The Heretics' Hour: Music of Christmas during the Third Reich

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2014-12-14 19:45

Dec. 15, 2014

Margaret Huffstickler returns with another great musical show -- a tour of German Christmas music that was heard and enjoyed during the Third Reich. Eleven selections are played, ranging from children's choirs and soft lullabys to the voices of soldiers from all the many fronts in 1942 singing Stille Nacht together connected by radio ... and by their comradeship.

Margaret translates and comments on each selection, giving us some background information and a sense of how Germans celebrated Weinachten at that time. I hope you enjoy it and Fröhliche Weinachten to you all!! [1hr50min]


Weihen means anoint, consecrate or vow (which sounds most similar to weih). 
Weihnacht is the night from the 24th to the 25th. Weihnachten is 12/24-26 and also including the 4 precedeing Sundays (Advents). 
I hope that Pegida will sing German Christmas songs these days. Imagine that! 15,000+ people. 

Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr euch allen. Heil Hitler!