Thomas Dalton has done it again!

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2016-03-17 20:27

Display of Copies of Hitler's Mein Kampf - Documentation Center in Congress Hall - Nuremberg-Nurnberg - Germany

Not only has he just published an exceptional article about Mein Kampf and Adolf Hitler, but Dalton reveals he is also working on a new English translation of Mein Kampf – a side-by-side German-English translation, no less! This is fantastic news. I think he had better make a big first print run when he publishes it because it will no doubt be highly desirable. He may become the first revisionist author to get rich on his work!

Everything Dalton has done to date has been outstanding, in my opinion. He is one of those writers who seems to want to truly enlighten his readers, so he puts the facts of the story first and gets himself out of the way. For this reason, and others, he is perfectly suited to do a new Mein Kampf translation we can have faith in.

The first revisionist work I know by Dalton is the well-known Debating the Holocaust: A New Look At Both Sides” (2009), which contrasts the “exterminationist” and the revisionist views in an impartial and thorough manner. The book was very successful, as holocaust revisionist books go.

He later wrote the two-part “Goebbels on the Jews”, an exhaustive review of the so-called 'Goebbels' diary', and also the two-part “The Jewish Hand in the World Wars,” along with many other great articles. Everything Dalton does has that stamp of solid research and superb organization of the material, plus the clarifying distillation that results from coming through his very fine mind.

He seems to understand the common man's limited attention span, and combines that understanding with the scholar's desire to know in depth into a pleasant, if not easy, read that offers a satisfactory overview of the subject - in this case the man Adolf Hitler and his famous book, Mein Kampf. Please read “Rethinking Mein Kampf” here.


Something I'm reading at the moment you will appreciate if it's as good as so far:

Hi Carolyn, any updates fro Mr Dalton on his book? Feel free to email me back with any updates. Thank you. 

His Mein Kampf translation is available at Amazon, and I don't know if anywhere else. I bought it there. I don't like dealing with Amazon now that they finked out on revisionism, but didn't have any other choice that I knew of. I checked out several other booksellers and didn't find it.

A very good Introduction, and the English text reads so naturally and smoothly. it's also a beautiful cover and very well made and designed as a whole. I haven't gotten very far into it as you can imagine - too much else to do. I also have Murphy's translation which I read twice. I know Dalton's is superior.

Amazon's offering is expensive. Plus they suck.Vol.1 is available cheaper here: plans for a vol2?

Who sucks? You suck. The cheaper book at abebooks is ONLY the English translation; it doesn't include the side-by-side German, which is the whole point of Dalton's book.

I note that the cover is different - the cheaper one just says VOLUME ONE, compared to  the orignal that reads VOLUME ONE - DUAL GERMAN-ENGLISH TRANSLATION. Also, the cheaper one doesn't give the number of pages (probably around half of the "real" one, which is listed as 690 pages}.

It's a literal rip-off. I wonder if it is authorized by Thomas Dalton?

lol I meant Amazon sucks. My comment was not an attack on you or your site. I do not know if it is authorized by Dalton. I will find out. I may have made a mistake.

Carolyn:  Thanks for the info on Dr. Dalton's Mein Kampf Vol 1.  Do you know when he's releasing Vol 2?  Also do you know if Dr Dalton has a website or an email address?  I've been unable to locate the publisher, etc.  I've written to have others put it in stock.  It's everything that you've said it is (and supports what Dr Dalton has represented in his article).  Thanks for your help with this.  It's sincerely appreciated.  Fred
Here's what I've found on the book:
Just English $25 Vol 1 Only
 English and German (Dual Language Edition) $35 Vol 1 Only

I don't know Fred, but I'll try to find out what I can.  You know, I was just reading it before I came to check my comments and shut down for the night. I read quite a bit in Chapts. 1 and 2 ... and was marvelling at how lively it was in writing style. Definitely different than most others, or all others. is an excellent website to buy revisionist books from.  I just ordered Thomas Dalton's New English Translations of "Mein Kampf," Volumes 1 and 2, as welll as his "Debating the Holocaust." The "Mein  Kampf" volumes were $15.84 each and "Debating the Holocaust" was $19.76.  There was a weekend sale going on which reduced the total cost of the books I ordered by $3, plus the total cost of my order qualified for FREE shipping.

Here's an updated link to Thomas Dalton's articles at inconvenienthistory (the published hyperlink broke/changed):

Amazon - what a deceptive company. They offer for sale Dalton's translation of the first volume of M.K., yet when one drills down into the actual offerings (all from second hand sellers), the best one can find is the Murphy translation. One can go to Amazon-owned Abebooks and find there (what MAY BE Dalton's translation) but for $37 dollars. is the way to go (search on Author: Thomas Dalton), far better prices.
Thanks to Carolyn for starting this thread, as otherwise I could find no information on whether or not Dalton had finished his project.

Baldur - A couple months ago, I purchased Dalton's "dual German-English translation" of Volume Two of Mein Kampf from Amazon. I also earlier posted condensed versons from Volume One, starting with "chapter" 3.12 "Public Opinion" HERE. I have a lot of succeeding posts covering the rest of Volume One.

The Dual-Translations are $37. The German-only version is less, under $30. You have to read carefully to make sure you're getting what you want. But I think the problem may be with you as you also always complained that you couldn't navigate the captcha to write a comment here so I gave you special access.

For all its faults, one usually cannot improve on Amazon's prices, or so I have found.

Best regards.

A serious problem with Stalag.
Stalag may not be perfect after all.
"Nature, the eternal, takes merciless vengeance on those who defy her laws. Therefore, I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In resisting the Jew I AM DEFENDING THE HANDIWORK OF THE LORD."(Stalag).
Original German:"Die ewige Natur rächt unerbittlich die Übertretung ihrer Gebote.So glaube ich heute im Sinne des allmächtigen Schöpfers zu handeln: Indem ich mich des Juden erwehre, kämpfe ich für das Werk des Herrn"
Software Translation: "Eternal nature relentlessly avenges the violation of its commandments.So today I believe I am acting in the spirit of the almighty Creator: By defending MYSELF against the Jew, I fight for the work of the Lord "
Ralph Manheim Translation: "Eternal Nature inexorably avenges the infringement of her commands.Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending MYSELF against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord."
Dalton's Translation: "Eternal Nature inevitably avenges those who violate her commands. Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: In defending MYSELF against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord."
In stalag it is falsely translated as Hitler "defending the handiwork of the Lord" but the original German and its Software translation, Ralph Mannheim, and Dalton's Translation say Hitler defends HIMSELF (NOT THE HANDIWORK OF LORD AS IT IS TRANSLATED IN STALAG). There is a huge difference between saying "defending MYSELF" and "defending the handiwork of lord".

Yes, Thomas Dalton really is treasure. I appreciate so much his translations.
By the way, the URL for Rethinking Mein Kampf gives an error.
Use this one instead
Carolyn, please fix this in the article above.

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