SPLC is a hate group in disguise – time it was outlawed

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2017-04-02 22:59

Temple Beth Israel in Ann Arbor, Michigan where Dier Yassin Remembered has been carrying out weekly protests against Israel's apartheid policies.

By Carolyn Yeager

IS THERE ANY LOGIC BEHIND THE IDEA ONE WOULD ONLY QUESTION the Holocaust because one hates Jews and wants to harm them? Does anyone think that makes sense?

Apparently, the Southern Poverty Law Center does.

Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR), a local group in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been placed on a list of hate groups compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) under the subcategory of Holocaust denial. The group has been staging weekly protests outside Temple Beth Israel in Ann Arbor.

According to SPLC director Mark Potok, in a local Michigan radio interview:

"We list them because over the years they have come to more and more explicitly embrace real-life Holocaust denial. The kind of Holocaust denial that these people practice is essentially a defense of Germany and National Socialism.”

When did the defense of Germany and National Socialism become an act of hate? Don't people in the US have a right to like what they like, and to defend what they like if it is attacked? As I see it, DYR is protesting Israel's massacre of Palestinians in Deir Yassin village in 1948 that has still not been rectified or acknowledged.

Where does the Holocaust come into it?

Henry Herskovitz, a self-described “former Jew,” and member of the board of directors for Deir Yassin Remembered, campaigned for the release of Ernst Zündel after he was sentenced by a German court to five years in prison. The original trumped-up Canadian charges were based on “publicizing false news” in the form of a book he published in 1974, Did Six Million Really Die? ... a reasonable question.

In 1977 Zündel supplied the photographs as co-author of a booklet by Eric Thompson titled The Hitler We Loved and Why. This was not illegal in Canada, but it bothers the Southern Poverty Law Center folks, who tie Herskovitz and DLR to “loving” Hitler and National Socialism through Herkovitz's protest of Zundel's incarceration. Guilt by association.

Acting out of love for something or someone cannot be hate, but it can bring out hatred from those who hate what the other loves. Who is to judge the right or wrong of it?

Another strike against Herskovitz is that he produced a videotape of himself questioning the holy Holocaust and posted it on the Deir Yassin Remembered website. In it he said:

Why do I support open debate on the Holocaust? Because I want to know what happened and why it happened. Because I resent manipulation, and I feel manipulated and threatened when decent people like Ernst are locked up for expressing what they believe … If I say the Great War never happened, I don't go to prison … If I say the Civil War never happened, I don't go to prison … If I say passenger jets did not bring down the two World Trade Centers, I don't go to prison. But when I ask for a single wartime photograph of a homicidal gas chamber, in Israel and a dozen other countries I put myself at risk for prison time. This is manipulation. This is mendacity. And I stand opposed to both."

Mark Potok explains that since this is posted on the DYR web site, that is enough for the SPLC to brand the entire organization a hate organization. But this only means something if the opinion of the SPLC is important to you.

More unhinged opinions: a member of the Beth Israel congregation said s/he didn't believe the Deir Yassin group's concerns were what they said they were, but were really just “a deep antisemitism.” S/he compared them to the Klu Klux Klan who weren't really defending White rights, either, but just expressing hatred of Jews. In other words, White or Palestinian groups have no sincere beliefs to express, but are just trying to disguise their raging hatred of everything Jewish.

Even a student representative of a different organization that also opposes Israeli Aparthied said "I think that any group that denies Holocaust participates in hate speech and contributes to anti-Semitism by denying one of the worst genocides in human history." One of the worst. What about the other worst genocides – why can they be denied? And what are the others?

More importantly, why is it hate to question something? Anything? Accepting such a restriction puts our liberty at grave risk.

Ask yourself whether certain small groups should dictate what can and cannot be said in the marketplace of ideas.

Ask why Jews should determine what speech is allowed for all the rest of us?

Stand up and demand your congressional representatives stop criminalizing speech to please this same small interest group.

Stand up for your own interpretation of the words you use.

If one does not feel hate in one's heart, who can insist they're motivated by hate?

Why is holocaust denial equated with antisemitism? It's a false equivalency dictated by Jews.

Holocaust denial or questioning is NOT antisemitism, but is brought about by the force of the evidence.

Time to quit going along to get along, instead tell organizations like the SPLC where to get off – and don't be polite.

