Vincent Reynouard: To be a National Socialist today

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New Video with English subtitles!

To be a National Socialist Today

Part 1: The concentration camps

Does the National Socialist struggle, today, still make sense? In this first part, I rely on a statement of Hermann Göring, at the Nuremberg trials, to answer in the affirmative. Then, in order to parry the first objection, I explain why the concentration camps in Germany were only an accident of history ... Vincent Reynouard

Excellent research, as usual, from Reynouard. The first camps were set up to detain the communists, who were an existential threat to the new Hitler government and NS state. Please watch this 30-minute video with English subtitles full screen here.


Communism isn't only a threat to a particular national government, it seeks to destroy the nation itself. I wouldn't mind a non-NS German government if it remains German. A German democracy or monarchy may not be my favorite state's form but at least it would be German in Germany. 
This was universally accepted in the past, as well. German Social Democrats would fight for German workers' interests, German monarchy for a German nation etc. 
Communism, aka Globalism today, wants to get rid of borders altogether, in every sense of the word, physically, morally, genetically and so on. 
Communists were not enemy of the NSDAP or state, they were and are enemies of the people, and remain so till today. 

The whole point of National-Socialism (NSDAP) was to keep Germany German -- and to make Germany great again after the humiliation and economic catastrophe of WWI and Versailles. So what you, Markus, want would be N-S even if it wasn't called that. Vincent made that point in the video, using the words of Hermann Göring.

The trouble with Germany has always been too many leftists, and a particularly virulent species of them. Today, Social Democrat and Economy Minister (!) Sigmar Gabriel lied and said:

"When it comes to refugees, the billions of euros we are planning to invest in education, kindergartens and schools will of course have an effect like a small stimulus package. But this will play a role rather next year than this year," he said, adding that the increased spending for refugees was an investment in the future of the country when taking Germany's challenge of an aging society into account.

This is pure pap. Since there are not enough Germans, we need to add Turks, Syrians, Afghans and even black Africans to make up for too few Germans. The truth is, a natural German state would recognize this and do something about it. Left to themselves, they would even start having more children.

This "immigration solution" has already proven to be a losing proposition in the US, Britain, France, etc. It is pushed in the face of clear evidence to the contrary: Increased cost of police and judiciary, schools and teachers, social services ... and that's just the monetary costs. Other costs are tensions and unhappiness of the German population, crimes against Germans, loss of national cohesion and the inevitable riots as we have seen in France. No-go zones for the police. Signs of this have already appeared!

What Vincent says in this video is very helpful now for the situation we're in.

Who does Deutsche Welle quote for opinions on the "rise of the right-wing?" Naika Fodoutan, a researcher at Berlin's Humboldt University. Later they quote from Timo Lochocki, a political science teacher also at Humboldt U.

Pretty soon, half the names we hear in Germany won't be German. And that will be applauded.

German Police Union Chief tells it like it is. Says the politicians do nothing until it's too late. Says crime and disorder in the refugee camps has been going on for a year! Still, Merkel announces a month ago that all are welcome.

This is what makes me mad: Angie Merkel says, "We can do it," which means its up to the German people to make it work. She admits she has NO PLAN. So when terrible things happen, it won't be the fault of the muslim migrants, but because the German people failed to accomplish the impossible.

It will always be, "We must try harder." "We" meaning the Germans.

To be honest I don't think either democracy or monarchy are naturally German. To me National Socialism and the state that worldview created were the natural evolution and syncretisation of all German political, cultural, philosophical, and even religious traditions and thought to their apex. National Socialism represents the ideal- it was the most German a German state could ever be, since it was entirely founded on German ideals, on protecting the interests of the German people (above the interests of individuals, capital, artificial notions like 'the internationale', 'human rights', 'liberalism' etc.), on representing the entire will of the German national racial community as a whole. That's as German as it gets and as it ever will get! If we see a National Socialist Germany again, it may look a little different aesthetically (maybe no swastikas, no Hugo Boss uniforms, no Roman salutes) but it will still be both recognisably National Socialist and recognisably German.
I believe each European people can reach this apex though in their own way, and many did- fascism, falangism, Mosleyism, Legionairism, integralism, Rexism, etc. They're all different versions of the same phenomena, a European race evolving their own unique worldview based on Natural Law and the most ideal, evolved form of all their own values. That they're all somewhat similar (and yet also unique) demonstrates to me both the shared kinship and the significant differences in all the European peoples. And that they've all been demonised and slandered nearly beyond salvation shows how dangerous our enemies believe they are- naturally and wholly European states are the antithesis of everything they stand for and pose for them the biggest threat to their own plans.

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