WJC takes credit for Amazon's book banning; promises more to come

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2017-03-10 11:14

World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer speaks at a conference in Budapest, Hungary in 2013.

By Carolyn Yeager

THIS IS THE STATEMENT RELEASED THURSDAY by World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer praising the banning of an entire category of historical revisionist books by Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos. As you will see, Jews do believe (and want us to believe) that Jewish interests come before the interests of all others – especially the interests of the “notorious bigots of our time,” those White European-Americans who want to study and correct inaccuracies in the official historical narrative.

**Singer is a typical international Jew, born into a family of refuseniks in 1956 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine; moved from there to Israel with his family at age 15 (1971). At some point he came to America to study, receiving a Master of Science in Management Engineering from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1996, and taking courses at Harvard and Columbia business schools between 2005-2008. He became CEO of the WJC in 2013. **

My underlining. I will put my further comments below.

Thu, 09 Mar 2017

NEW YORK – World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer on Thursday thanked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for removing several Holocaust-denial books flagged by the WJC on multiple occasions since 2013, and as recently as earlier this month, as being in violation of Amazon’s guidelines prohibiting the sale of material that “promote or glorify hatred.” In a letter to Bezos, Singer offered the WJC’s assistance in helping to identify and flag other offensive material in similar violation of Amazon’s standards.

“On behalf of the more than 100 Jewish communities affiliated with the World Jewish Congress, I want to thank you and the staff at Amazon for removing the three Holocaust-denial books that my organization brought to your attention in a series of recent letters, and again in my article in the Los Angeles Times earlier this month,” wrote Singer in the letter to Bezos.
“The three titles that you removed - Holocaust: The Greatest Lie Ever Told, by Eleanor Wittakers; The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry, by Arthur R Butz; and Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard Harwood – are blatantly anti-Semitic works penned by some of the most notorious bigots of our time, and we commend you for recognizing the potential harm of enabling their accessibility on Amazon.
“We are also gratified to note that Amazon has removed numerous other Holocaust-denying items from its website. It is encouraging to know that Amazon is endeavouring to enforce its own standards and guidelines prohibiting the sale of material that “promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance.”
“The World Jewish Congress stands ready to assist you in every way possible to identify and flag other offensive material that similarly violate Amazon’s guidelines, and ensure their quick removal from the website. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you or one of your colleagues to discuss this matter further,” the letter concluded.

My further commentary  ...

Robert Singer writes that the three books he mentions by name violate Amazon's “standards and guidelines” for items of sale on it's website. This is not true and he presents no evidence for it. He quotes the Amazon guidelines as prohibiting the sale of materials that “promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance.”

I have read two of the three books he names – The Hoax of the Twentieth Century by Arthur Butz, and Did Six Million Really Die? By Richard Harwood. I found no hate, nor any glorification of violence or racial, sexual or religious intolerance from the authors. I'm quite sure the vast majority of people who would read those books could not point to any of that either.

So what's going on? Jews have been instructed to believe that EXPRESSIONS OF DOUBT about their official “Holocaust” narrative – which posits the murder of 6 million Jews who were especially targeted by the National-Socialist regime between 1933 and 1945, the majority of whom were asphyxiated in homicidal “gas chambers” built for that purpose – is HATE. Even putting their word for this – Holocaust – between quote marks, as I have just done, is hate because quote marks indicate doubt. Yes, Jews are actually and precisely criminalizing, and/or making moral judgments about expressing doubt about a narrative that is as full of holes as a kitchen utility strainer. Non-Jews are not allowed to express doubt about what Jews have enshrined as a sacred, universally applicable genocidal event ruled by their holy number 6.

