Watch this horrible bully conduct an interview with Frauke Petry

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2016-03-23 18:38

This is a promotional image created by Conflict Zone and Deutsche Welle. Interviewer Tim Sebastian on the left, Frauke Petry right.

Go right away, before it's taken down. I don't know how long the video will remain available at Deutsche Welle. It's a really amazing look into the nastiness of the European establishment-globalist left, here:

Englishman Tim Sebastian does a DW show called Conflict Zone, apparently. I wouldn't know if he is this unpleasant on every show, but he sure set out to brutally beat Frauke Petry into submission on this one. Vicious!

Our same type of politicians and media figures in the United States like to call Donald Trump a bully. But Trump is a Pollyana compared to this monster of a show host. You have to see it to believe it. Make sure you watch the ending, where Petry was rudely dismissed and then had to find and open the big door out of the room by herself, with no assistance from those standing around. Followed by Sebastian and his assistant giving each other knowing grins after the door closed. Really stunning.

One quote from the monster host that really stood out for me:

Countries are melting pots these days.

Not much melting going on though. Disappointingly, Petry said the AfD party program that I described here the other day is a draft, and among the items that won't be in the final "manifesto" is a ban on circumcision. Sebastian brought up PEGIDA, calling it a "Nazi" group! Germany is a very tough place to be, and Internet loudmouths who berate Germans for their passivity ought to try living there and see how they do. I can tell you that I could not have remained composed during that interview, as Frauke Petry was able to do. I give her high marks.


Tim Sebastian looks very Jewish and the name Sebastian occurs on the list of Jewish surrnames of Avotaynu, though no definite information exists that he is indeed Jewish. His inquisition style of interviewing was already notorious from his program "Hard Talk" of the BBC. It must be said though that he is equally merciless to Jewish interviewees as to non-Jewish ones. I think he is basically a leftist.

"It must be said though that he is equally merciless to Jewish interviewees as to non-Jewish ones."
And so your reason for pointing out that in your view the interviewer looks Jewish is/was what exactly? 
By the time you got to "equally mercilees to Jewish interviewees" you should have deleted your entire pointless comment. 
That said, I agree that Sebastian conducted the interview in an at times almost sinister and bullying manner, leaving the impression that one was watching an interrogation rather an interview.

I've never read Rules for Radicals but am pretty certain I just witnessed it. He put her on the defence right off the bat.
Wish she would have disarmed him by saying that the gun thing was a stupid thing to say. Then while he was hitting her with ' racist ' statements against Muslims by some remote colleagues, she could have simply stated that AfD believes that Germany citizenry should consist of ethnic Germans, as all nations should . And so on and so forth.
Of course she'd probably have been arrested for hate speech though. And he knows it !
May twenty Muslims have their way with this old commie.

Didn't he remind you of Bernie Sanders .

Hi, yes he`s abrasive but he`s hosted Hard Talk on the BBC for years now and that`s the format of the show, seems he`s taken it over to this one.

Absolutely disgusting. Thanks for posting this Carolyn.
And thanks for your work. You, and Bradley Smith have helped me go from Holocaust believer and Nazi hater, to seeing Germans as a great people and the real victims of both world wars. I've recently watched Hitler-The Greatest Story Never Told. You mentioned in one of your podcasts that you didn't watch most of it because of the actor portraying Hitler. I'd encourage you to watch. It appeals at an emotional level, which is required to reach most that have been conditioned to believe Hitler is the most evil man that ever lived. 

Many thanks for your kind words and kudos for your transformation!

I don't deny that "The Greatest Story Never Told" has affected many, many people in a positive way toward better understanding of Hitler and his Third Reich. Hitler wasn't functioning on emotion though, but on a lot of commonsense and clarity of thought. Of course, he felt things at an emotional level, such as his patriotism.

What he and we are fighting is World Government which requires the destruction of sovereign nations and sovereign peoples. The desired end result of World Government is people whose only allegiance is to consumerism. Yes?

