Let's demand mothers Susan Bro and Donna Soto appear together at public event

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2017-09-20 14:01

One of several comparisons of two mothers of "murdered daughters" - murdered at the hands of so-called white haters or white psycopaths - which convinces me they are the same person 5 years apart ... playing a role. Notice how the natural part in her hair is even in the same place. Follow links below.

By Carolyn Yeager

SINCE ONE MOTHER ALLEGEDLY LIVES IN VIRGINIA and the other in Connecticut, anyplace in between would be a logical location for a meeting. Washington D.C. in a senate or house hearing room would be ideal.

After looking at presentations of the two moms, I am sufficiently convinced that they are the same person. The evidence is overwhelming. See here, here, here and here. If they are not, they can prove it by appearing together in a public forum. If the cry goes up that that is “too insensitive,” and the two refuse to appear together, we will know it is really because they can't, as they are indeed one and the same person.

This is such a fortuitous circumstance that I am amazed the so-called White political leaders who have a connection to and interest in the Charlottesville travesty are not talking about it. WTF?, as they say. It strikes me as the best opportunity to come along in ages. Does someone have an explanation that I would accept? I doubt it. They just stay silent after a single mention of it. Mysterious.

Write to your congressman and demand he look into this and support the bringing of these two women together. Write to the President too, at whitehouse.gov. And your senators. These people need to be inundated with demands from White patriots that huge lies like this from the media be investigated. Suppression of evidence by media and governmental bodies is an easy case to make, and cannot be defended in our “free, democratic society.” If you are not willing to compose an email GIVING YOUR REAL NAME AND ADDRESS and send it to numerous recipients in Washington DC, then you deserve the ignominy of being replaced.

Back to the mothers' resemblance. Dr. Eowyn comments that there are a few dissimilarities:

  • Soto’s eyes are larger (because of makeup)?

  • Their noses are slightly different, but that may be because of the angles of their heads.

  • Soto seems to have a larger mouth.

I disagree with all of these. Soto's eyes appear larger because she's wearing glasses. The stronger the glasses, the larger it makes one's eyes appear. Plus, the older you get, the smaller your eyes become. The noses look identical to me, but even noses can appear slightly smaller when there is more fat on the face. Mouths definitely get smaller and lips narrower when the aging process really takes hold, which it has for this woman. She has aged quite a bit in the 5 years between acting jobs, but not impossibly so, especially for someone as overweight as she is.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime; let's make the most of it.


Hadding Scott sent a reply to my mailer in which he said only:

"Remarkably similar, but the noses are different."

I beg to differ. He probably only looked at the image I posted in which Bro is looking straight ahead while Soto is facing slightly downward and to the side. In my opinion, the noses are identical. I'll bet you that when measured from a point between the eyes to the tip of the nose, it would be the same. (One of the videos did that.) The long space from "short" nose to upper lip is the same, and so is the chin.

I'm not revealing any confidentiality when I say that Hadding has an innate resistance to any "conspiracy theories," as he sees them. He's made his case right here on this website in a comments section that he thinks the planes piloted by Arabs brought down the Twin Towers.

Of course, all "these two ladies" have to do to prove me wrong and Hadding right is to appear together and be photographed. Not an unreasonable request. Getting any media photographer at all to show up at such a meeting would be the difficult part.

This reminds me of all the requests I made for Elie Wiesel to allow his left arm to be photographed. He never did, nor would any media report on it. Will the powers behind 'these two ladies' be as strong?

The difference is that no one was willing to show doubt in Elie Wiesel. That's why I ask for a yuuge email campaign to politicians ... and add the media too.

If Bro's nose is slightly narrower and flatter at the bridge, she could have had a nose job ... since her business is crisis acting and she wants to work again. That would be very simple to do, and if all it takes is a very slight difference in the nose to convince people it's not the same person, it would make sense.

It's possible that "Susan Bro"'s nose appears a little more refined, but if so - and if it is not, as Carolyn suggests, simply a natural consequence of aging, that is a very simple plastic surgery to have done. What is irrefutable, and impossible to explain except by the two women being the same person, is that the teeth have identical irregularities. 
This would have been such an easy thing to disguise with temporary prosthetics that it reveals "their" utter contempt for their marks, as well as their certainty, perhaps justified, that even if some people do see through the fraud, there will not be sufficient momentum to expose it to the wider public.