What does the World Jewish Congress, as the representative of all world Jewry (over 100 communities, they say!), not bound by national borders, expect all non-Jews to believe? The following:

  1. Non-Jews are the perpetrators of the 6-million Holocaust against the Jews;

  2. The Jews were perfectly innocent; were (and still are) persecuted just for being Jews (antisemitism);

  3. Non-Jews can never atone for the unimaginable harm done to Jews no matter how much they give Jews in reparations or in opportunities;

  4. The Holocaust is about the Jews and only about the Jews;

  5. World War II is important and remembered solely because it ended the genocide of the Jews by the German nation under Adolf Hitler.

I would also like to comment on the Jew-approved Holocaust history books and “survivor's” novels/memoirs. For example, there is historian Daniel Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners. Among survivors, I can mention Joserph Hirt's false accusations, and “Child Survivor” Paul Argiewicz, and total fabricator Martin Gray, and imposter Joshua Kaufman, and dishonest Richard Stashevsky. Now we can talk about hate. They all made false and extremely hateful, mean-spirited accusations/defamations against Germans and against anyone who “denied” their stories.

I can add anonymous e-mailers who write to me. Here is the latest one:

 CarolynYeagerisafraud ([email protected]) sent a message using the contact form at https://carolynyeager.net/contact.

You come from a line of DEFEATED Germans. They LOST TWO World Wars and started TWO World Wars. You must feel ashamed of that, don't you? You're people are not what you make them out to be. They lost and the bigotry you keep trying to keep alive, will lose too. You come from a long line of losers and people who have really messed up the world. Keep telling people your last name is a name that stands for true glory on the battlefield [not that I have done that -cy], if that makes you feel better. But the truth is, Germans have squandered so much in the 19th & 20th centuries. You're roots are rubbish. The German nation has proven itself to be worthless without the help of the rest of the world.

So hate is where you want to find it. It is much easier to find in the writings of pro-Holocaust historians than in Revisionist's writings. Revisionists are busy defending themselves from hate, as they are threatened and brought up on criminal charges on a regular basis. In return, they threaten no one, except for those persons who feel feel threatened by honest scientific and historical research.

Jeff Bezos should be ashamed of himself and should get mail about it from as large a number as possible. But more importantly, we should fight these “hate” accusations in a much more aggressive manner than we've done so far. We've pretty much just let it go and taken the position that if we're nice, fair-minded, admitting our side's faults (and then some!), that we'll get some respect that way. We should take a lesson from Donald Trump – he is a fighter who doesn't let anything go by. Those who dismiss him for not being “pure” enough are, in comparison, weak pansy's hiding behind pseudonyms for the most part.


Call Amazon's corporate headquarters in Seattle at 206-266-1000 or email Jeff Bezos at [email protected].

From Michael Hoffman:

Dear Victim of Amazon’s Censorship

With your appropriate documentation in hand, you may wish to contact the American Library Association and its "Banned Books Week" and ask them to document and publicize the ban on your books by Amazon.com  Ask that the books be included in the list of banned books that will circulate throughout the U.S. during "National Banned Books Week" in September. Ask what else they can do to defend the people’s right to read your books.
Here is information and contact addresses:
Office for Intellectual Freedom — American Library Association
http://www.ala.org/offices/oif (800) 545-2433, ext. 4220
50 East Huron Street Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 280-4220 E-mail: [email protected]


Carolyn, you've got great, educated instincts.  You were right all along that the WJC was behind Bezos's action.  It is disgusting the way Singer talks of the ban, particularly about "the few books" that were eliminated.  
Although I wrote the WJC two days ago about their being behind the ban, asking it exacly why the books in question are labeled "vile" and "hateful," I haven't received a response.

I have a theory as to why the WJC took responsibility for the ban. Israel is under worldwide criticism for their treatment of the Palestinians and couldn't afford to be associated with pressuring the largest book seller in the world to ban Holocaust revisionism books. A link posted by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock shows it's more than 3 books. The link posted includes a list compiled by Germar Rudolf as well as links to many articles on the ban. Blew that one, had additional info posted I typed while in the preview section for the comment but no way to hit save or preview so I lost that. Germar's article is on Codoh.

