Rush Limbaugh called Adolf Hitler a 'murderous antisemite' on his radio show today

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2018-10-04 20:02

Rush Limbaugh plays it safe with Jews by pretending they don't exist. But antisemites do! Antisemites from the past, that is, like Adolf Hitler. In this way Limbaugh is an enabler helping Jews be invisible.

 By Carolyn Yeager

I DON'T LISTEN TO RADIO SHOW HOST RUSH LIMBAUGH AT HOME; only when I am driving in my car. Only there can I bring in the San Antonio conservative station that carries his show between 11 am and 2 pm. I turned him off at about 12 noon today when I made my last stop; when I took off again to head home, he was mentioning Omaha Beach in reference to the failure of American voters to know what it was, let alone to know what it should mean to them (or to our country).

Omaha Beach is the code name for one of the locations at Normandy, France where the invading Allied soldiers landed on June 6, 1944. Rush thought that the people protesting the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh were people who could not say what Omaha Beach was or appreciate what it meant. He reminded his listeners, with a risingly loud, emphatic voice, that it was a vitally important act of courage to prevent us (the 'free world'} from falling under the control of a vicious, murderous anti-Semite who wanted to take over the world … and then Rush was gone for a commercial break.

I was stunned by his use of the term antisemite instead of Hitler's name. I think it was because it equates an “antisemite” with a “murderous Hitler.” It said to me that, for Limbaugh, Hitler is worse than Stalin (or Mao or other mass murderers) because, and only because, he was an antisemite. And that is the reason why Hitler is picked out for greatest opprobrium of all—because the Jews want it that way.

This plays up, for me, that Jews are so far in control in this country as to force the word antisemite to represent the very worst of human evil … even for someone who bills himself a 'constitutional conservative'. Antisemitism is the core around which the Jewish world tyranny is taking shape. Adolf Hitler was never out to take over the world, but he suspected that was the goal of organized world Jewry. Today we have far more evidence for that Jewish goal than existed in Hitler's time. And because that power is even more entrenched now, cowardly people like Rush Limbaugh, with a lot to lose, can deny what is right in front of their faces.


Were you really expecting better from him?

What I was trying to convey was how it struck me that his using the word antisemite alone, without saying Hitler but clearly meaning Hitler, revealed the real purpose to which that word antisemite is to be put.

So I'm glad you asked this.

Where (((they're))) going is to make antisemitism the most henious crime that exists - equivalent to murder of the cruelest kind. Beyond murder! Equivalent to genocide! Under (((their))) rule, antisemitism will be the worst offense of all.

This is something that should be clearly seen as we continue along this path of caving in on their demands to accept their definitions. That's my point. And millions of people listen to Rush and think he's great. He's supposedly the antidote or contrary view to the Jewsmedia. But Rush doesn't see it as the jewsmedia at all - he calls it the drive-by media.

I think you are right Carolyn. Limbaugh is controlled. Everything he says is carefully scripted. And so is Jewish conservative talk radio host Mark Levin - his job is to make sure that conservative, and mainly white, Americans stay in the pro-Israel, pro-Jew camp.

Bill, I don't think 'controlled' is the appropriate word for Limbaugh. He's a typical beltway conservative who puts personal profit and advantage before any search for the truth. In that, he's no different from many millions of others who believe what is convenient and/or popular to believe.

What's sickening is that he brags of being a genius who no one can beat in an argument. His specialty is American history, and with him that is the ONLY history he knows.

Do you think it’s possible that someone as connected as he is is unaware of the jewish problem? Serious question, not trying to be confrontational. I don’t think it’s possible. So, I wonder what goes through the mind of an individual that knows damn right well the source of almost all of the problems he rants about, yet is is so bought or compromised that he can’t say a word. It must be pretty terrible. Not that I feel bad for him in the least. 

No, I don't think that. Of course he recognizes Jews are powerful everywhere. He keeps his mouth shut because of their power. As does everyone else, so there is little incentive to do otherwise. What would he gain from it, Ray? It doesn't mean he's bought or 'compromised' other than what everyone is.

Same with Trump. To be in politics, you have to be a realist. Look what's happened to those who spoke out about Jewish power (Hitler is in that category - bless his soul). We need movements of ordinary people to speak about Jewish power, but even they won't do anything. The problem is as old as the bible - Fear of the Jews. And no one is immune to it.

Look what a handful of Jews working together have done in the Senate against Brett Kavanaugh! That's their MO - personal destruction.

