Facebook to ban holocaust truth and direct users to “credible sources”

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2020-10-14 22:04

Jews are the most protected group in the world – their goal is to make it illegal to disagree with them.

An example of so-called holocaust denial in the form of a manipulated photograph that expresses an alternative point of view. Facebook says it will not tolerate such "antisemitic" content any longer.

By Carolyn Yeager

ISRAEL'S YAD VASHEM CALLS ITSELF the World Holocaust Remembrance Center; it wants to dictate how the entire world views the 'Holocaust' and limit what individuals like you and I can know about it.

Yad Vashem believes it should be the judge of what content “denies or distorts the [Jewish] Holocaust.” Yad Vashem is 100% Jewish and we know it is Jews who mainly benefit from preventing any questioning and/or the dispersal of scholarly investigation into unscientific and unhistorical Holocaust narratives.

A fundamental question is never asked: Is the “official” Holocaust story an actual assemblage of proven facts? Is there evidence for each part of the accepted narrative that would stand up in a legitimate court of law? Can Holocaust witnesses and so-called survivors withstand cross-examination by defense lawyers in courtrooms? The answer to all three questions is No. That's why that question is not asked. What we're being told—that the Holocaust is the most documented event in history—is a lie; a lie that is upheld by Jewish Power in the Western world. This Jewish Power is concentrated mainly in the media, in academia, and the entertainment industry, supported by Jewish financial muscle.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his thinking has “evolved” on how to balance free speech and the harms of Holocaust denial. (CREDIT: Drew Angerer/Getty Images )

The importance of 'The Holocaust' to this Jewish Power cannot be overestimated. It's therefore highly protected. So the big guns of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Yad Vashem, and the World Jewish Congress, plus the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany were all unleashed on Mark Zuckerberg to “convince him” to reassess his policy of allowing non-conforming holocaust beliefs and content to be posted on the world's largest social media site.

Here's how it was done. In July, the Anti-Defamation League published an extensive investigation into Holocaust denial forums on Facebook, finding numerous instances of “conspiratorial anti-Semitism” which they said were in violation of the company's policies on hate speech. Note how the focus is on antisemitism, not specifically 'holocaust denial.'

That same month, the ADL also launched an advertiser boycott to protest Facebook's inaction in removing antisemitic and racist hate speech. More than 1,000 companies participated, including specifically mentioned Starbucks and Ben & Jerry's, both Jewish-owned corporations. (Any Euro patriot who buys anything at either company's stores should be publicly shamed! Boycotts work both ways.)

A coordinated campaign by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (the money collectors who keep coming up with new reasons to keep collecting and dispersing to “survivors” amidst financial scandals) posted a daily video on Facebook encouraging the removal of revisionist groups, pages and posts. After this warm up, ADL CEO Johathan Greenblatt released the following statement:

“Facebook now needs to reassure the global community that it is taking meaningful and comprehensive steps to ensure that Holocaust deniers are no longer able to take advantage of Facebook's various platforms to spread antisemitism and hate.”

Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev also instructed Facebook Chairman Zuckerberg that “antisemitism is not simply identifiable by keywords, phrases or algorithms but requires human understanding and sensitivities in recognizing and banning such posts.” Shalev added that applying “Yad Vashem’s comprehensive website in eight languages” would be a significant step in the right direction in uncovering these anti-semitic posts.

“We encourage Facebook to do its utmost and implement these new policies, which we hope, in time, will help fight against all forms of antisemitism, hatred and bigotry, which plague us both on and off line,” said Iris Rosenberg, Director of Yad Vashem Communications Division.

The underlined phrase shows that Yad Vashem admits this is for the Jews, for the good of the Jews, because “disbelief” in the Holocaust hurts Jewish causes—it's a “plague” on Jewish interests. Jews are already the most protected ethnic/religious group in the world, but the World Holocaust Remembrance Center intends to make it against the law in all first world countries to question anything they say or do. They desire total control over your freedom of speech and assembly so you cannot interfere with their interests.

On the World Jewish Congress website we read on Oct. 12, 2020: For several years, the WJC has advocated for Facebook to remove Holocaust denial content from its platform, and has worked with the social media company’s policy teams to review such posts and classify them as hate speech under the company’s community standards. In recent months, Facebook has taken important strides to address the rise of hate speech including the banning of other conspiracies.

Also: World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder declared, “By taking the critical step to remove Holocaust denial content, Facebook is showing that it recognizes Holocaust denial for what it truly is – a form of antisemitism and therefore hate speech.’’

What is happening here is that Facebook has finally given in to the combined pressure from the ADL, Yad Vashem “World Center” and the 'World' Jewish Congress to accept them as the arbiters of the truths and falsehoods about “the Holocaust,” even though they represent and work solely in the interests of Jews. And further, in removing what these organizations call “holocaust denial” (actually holocaust truth) from the Facebook site, they will replace free speech with links to web sites and sources of “credible information” which will all be Jewish, since I don't know any “believer” sites or sources that are not Jewish—and that includes the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and any other holocaust museum in existence.

Watch and see. This cannot be deemed acceptable; it is pure power politics. Facebook should lose millions of users over this because what they're doing is stomping on key First Amemdments freedoms of their users.

[Full disclosure: I am not and never have been a Facebook user.]


Yeah, 'The Holocaust never happened (but it was awesome and the Jews deserved it!)

The "Holocaust" was not awesome, to quote you; there was no "Six Million" and there was no "Holocaust"; that's just the propaganda-lies  of the Allies (the All Lies).
What did did take place was the unprecedented suffering of the Second World War launched by the criminally stupid British government in September 1939; and that war the peoples of Europe and the world most certainly did not deserve.

The Jews have a stronghold over the media. It appears that many of longstanding and reputable critics of the Jews have recently been purged from the net. [clip]  Big Tech’s silencing of political figures such as President Trump, Delaware’s GOP Senate candidate Lauren Witzke, and Florida’s GOP’s Congressional District candidate Laura Loomer (who’s also Jewish) should be extremely concerning.

Who could possibly have the power to make Zuckerberg cave like this?
Who, indeed?

This Article should be a Post that stays on your front page Carolyn.  Thank you.  
Of course this was the primary reason I changed my view of the hollowcost.  And I would hope it would  help influence others.  
"The Truth Needs No Defense"

I love reading your articles, they are so articulate and informative! The ADL (formerly known as the B'nai Brith), the World Jewish Congress, and Yad Vashem, should be considered to be the enemies of freedom of expression and should be viewed as the destroyers of the ability for non-jews to engage in scholarly debate on real historical events, especially the ones that the jews hate like the holofraud, and the German side of WWI, and WWII history! This is a blatant violation of our civil liberties! Thank you for posting your article, Carolyn!