I know it's more than 3 books. I already covered Germar's list and article in the comments to my previous post on March 8th.

Amazon Mass-Bans Dissident Materials

Hundreds of Titles Erased within a Day


When Jewish interests decide what publications ought to be available and avoided. How is it any different from the book burning which they decry.

Yes, it's really interesting that the only book-burning that I know of in "Nazi" Germany was a small incident at a university carried out by students, not the National-Socialist party. They burned Marxist-Communist books from the university library. But this one incident is played up all the time as Nazi book burning/banning.

Under Jewish rule, thousands of books would be banned (and probably eventually physically destroyed) for insulting or hurting the sensibilities/feelings of Jews, who are a protected class. The Nazis never protected themselves as a special class over and above the rest of the population.

Jews are worse than Nazis in their abuse of power.

CY wrote: "The Nazis never protected themselves as a special class over and above the rest of the population."
That is precisely what was done throughout 1933.
The NSDAP became the state itself.  It was fully authoritarian - with no other parties allowed - and giving itself the right to do pretty much anything it pleased.
You get carried away with your delusions when you make clais such as what I quoted from you.

You misunderstood my meaning and ignore the context, blake. I am saying that the Nazi leadership never protected Germans from the consequences of breaking the laws of the land. Also Germans could not insult Jews, let alone mistreat them in any way.

Contrarily, Jewish leadership does seek to protect ordinary Jews from the consequences of their crimes, makes excuses for their behavior and works tirelessly to undo whatever convictions and punishments they receive, in all countries of the world. Jews expect to be above the law, and where they are the law, they are.

The Nazis followed their internal rules and their treaty obligations, plus wartime conventions ... but the Jews break every agreement and behave as a rogue state. How many UN resolutions has Israel ignored? But the Jews in the US make sure the Jewish state doesn't lose anything by them. It's Jews protecting Jews.

So much for my delusions. BTW, your source stinks.

Robert Singer justifies his request to Jeff Bezos to eliminate "notorious" revisionist books because of "hate speech," etcetera.
He wants a "safer place" at Amazon for Jews.

I linked to that in my article.

So sorry that my comment was completely redundant.  Thank you for posting it any way and alerting me.  Your nose for news is stunning.

No need for an apology, Joey. It's actualy good to reinforce these links because so many people don't click on them. I should have just let it go but you know me, I'm a stickler.

If you're actually born under the sun sign of Virgo, that's why you take it so well. I like Virgo's very much; have a lot of Virgo influence myself. Smile

"The book burners can interrupt progress but an interruption is never going to stop the free flow of information. Holocaust fraud is taking place on an international scale. Such fraud is in defiance of every country’s laws. Holocaust fraud has got to stop and it will be stopped at whatever cost."


About 100 books have been banned.  If you had doubts about six million being gassed by the Germans in WW2 and you wanted to research it by buying a book from Amazon, then you won't be allowed to do that.  That is the nature of Jewish power when they can pressure someone like Bezos to get the truth banned.  Truth is not afraid of any analysis but a lie is.
Books advocating Satanism and sodomy, and denying the Allied holocaust against German civilians, and the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians, continue to be sold by Amazon. The censorship is conducted under the rubric of "fighting hatred" and "combatting anti-Semitism." But this is just special pleading. Books evincing hatred for Germans, Arabs, Iranians and white southern "deplorables" are all on offer at Amazon, as are books denying that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. So it all depends on whose ox is being gored.  It seems the Jewish ox is more special.

We all know, or should know, that the Jews are the only ones who get this "special treatment", but they are the only ones who ask for it ... actually, who demand it. The rest of us agree on free speech laws and have a 'live and let live' atitude.

Maybe the answer to this censorship is to ORGANIZE a campaign to intimidate Jeff Bezos to censor some of the categories you mentioned. It should be 'censor everything considered hateful by someone or don't censor anything.' The Jews are organized and they keep at it for as long as it takes - that's their secret of their success.