I think at this stage of his popularity, if he were to do a stunning expose’/diatribe about the jews, he would reach tens of millions of people who hang on his every word. I know he’d be pulled off the air in minutes, but his web feed would still be up. Imagine the wake up call that his listeners would get when he got SHUT DOWN for speaking the truth. He has nothing to lose at this point other than his job. The man is fabulously wealthy. Imagine it. These are the people that need to step up. The Ron Pauls.The Lew Rockwells. The Pat Buchanans. Men of wealth and respect amongst the conservative community. Sadly, they won’t. They are cowards. 

If it's cowardice, then he is not 'controlled' as some people want to say.

A coward is controlled. 

Under that definition, 98% of White 'Aryan' people in the world are 'controlled.' Writing comments on the Internet don't count as bravery. Donald Trump is braver than those people.

 True. We are the less than 1% of the population that knows what is going on and refuse to submit to jewish perfidy. I don’t think Trump is free at all from jewish control. I don’t trust him. I am waiting and hoping to eat a lot of crow. I’ll eat it with a smile. 

Exactly. Just what I've been saying for years.

Truly, good for you. What percentage of people have the courage to say what they think is true, when society has made that equivalent to advocating for pedophilia?

Limbaugh is beholden to the jews. He is bought and paid his ludicrous salary by the jews who own the media. He is bold now, he says it straight out, the jews are where it's at.He's an adopted Zionist, they can do no wrong. For these reasons, I consider him an America hater despite his phony protestations to the contrary. He hates America and I hate him. He makes me sick.

Was that in the context of Ben Stein's reference to The World at War?
I sent Limbaugh this message at 1:33PM in reaction to that:
World at War is OLD PROPAGANDA.
In episode 13, World at War uses footage from John Huston's totally fake documentary, The Battle of San Pietro. The fact that this documentary contained no genuine war-footage was revealed several years ago in Mark Harris's book Five Came Back.
World at War also has some claims about the Holocaust that are no longer accepted as credible. In episode 16 Emmi Bonhoeffer claims to know firsthand that Jews were made into soap. No genuine historian today accepts this story.
World at War is not a documentary that should be taken seriously. It is riddled with flaws that are now widely acknowledged. It did not age well.
Beyond that, Rush, haven't you noticed that this kind of old war-propaganda is used as a weapon mainly against the right wing? Why would you want to endorse that?

No, it was more like between 12:30 and 1 p.m. And since I got home before 1:30 I didn't hear that part.

It comes at the very end of his quasi-drunken rant about Ben Stein's article for The American Spectator that refers to The World at War. 
He doesn't just call Hitler a murderous antisemitic tyrant. He says that the USA prevented Hitler from taking over the world, which is just ridiculous.

When U.S. citizens get around to talking about what they CAN do about antisemtism progress will be made. 

What do you mean, Allan?  What, in your opinion, should the discussion about antisemitism center around?

Update 10-6: Allan wrote to me with a good point. He said:

To my knowledge antisemtism is not a crime in America, therefore, "U.S. citizens" can do nothing directly about antisemtism, except perhaps expose it as not a crime.
U.S. citizens do not know what is a crime, or just don't care. The U.S. Constitution separated sin and crime in 1788. Article III, Section 2, Clause 3, The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment, shall be by Jury.

Congress funding foreign counties is a crime of Congress, and Congress warring foreign countries without declaring war from Congress on the country is a crime of Congress.

Think our funding of Israel. Allan reminds us that we have the opportunity to elect all 435 Representatives every two years! It follows that if our congressman is committing a crime, we can vote against him.

Sounds easy, but it's not. Every ballot has at least two people running for representative, so if you vote your rep out, one you like even least will be in. Where does that get you? To have any influence over who's on the ballot, you have to get very involved in party activism at the grass-roots level. It's not a simple matter of voting.

Personally, I think conservatism is worthless. I abandoned it a long time ago. As for Limbaugh, I refuse to listen to him. His view of history is quite simply insane. He serves his Jewish masters well.

DNA proves that there is not on "pure" Jew or Hebrew on this planet. All of them passed into Oblvion after Titus and Hadrian destroyed them. The Arabs are also Semites, so anti Semitic has no specific meaning.

Your argument is irrelevant to this post. The term 'antisemite' has been used for the last 200 years in the West to designate a dislike or opposition to specifically Jews gaining economic power in 'Christian' nations. Organized Jewry insists on this word and the jewsmedia follows their wish. It has a generally accepted meaning whether that meaning is historically accurate or not.

I deal with the practical fallout of Jewish power and supremacy, and therefore often do not publish comments of this type. Yours can represent all of them. Thanks.