If you search "susan bro match teeth" in google image, you not only see (in the first picture, click to enlarge)  that the teeth match but also that the noses are not different at all.
It is strange that a personn like Hadding Scott, who is capable of seeing through the holocaust story is unable to do the same with 9/11 and most (if not all) later so-called "Muslim acts of terrror" as false flags. Maybe he is ideology driven ?

Why not cold call every mortuary in Charlottesville, Virgina and ask if they embalmbed, or cremated a person named Heather Heyer? How many could there be? Probably no more than five or six. I know at least four Holocaust heretics who refuse to believe any of the Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe and America which have happened over the last couple of years are psy ops. Most Holocaust heretics have been raised on concentration camp forensics and gas chamber chemistry and don't know the first thing about psychological warfare. Ever read any revisionist lit about Camp X on Lake Ontario in Canada, or Camp Ritchie in Maryland, or the Camp Sharpe Annex in Gettysburg where Allied disinformation agents (many of them Jews) were trained? Of course not because no revisionists have ever bothered to research the histories of these facilities, or the men who were instructed in state-of-the-art lying at them. A great book to start down this path of research with is this one. https://www.amazon.com/Desperate-Deception-Thomas-Mahl/dp/0786116102

Thanks for sharing, Carolyn.  The two mothers could very well be the same.  I'll contact the White House switchboard tomorrow and ask them to look into it.
Actually, the easiest hoax to see through is the Boston Marathon Bombing.  All you have to do is look at the photos of the event.  The blood on the sidewalk is bright red instead of dark maroon, indicating that it is paint.  And the guy on the wheelchair is such an obvious actor.  He gets both of his legs blown off, and they decide to lift him upright and put him in a wheelchair, which is ridiculous.  ("Hey buddy, is your butt good enough so that we can sit you in this chair?")

Now that's I've thoroughly examined the four links in your article, it becomes even more obvious that Susan Bro and Donna Soto are the same person.  Also, as one of the videos suggests, Carlee Soto appears to be the same as Heather Heyer.  Or perhaps they used her allegedly murdered sister Victoria as Heather.
Wasn't Robert Mueller the head of the FBI when Sandy Hook happened?  He must have been part of the whole hoax then.  It's time to prosecute Mueller for this charade.

Stephen B. - I was sending an email to my Congressman last night and realized how easy it is to sound like an "internet kook" who should be dismissed out of hand. So I carefully composed my message on a document page, and it took awhile to get it right. Well ... acceptable, because it shouldn't be too long either. So to help others who may find this task too daunting, I'm copying it here. Although, I don't consider it perfect, far from it. It's just my first attempt. If I come up with something better as we move along, I'll post it too. Anyone else can do the same and I'll be happy to publish it.

Message Subject: Charlottesville
Message Text:
In the case of Susan Bro, mother of “killed” Charlottesville protester Heather Heyer: it is being demonstrated that her face appears identical to the face of Donna Soto, mother of “killed” Sandy Hook teacher Victoria Soto. Do an internet search and see for yourself.

I am personally convinced after careful study that these two mothers look enough alike to be the same person, which would mean this woman is a crisis actor. A way to answer this question is for both "mothers" (Susan Bro and Donna Soto) to appear together in a public meeting, so we can be assured they are two separate individuals. I ask you to do what you can to enable such a meeting. It would be appropriate if a House committee would investigate the situation.

We can't trust government if we believe it is colluding with media (in this case CNN especially) to deceive the public. There is reason to believe the elected representatives in the state of Virginia are doing just that. Thank you.

After the Muslim terrorist truck attack on the beach in Nice -84 dead-  the conspiratard crowd came up with the craziest, but usual assumptions: spotless truck (or no truck at all), no bodies (or crisis actors) blah blah.
Totally crazy people.

I don't doubt the attack in Nice (actually I don't know enough about the European massacres to say) but I do have big doubts about Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon. I wrote quite a bit about them at the time and/or did radio programs. I haven't changed my mind about the reasons I had at the time.

You seem to be one of those who just refuses to consider any of it, or that there can be actors playing roles. That is even more crazy.

Best I can figure, all the leaders in the WN movement have agreed to believe fake staged events if the Jew owned media ssays it happened.
 I don't know if you followed Blindlight but I spent two years focussing on the need to question these events for what they are claimed.
 I just pulled out of the movement, so...
 Tell Deanna about Sandy Hook. She still thinks it was real

Even if the two women are not the same, I think everyone can agree that they look very similar. So what are the odds that nearly identical-looking women would both have daughters killed in high profile criminal events like this?