Or, the other solution is to ORGANIZE energetic competition to Amazon and make revisionist books available along with all others. An even bigger undertaking.

....I am very grateful for posting this more or less private email regarding your person on your website for general public attention. The statements made in this text reflect in very few and clear words the general opinion towards Germany and the Germans . Although objectively completely wrong, the text is a classical expression what the `` world `` has to learn about us. It is so absurd and inhuman , that only some very powerful institution can stand behind this hate speech , and it seems obvious that somebody of the “ chosen people “` don´t feel ashamed to publish such arrogant and cynical message ( beside the fact that it is also personally highly offending )
But the reason why I am writing is the nearly unbelievably fact , that the German people itself is not only convinced of this evaluation , but even more , it has completely assimilated or incarnated the fact of their own being evil , of their extraordinary guilt . And interestingly, this implantation of a certain believe has blocked any further intellectual access. Even with intelligent German people it’s very difficult , nearly impossible to talk freely about contemporary German History. Exactly how it is expressed in this message, Germans are deeply convinced that their roots are rubbish , because they feel as descendants of criminals. (May be you will remember that some years the media reported about several grandchild or great grandchild of certain well known politicians of the past political era , who have undergone sterilization , to cut finally their horrible genetic lines forever !! ).
If you travel today around Germany , you will notice a deep pathological self-contempt , sometimes written in large letters on walls in towns and highways , for example like this (I don`t want to translate this) :

WIR WOLLEN DEN VOLKSTOD , or even more (and that in the city of Dresden!) :

This are officially tolerated expressions of opinion, tolerated by a government as “free democratic demonstrations “ . Here we have the result of the highly effective reeducation during more than 70 years, unfortunately so successful realized in nearly 100% of the younger generation.

Carolyn, today I cancelled my Prime Membership with Amazon which ends in August 2017, but I still felt cheated.  I wanted a refund on my Prime membership since I knew I was no longer going to be an Amazon customer.  In the evening I telephoned Chase, my credit card company, and a customer service rep gave me a number I needed to call.  I telephoned 1-866-216-1072, Amazon Prime Membership's telephone number (not found on Amazon's website for Prime), and I told the customer service rep that Jeff Bezos changed the character of the online bookstore I signed up for with a Prime Membership and that because he broke the contract I had with Amazon, I deserved a refund of some sort on that membership.  The rep put me on hold for a good two minutes, and what I heard next surprised the heck out of me: My already-used Prime Membership will be refunded to me in full, and a minute after hanging up, I received a confirmation from Amazon that $107 will be returned to my credit card now that I'm no longer an Amazon customer.  
One battle ended.  

Great going, Joey! I hope some people spread this comment around, so others can use that phone number.

You might send your write-up to Germar Rudolf -I bet he would like to publish it at CODOH. I'll write to him and ask him, if you don't mind.

By all means, Carolyn, write Germar Rudolf.  Through your website he gave me Jeff Bezos's email address, which I used as part of my attack on Amazon.  I want other Prime Amazon customers to know that telephone number (866-216-1072) because the Amazon website will not allow you to telephone any customer service rep about your Prime membership.  You can only cancel your membership (with no refund) or send an email which will be responded to in 48 hours, with no discernible hope of getting a decent response.  Receiving emails from customer service at Amazon, in my experience, has always disappointed me. I tell you, at most I expected a pro rata refund as fair.  Instead, Amazon fully reimbursed me.  (And a good thing too because their 2-day delivery system rarely worked out to be 2 days on most occasions.)    
Thank you for your kind words and interest.

I suspect Amazon is not the only one engaged in censureship.  My facebook account was blocked after I posted statements that were critical of Israel.   My accounted was blocked without any notification or explanation - guilty until proven innocent.   It would be interesting to learn just how many other facebook accounts are blocked because a person's comments are not supportive of Israel.