Agreed. However, I don't think consumerism will be the most important thing to most Whites after they become a minority. Most would spend all their disposable income to remain in a safe White neighborhood.

"What he and we are fighting is World Government which requires the destruction of sovereign nations and sovereign peoples."
So the millions of Jews that Hitler murdered, the great majority of whom had nothing at all to do with politics or consumerism, were just collateral damage for the World Government they -- unbeknownst even to themselves(!) -- were seeking to foist upon the world.
Fanciful beyond belief. But in no way unfamiliar. 

This is an old post and no one will be looking at these comments anymore, but I went ahead and posted yours. I must correct you that Hitler did not "murder millions of Jews;" you are just repeating the World Government narrative with that.

"The Jews" were then and still today in the business of destroying sovereign nations and sovereign peoples. It's so evident in what they've done to the USA, let alone Germany, France, Britain, etc. etc. They are responsible for all the mass immigration.

Thank you for your reply and for posting mine in spite of your disagreement with its content.
My post was spur of the moment, after having scanned the comments and seen yours following my re-reading of the article. I'd read the article before but wanted to review the Petry-Sebastian interview before suggesting to Petry that she send Sebastian a condolence card (or email) following AfD's worthy showing in the German election.
No point arguing with your views. However, neither Petry nor AfD shares them (or anything close), so I wonder why they are of interest to you.
Moreover, if the Jews are both as sinister and powerful as you suggest -- even the East European Jews who lived in poverty and completely provincially but who according to you were apparently nonetheless also involved in trying to master the world before Hitler had the great majority of them exterminated -- and given that this overall view of them is centuries-old (if not surpassing millennia), perhaps this demonstrable inability of non-Jews to see that situation as clearly you and the very small number of others like you do suggests that the Gentile world deserves to be ruled over by Jews. It does suggest that they aren't very smart, wouldn't you agree?
May I ask what exactly you would like done with the world's Jews? Just more ovens and this time finish the job? Or something else?

"May I ask what exactly you would like done with the world's Jews? Just more ovens and this time finish the job? Or something else?"

First, lets agree that only already dead Jews came in contact with oven, as was the case with non-Jews too. There was such a thing called contagious typhus, you know. And the ground water level, particularly at Auschwitz-Birkinau, was high. The Germans are known for paying attention to hygiene -- unlike those "East European Jews who lived in poverty," poor dears. 

What I would like done to the world's Jews is to put them all into a counrty of their own, and not allow them into other people's countries. Israel, which the Zionists insisted on, is too small, and too crowded for them to expand there. Thus, Birobidzhan in Russia's East would be a good place. It is a very nice land, plenty of room, much of it already developed. Jews would be in the neighborhood of all those intelligent, advanced Asians to do business with. That's what I would like done.

Hitler was right to want to get them out of Germany and then out of Europe. Now, what I like about the AfD is that they don't want Germany overrun with 3rd world culture destroyers who will never integrate. In spite of their tolerance for Jews, they want Germany for Germans, basically, just as Jews want a Jewish state for Jews.

What you need to answer is why do Jews insist on a multicultural, multiracial Germany? They are actively working toward that goal. Jews are doing the same in the USA. There is only one explanation - your hatred of us. Should we extend welcome to people who hate us? I don' think so.

From the moment Trump announced he would build a wall he became heretical in the eyes of the establishment -  now they want to burn him at the stake.  The globalist idea is not merely an ideology but rather a messianic egalitarian religion promising paradise if we give up our identity.  What makes difficult for many people to resist the one-world's siren's song is the traditional Western Christian universalist  belief in saving humanity by converting every human to the supposedly only true faith.  No doubt Semitic desert religions are incredibly powerful, but they can, and must be replaced by racial nationalism, otherwise we're gone.  Hitler proved it's  possible.

Tim Sebastian is, indeed, a petty little man with delusions of grandeur.... But can we be honest here? Lets: Frauke Petry's performance was pathetic, and - I suspect - an embarrassment for many AFD supporters.  At no time was she in control. And not "in control of the interviewer"... I mean in control of her own answers. She did not 'own' her answers. She did not project confidence - nor competence.