The SPLC is not a human rights organization; it is just the recipient of lots of Jewish money used to advance a particular self-serving agenda.

Tell your local newspaper that you don't want them to use the SPLC as expert opinion because they are totally biased.

Stand up for freedom, justice and traditional American values!


That the Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group is what I've lately come to conclude myself.  Twenty years ago I thought its purpose was to help Southerners with legal aid or to help the poor in the South with legal aid.  That's not it's purpose at all.  Its purpose is to make defamatory remarks about people it hates.  Its purpose is to destroy the reputations of people it hates.  This new view was reinforced when I discovered that George Soros funds the SPLC.  The SPLC "exaggerates the prevalence of white racism directed against American minorities."
I think, too, of one Matt Hale, already a political prisoner serving a long-term prison sentence, being further victimized by this organizaiton, which has viciously (mis)characterized him as an enemy of the people on its website.  
This organization misrepresents itself as a lawful institution when, in fact, it's an ethnically inspired hate group sponsoring the suppression of freedom of inquiry and freedom of speech, spreading defamation as much as the World Jewish Congress and Jeff Bezos has done at Amazon, labelingn revisionist books as "vile."  The only vile thing is the existence of the SPLC itself.  

Deir Yassin is another example of how Jewish storytelling turns the tables 180 degrees on “what really happened.”

On April 9, 1948, a band of around 120 illegal Irgun and Lehi fighters attacked the village of roughly 600 Arabs. This was at the time of the Jews' civil war against British rule in Palestine.

After fierce house to house fighting, the Jews boasted they had killed 254 villagers. 117 victims were found, mostly in their homes. A more thorough count by the IRC found 150 corpses in one cistern, some who had been decapitated or disemboweled. More Palestinians were killed after being paraded through the streets of West Jerusalem. Only 4 Jewish attackers were killed.

News of the terror killings caused Palestinians to flee from their towns and villages as Jewish troops advanced. Menachem Begin hailed the taking of Deir Yassin as a “splendid act of conquest" that would serve as a model for the future. In a note to his commanders he wrote: 'Tell the soldiers: you have made history in Israel with your attack and your conquest. Continue thus until victory. As in Deir Yassin, so everywhere, we will attack and smite the enemy. God, God, Thou has chosen us for conquest.”

This was a holocaust of sorts that Deir Yassin remembrance groups want to memorialize to keep from being forgotten, just as Jews do with their Shoah. But in Jew parlance, this makes them a hate group. What it come down to is:

Assaults on Jews – always bad, need to be remembered forever

Assaults by Jews – always good, need to be celebrated forever or else forgotten

Amsterdam has 400 memorial cobblestones, which have been placed in front of the former homes of Holocaust victims as part of a commemoration project that a German artist began in Berlin in 1996. To date, more than 50,000 of the cobblestones have been laid in 18 countries in Europe.

The plaques are brass cobblestones bearing the name of the victim who lived there. Is this like the Yad Vashem database of Shoah victims – any claim is accepted?

"Fierce house to house fighting?" In 1948 the Palestinian peasants were a impoverished, primitive people. I doubt they had many modern weapons; they very likely relied on swords and rocks. On the other hand the Jews has sten guns, grenades, transport, resupply----you name it.  Deir Yassin was not a battle; it was a massacre in a larger campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Supposedly some of the villagers had guns, because of the ongoing war taking place. But it was still as you say.

I watched a YouTube video (one of several) this evening on the Deir Yassin massacre and at 14:15, a quotation from Menachem Begin appears on the screen:  
"Deir Yassin massacre was not only necessary but without it the state of Israel could not have emerged."  
Deir Yassin was located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  
There is a Deir Yassin Remembered in Glasgow, Scotland and in Geneva, New York, besides Ann Arbor, Michigan.  While these three places have a memorial site, there still is no memorial site at Deir Yassin.
And Israelis do not teach the children of Israel the history of what happened in Deir Yassim in April of 1948 and how the Jews murdered an entire village in cold blood, though they they fantasize the Nazis treated the Jews like this in Germany.  

Apparently, the Immigration Reform Institute lodged a complaint against the SPLC for violations of its tax-exempt status by campaigning against Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential election.  I hope the IRI wins its case!  

A very good article. Well written and worded. Thanks Carolyn. There appears no end or limit to jewish arrogance.