Greg Johnson's Counter-Currents has blocked me from viewing its web site

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2018-05-12 11:25

SINCE YESTERDAY, FRIDAY MAY 11, I HAVE BEEN GREETED WITH A WHITE SCREEN by Cloudflare with the large words Error 1006, Access Denied. Then, in smaller size:

The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address (my IP address correctly given).

Hmm, mystifying, as I hardly ever go to that site; it's not one I regularly visit. I did earlier in the week though and saw an article discussing Kevin MacDonald's email exchange with Nathan Cofnas that I wanted to check out but not right then. When I returned on Thursday to do so, I got a 503 service unavailable page.  When I tried again on Friday (yesterday) I was confronted with the 'Access Denied' message and it is still there. Permanent, I suppose. No great loss for me, but I wonder what it means?

As I said, I seldom go there, nor have I said anything about Greg Johnson one way or the other, or related, for quite some time. I have never been a financial contributor. Could it have something to do with that? If someone sends me an email address for Johnson or his webmaster, I will write and ask.

In the meantime, has this happened to someone else? Any follow-up information would be appreciated, either on the contact page or in the comments below.


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I get the same error as you.  But when I go through a proxy at
I am able to acces the site.  And the top article is titled 
"Counter-Currents Under Attack!"
So I think he might be blocking large ranges of IP addresses until the "attack" is figured out.

I don't think it is a matter of personal animosity. Greg Johnson's latest article was entitled "Counter-Currents Under Attack", in which he mentions a severe DDoS attack on his website. The "read more" button of that article does not work for me either. I cannot read the whole article. Johnson suspects an "Antifa"- like group behind this. That might also be the explanation why you have been access denied.

Use a VPN or the Tor browser (it's free):

I've heard that the Tor browser is government funded, although one should take this with a pinch of salt as the journalist Yasha Levine is a Jew.
As for Counter-Currents, I mainly consider it a pseudo-intellectual site, not worth anyone's time. Although the article What is the Best Hitler Biography? was interesting, I'll admit.

Trying to use the address for Counter-Currents, I get:  503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

Thanks to all who replied. I really appreciate it. I also heard from someone else who sent me Mike Polignano's email address so I could write and request to be checked out for removal.   [email protected]

It's supposedly based on frequent traffic, which really shouldn't include me.

On my old computer running vista,  whenever I closed a CC page, the computer would crash. It happened regularly and before it crashed it would gobble up tons of ram. It was only that website.
The same thing happened on my more recent computer.  He website must have some kind of bug that sucks resources out of computers. It's been there so long, one wonders what is doing it.

It's not just you, Carolyn.  I tried it as well... and the same error message page came up.  I'm sure it's the usual suspects practicing their fine devious art of censorship.  I'm sure Greg will get to the bottom of it eventually.

I don't know which "Joe" you are, of course, but Greg is not doing a damn thing. It has been a week now and access is still denied. Only certain IP numbers have been blocked. I wrote to the webmaster Mike P. as I was instructed to do and did not even get a reply.

It's meaningless to say  "Greg will get to the bottom of it eventually." You don't get to the bottom of these things. You just protect yourself. Greg is using this to protect himself from people he doesn't like or doesn't need. Greg is into making money. That's what he really wants. So if you're not helping with that, you are dispensible.

Plus, no DoS attack lasts a week and and there is no site that can't get back to normal quickly. Something else is going on. But, as I said, it is no great loss to me. However, I will keep this post up until I can report I have normal access again.

Same here and I suppport the site.

Well, I was reinstated about a year ago, but it is still a site that has very little that interests me so I forget to look at it.