I've been watching this Sebastian guy for years, but not lately before this.
I find him a crook, an arrogant bastard, who is always talking from some kind of self adopted position of moral and intellectual superiority.
If one puts his name and his behavior, and the number of times he refers to "the holocaust", and "the Nazis" he ought to be a Jew.
If he is a Jew or not, he is an enemy of his people and a disgrace to mankind like most of his collegues in the global media conglomerate.
Here in Denmark all of the most "conservative" and liberalistic (money wise) newspapers have hired editors who were on the extreme left fringe very recently, some supported the violent leftwing Antifa thugs. None of the "conservative" newspapers support any conservatism here. Donald Trump is butchered at every occasion just as in the left wing press.

By the way, so far I only watched Miss Petrys comments (the part) that was broadcast by some of her enemies, but I think she did pretty well giving the circumstance and the obnoxious behaviour of this overrated media pope and his cardinals. Most people will recognize the bastards ungraceful methods, which he is not at all shy to employ with non native English speakers, who need to look for words once and a while, where he can wreck their train of thought. The s.o.b should be forced to conduct the interview in German. I have watched him (and others) use such methods time after time. They are professional mind benders and sense wreckers, don't forget that. They lure you in to making that one statement they think they need, and sabotage all of your efforts to just convey your message. In some cases it could actually have been labelled racist behavior towards non nativ english speakers. The right way would of course to be extra helpful to your subject, who has taken the trouble to learn a foreign language in order to communicate with you. But such old fashioned chivalry is not part of the Tim Sebastian New Speak Sly Show.

Yes, I too was horrified by the smug, self-righteous, arrogant, moralising, moralistic tone of this interview. I dislike Tim Sebastian intensly not least because he is a doyen of the British left Media Establishment, hence of the Western left Media establishment. IMHO she should have conducted the intrview with him in German, not english, then she would have been in control... Her mistake for not insisting on this. I guess she was trying to be accomodating but didn't she reaise the kind of arrogant bastard he is? Maybe she is a little naive re foreign esp. Anglo-american interviews (many Germans are)...
I don't know if he is Jewish, nor do I care. there are enough arrogant non-Jewish bastard like him around anyhow... why bring Jewish into it? My advice for any German in this situation is, take control in German. use an interpreter if nec. too many Germans assume their English is sufficient until tested then find it lacks force, authoirty, just as she did. His bio says he speaks German and Russian from a Mod Langs degree. Probably ony a 'working knowledge'. So he interviews in English to keep control.
My blood was boiling after 5 mins. He was condescending, patronising, looking down at her like a naughty little girl, and he was 'daddy', teaching her his High English Morality to this to his mind 'little Nazi girl' who wanted to shoot immigrants. Whenever I go to waterstones in the UK (a trendy lefty bookstore) just to check out the rubbish and the odd title of interest, all the books are Tim Sebastian books... Its a disease here in Anglo-America, a real disease.
I'll be supportimg her and AfD as soon as I am able.

Waterstones is a book store. It is not trendy, it is not politically affiliated and it is not filled with his books you stupid twat. 

His behavior was very unprofessional and extremely rude!

Notice the way Mr Sebastian leans his neck forward and lowers his interrogatory gaze while presenting his "questions". Same technique as in his "interview" with David Irving in Hardtalk BBC World 2000.   

i sent an email complaining about Mr. Sebastian not long after he started on Hardtalk. I queried if he might be Jewish as I felt he favoured that race. I received a very stern reply and a threat of litigation 
i find him an obnoxious interviewer and watch Hardtalk only after he left. 

I too find him most obnoxios, he's a bully, arrogant and an obvious Zionist and not at all interested in 'truth' I will not watch any of his 'so called' interviews on any program he appears. I commend you for emailing a complaint about him but it is useless to complain as the mainstream media is a tool for globalism and promotes hatred for 'peaceniks'. War will destroy the entire planet as a peaceful place to live. we are destined to become the slaves of "The Elite".

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