Dennis......Carolyn is right -- your point is irrelevent to the topic.  That beign said, you may also research the other side to the argument.  There is a growing movement of White x-Christians who have gone to great lenghts to document the fact that Shem was Caucasian.  Check out the research --

When the Bolsheviks finally took total control of governing of Russia, their first legislative act was to make "anti-Semitism" a crime of the first order. Part of the reason for that was, of course, to silence any talk about the high percentage of JEWS in that entire takeover.
Ray Goodwin

Exactly right, Ray. This is very much a part of my reasoning, which I failed to include. But it does need to be said so thank you for bringing it up.

We must always keep what history has taught us in mind. Limbaugh only goes back to WWII.

If you google "Rush Limbaugh net worth" you find that he is worth $590 million and earns an annual salary of $85 million. So if this man is "controlled", he is controlled by his own greed, for which he is ready to sell his soul and his country. I have read that the radio company he works for is controlled by an Israeli woman. The purpose of these controlled "conservatives" is to direct American conservatism into support of Israel and fighting its wars. That is the task of the "right wing Jews". The task of the "left wing Jews" is to undermine all White societies with moral degeneration and "multiculturalism". Both wings work together for the ultimate aim of Jewish world domination.

If you really believe this, Franklin, why do you accept the British and Americans as the 'good guys' in the war, and Hitler and his Germans the bad guys? Hitler and his successors would have prevented all this we're dealing with today.

I don't believe in the "official" story about WW2 with the Allies as the good guys and the Axis as the bad guys. The Allies committed horrible crimes during the war and after, while Hitler never wanted war with France, England or the US, but was forced to it. Hitler did some good things for Germany and he was justified in removing Jews from power. But I condemn him for trying to colonize Slavic Eastern Europe (like I condemn Mussolini's plan to colonize the Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Africa and the Japanese for trying to colonize East and South East Asia). I also think Hitler should not have locked up Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals in concentration camps. No 6 million Jews were ever  "gassed", but what really happened to all those Jews who were deported has still not been explained by the revisionists. I also am no admirer of Hitler's creation of a totalitarian and militaristic state, therefore as a WN I cannot be a NS.

Was it worse for Hitler to "colonize Slavic Eastern Europe" (in part only - Poland and Russia) than for Stalin to imprison ALL of Slavic and non-Slavic Eastern Europe??? You have all these prissy objections based on your ideal of perfect WN theory and behavior, which has never succeeded in any way. Like, you don't think Hitler should have locked up Jews and Gypsies in camps; you think it was enough to remove Jews from power. But they found that Germans did not recognize the Jews among them, so they were still operating against national interests. You always sympathize with and defend Jews ("what happened to them?"). Your type of weakness, so prevalent in liberal Europeans, has led directly to the destruction of Europe we are experiencing today at the hands of the Jews. Yet you defend it !!  Yes, populism is rising but so is Jewish influence and privilege.

No one wants you to be an NS.  But the truth is you attack and demean Adolf Hitler every chance you get. You ridiculed my book "The Artist Within the Warlord."  Germany was not a totalitarian nor a militaristic state, yet it WAS at war on all sides (which you admitted it was forced into).

"We were marching along, our boots banging into the paving stones of Pennsylvania Ave.  Black girls were throwing flowers at us, celebrating the end of the hated Anglo and Jew rule in America. We wouldn't disillusion the poor things just yet. 
Our batallion was the only one allowed to sing when passing the tribune where the Leader smiled under his smart little moustache and waved to us.
"Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blüümelein 
und das heißt: EEERIKAAA!!!" we roared. 
It's because it was us who took the Capitol Hill and raised our beautiful red, white and black flag atop the dome. The Great War of Independence was effectively over, with small but desperate pockets of resistance remaining in Australia and Alaska. Their last Masadas ... ever."
Why did you have to be on the wrong side of history, you Yankee morons? In order to grovel now in front of perverted feminists and disgusting homosexuals? You were brave in your bombers, burning hundreds of thousands of our civilians alive, but not faced with crazed social justice warriors.

Thank you, Hasso, for sharing your dream. It is beautiful.

Thank you Carolyn. I thought I had to try to share it with you, of all people; although no words, and certainly not my limited English vocabulary, are able to convey the exhilaration and happiness I felt!
I must be getting old...

Limbaugh says that the D-Day invasion is "taught as American imperialism, colonialism, or what have you."
I'd like to know WHERE that's taught!
Was he even thinking about what he was saying? Maybe he's dipping into the oxycontin again. 

This article made the point perfectly clear. Nobody cares about all the crimes and evils throughout history.  Being labeled an "antisemite" is considered worse than anything.  Carolyn also points out that using 'antisemetism' is a tool for Jewish domination over humanity.  (Antisemitism is the core around which the Jewish world Tyranny is taking shape).  
It's a shame Rush Limbaugh doesn't take a precedent and mention OTHER wars and conflicts. There are thousands from which to choose.