AM...you make an EXCELLENT point...look at the picture of "Susan" ...
If you could scour the entire country of the 100,000,000 adult women...probably WAY less than 100 million you might find a handful that look similar...but when you add in that we are supposed to believe BOTH these women had DAUGHTERS that were killed in such a bizarre manner, in events that got world wide attention?
The odds are phenomenal .... 
It's like: "Find me a woman that looks just like her...oh, and one whose DAUGHTER was killed"

It is very easy to cherry pick photos (or videos) to present two faces that look very similar. How many times in your life have you felt as if you looked like someone or had someone say that to you? And when people age and gain weight, features tend to run together (fill out, sag etc) and make people look even more similar. People who gain wieght lose distintinctive facial features, that is just simply a fact.
There are current photos of Donna Soto. She is active in her community raising money and keeping the memory of her daughter alive through fundraisers and other activities that benefit her community. She is photographed with civic leaders, charity participants, and educators. Recent photos of Donna Soto look nothing like recent photos of Susan Bro. For each of the hanful of cherry-picked, meme photos one could find many more that would show differences. And there is no way one crisis actor could navigate going between current events, changing hair color, gaining and losing weight etc just to maintain an elaborte ruse. 
The fact is that Donna Soto is still active and lives in CT keeping her daughter's memory alive in her own way, and Susan Bro continues to work at Virginia Tech raising awareness to issues close to her and her daughter's life. This is normal, and I would do the same thing if I were them as a way to deal with my loss. 
But just entertain for a moment the monumental and improbable coordination and lying on the part of everyday citizens with no incentive to do this act that would have to take place for this conspiracy to exist. 
The only way to believe this conspiracy is true is to say that neither event actually happened, otherwise why would a crisis actor be needed? If someone actually died, then a real grieving parent exists -- you would have the actual friends, parents, students, employers, etc. all to speak out and grieve openly. Having a crisis actor assume the identity of two separate parents makes absolutely no sense. 
You only need crisis actors if nothing actually happened. But if Sandy Hook didn't happen, then how can that be covered up? Thousands of people knew those kids, the shooter, and the educators and would all have to be complicit. The town leaders, the other teachers, friends, the doctors, the civic leaders, police, and anyone engaged in the event or the aftermath -- all would have to be complicit and not tell the truth to the American public: that it was all fake. And more importantly, not one of them could ever leak the 'truth'. Even if you are a Republican who strongly supports the 2nd amendment, you will have to forever remain silent regarding a fake event that goes against your beliefs. It is shockingly improbably. All they need is a couple people out of thosands to spill the beans.
I know you will come up with other bits and pieces to support your theory, but that is the halmark of conspiracy theorists -- they only look at very specific pieces of information to the detriment of the hundreds of other pieces of information that contradict their evidence -- and in this case it is a cherry-picked set of photos. 
How does the old saying go, "If all you have is a hammer, all your problems look like nails." If your only tool to understand things is a conspiracy theory, then all you see are conspirators. 
For the sake of the victims stop this nonsense. Or put your money where you mouth is and go meet Donna Soto at the yearly 5K in honor of her daughter. Let me know if you think she is a crisis actor. Instead of spending her time theorizing crazy things to fit her beliefs, she has a foundation that helps kids and teachers and help her greive about a lost child.
I'm putting my money on the person doing actual good is the real thing.

All I asked was for these two women to appear together. Since they live close together that's not asking too much. Yet they never did, never have.

Your statement says it all:
The only way to believe this conspiracy is true is to say that neither event actually happened, otherwise why would a crisis actor be needed?
BINGO! Both events were faked much like the more recent George Floyd event, this time using the latest medium: A cell phone video recorded in portrait mode! The 1st showed a crowd interacting with police & a legless dummy being lifted onto a stretcher then legs reappeared as non EMTs loaded him. The 2nd video taken from acoss street showed same event but zero bystanders! This suggests at least 2 takes=fake! Our media is 24/7 propaganda & Susan Bro & Donna Soto are both the same fat pig. One with bleached hair, one without. Same fugly face & voice. The chances of 2 identical women both having daughters murdered in media promoted tragedies are nil. These events are the fruits of Obama's labor as a result of him legalizing propaganda for use against the American citizens. This makes him a domestic terrorrist!

They also have done voice analysis...it's the same person!!