For Comey had said that some of the Germans were good---and he was supposed to say they were all intrinsically evil!
I was depressed after reading the 'J Insider' article, but you can well imagine what relief and joy I experienced when President Trump pulled the chain on this DSOB. But don't read too much into it; he may have been fired simply because he's a complete incompetent. It may be that Obongo put him in there to a diversity-affirmative action gatekeeper and nothing more.

I see this as a grand public humiliation of Anglos.
(((Trump))) wanted Comey to kiss the ass one last time before firing him.
Comey, who didn't see it coming, bent the knee and kissed the ring, and once it was over, he was "surprised" he was fired. He is just a sucker.
You can see from Comey's statement that the Holohoax is a vehicle for Jewish nihilism and anti-Christianity (which I don't care for anyways, but).
From a Christian point of view, Jesus (life, death, and resurrection) is "the most significant event in human history." The Jews obviously killed Jesus because they were prepared to riot if Jesus wasn't killed, and Pilate didn't want that. He gave them a choice, and they killed Jesus. Isn't the Jews killing the son of god the most important event in history? Certainly, for them. The Holohoax displaces that and gets their head out of the noose.
To say the Holohoax "challenges meaning," is to assert that there is no meaning, and cannot be meaning in life for Gentiles. The Holohoax proves there is no "loving" Christian God, which is another subtle dig at Christians.
As Comey demonstrates, they will kiss Jew ass and surrender cultural ground without even knowing what they are doing. They are totally outclassed by Jews.


I want my readers to know I totally disagree with you on the Trump-Comey relationship. Your kind of conspiratorial crapola is carried on all over the web by white people whose imagination for pulp fiction is bigger than their brain. It is discouraging to me.

Trump was not involved in any way with Comey's speech to the ADL, probably didn't even know about it, and did not make his decision to fire Comey based on it. Comey didn't say the things he did because of Trump. He made what was probably a very similar-sounding speech 3 years ago to that same group. He said both were "love-letters" to the ADL from the FBI.

"Bending the knee" to the Jews is the Washington DC way. Everyone does it, and has to do it. Trump found that out, and when he agreed to speak to the Holocaust Museum crowd, he told them what they wanted to hear.

I like better your points about Christianity, and the Holohoax 'proving' there is no loving Christian God. Or, the Christian God has been forever compromised. But this is not new and has been dwelt on a lot already.

Absolutely agree we are outsmarted by jews, and have been all along the way. Can we blame Jews for that? I think as Whites we have to take more responsibility for our sorry state, and change what we're doing wrong, rather than cry about it. I don't see that happening though - as it's rightly said, with White people it's like herding cats.

I wonder how many Jews the Natioanal Socialists actually saved by their special treatment of them?  The Jews were taken out of the cities that were firebombed and hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children were burned alive.  There was the real holocaust.  But the Jews have turned history up-side down.  

Carolyn, your article on Comey is referenced today in Alex Linder's new blog.  (Second paragraph)
"If you don't think the USA is in the pocket of Kikistan, read the words of Comey to ADL a few days ago. No slave in the South of old scraped so servilely as our FBI do to the snipdick criminals. More here from Carolyn Yeager, including fair amount of Comey's text." (Emphasis mine)

I think Andrew Anglin wrote his post after seeing mine, which appeared on May 10th. His was posted on May 11. I know he follows my site, which, being a full-fledged and extreme mysogynist (except for selected teens who will tolerate his company), he would never admit.

So I guess I was the one who brought this Comey speech to light. I've been keeping up with C-Span these days because they do have some worthwhile video material. I sometimes like to listen to the WH press briefings.

James Comey's first public outing after being fired was to attend  a Broadway LGBT-themed musical play in Washington with his wife.

"Fun Home" is a true story about cartoonist Alison Bechedel, who explores her own sexuality as a lesbian, and the suicide of her father, who led a gay, closeted life. 

Jews are very worried that a narrative so vital to their professional victimhood is being forgotten and doubted. Hence their obsession with it, and with efforts to keep it before the public mind. One need only peruse their online newspapers The Forward and The Jewish Telegraphic Agency to witness their growing anxiety on this score.
The recent fuss over Whoopi G. is another indication that they think their remaining King of the Victimhood Hill isn't all that assured.
Ironically--and belying their basically self-promoted reputation for intellectual brilliance--they're empowering blacks and Muslims as part of their assault on European Civilization. I believe that's a boomerang that'll come back in their face. Blacks tend to be anti-Jewish: they perceive Jews as well-heeled, privileged Whites supporting a foreign land at the expense of a downtrodden population; and in point of fact the largest anti-Jewish organizations are Nation of Islam and the Black Hebrew Israelites. As for Muslims, their "antisemitism" is well known and its causes are very understandable.
I've seen nothing suggesting that blacks and Muslims are disposed to commiserate with Jews, no matter what's happened to them. I don't see their pitying the Jews even if they believe in the holohoax. Of course, an all but instinctive hatred of White non-Jews is blinding Jews to the reality that they'd be much better off if they could learn to co-exist with a prospering European Civilization, to which they owe so very much.