Resistance lives - in Dresden

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2015-07-28 21:54

On Monday, over 2000 heroic German souls marched in a PEGIDA-sponsored demonstration against their government's acceptance of asylum-seekers and migrants who are now invading the eastern part of Germany from the Balkans.

  • The BBC reported that "In a Dresden suburb, the car of Michael Richter, a councillor who had been helping refugees, was blown up." Kudos to those who are letting the authorities know that they are serious. 
  • Last week, a new tent city sprung up suddenly in Dresden's Friedrichstadt district as a temporary refugee center. Fights between refugee-opponents and refugee-supporters have broken out there.
  • A month ago, on June 28, a brand-new, still uninhabited refugee center in the historic town of Meissen (of porcelain fame), close to Dresden, was set on fire and burned during the night. Investigators say it was started deliberately. "We currently suspect arson," a Police spokeswoman said.

This is understandable when tens of thousands of "economic migrants"  -- mainly "youths" who do not speak your language or share your culture, even your religion -- invade your city and are given free housing, food, financial support for perhaps 6 months without even having to work. Perhaps they are sent to school, tuition paid by the taxpayer ... you. This takes place at the same time that you are struggling to raise and educate your own children.

Because of this citizen anger, pressure has grown for the German authorities to do something about what they now acknowledge has become an out-of-control problem.  They also know this problem comes solely from the European Union's Schengen rules, which allow unrestricted travel in Europe.

The Shengen Agreement has always been controversial. It was first signed in 1985 by only five of the 10 EU member states:  Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany. No problem with those five. But it expanded from there, and now even non-EU countries have been included. The explanation given for this is questionable to say the least: "helping to integrate" these struggling small countries of the former communist Yugoslavia "with the rest of Europe." Even BEFORE they have done what is required to be admitted into the European Union! Does that make sense? Only as part of the Globalist plan to make Europe non-White and non-Christian. A melting pot like the USA ... where Jews feel safe.

A tent camp for refugees was set up in Dresden last week. Do these look like downtrodden refugees, or more like mixed-race boys seeking to break into a richer country than their own? Once they are established, they should be able to bring in other members of their family.

German officials are now talking about reintroducing visas and declaring more of the migrants' home countries to be "safe". 

Germany's asylum appicants from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia surged after visa requirements for those countries were lifted. But when they were declared "safe" last December, the rise in asylum seekers was only about 12%, according to the federal office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). A "safe" classification makes it easier for the authorities to send back asylum seekers because it is then harder for the applicants to prove that they are victims of persecution on political, religious or ethnic grounds.

However, the numbers from Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro* have soared by more than 500%! To reinstate the visa requirement would require a decision at the EU level, by majority voting. It's not something Germany can do on it's own, which is why it was a mistake to agree to it to begin with.

*Neither Albania, Kosovo or Montenegro ... nor Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia or Serbia ... are members of the European Union! But their people are flooding into Western Europe visa-free neverthless.


What a refreshing sight to see. I am proud of these brave Germans who refuse to lay down. Its too bad Americans stand by and allow the mass illegal and legal immigration. You can say that these Germans still have courage and to that I salute them.

The pro-refugee councilor, Michael Richter, whose car was damaged by an explosion, is a member of the Left Party - Die Linke - which used to be the Communist Party of East Germany. It is the most hard-core left party in Germany.

First, lets get clear that the car was not demolished but only damaged.  It may have been a relatively small explosion that the perpetrators managed to accomplish without getting caught -- and so as not to injure anyone or damage any other property. More of a "warning" type of incident.

It's fair to ask what "German" would want to assist in bringing and settling Arabs and various Balkan Muslims into Germany. Only communists who are not loyal to Germany or German values at all, but to their international credo of anti-racism and class struggle. 

The Interior Ministry reports that in 2014 there were 173 "crimes" committed against the refugee influx, only 19 of which are considered violent. I take it that the vast majority of what are called "crimes" were of the nature of grafitti and minor vandalism on new refugee quarters being built or remodeled. The first half of 2015 has seen almost that many.

What is so sad and unjust is that the protesters are not listened to; they are just branded as criminals and haters by the authorities and the media. But it does show, to those who still don't get it, that the NWO/European Union is communist ... which is jewish.

Now, from the AFP (Associated Press-France) comes a story - questionable as to its truthfulness - about a 27-year old Syrian "refugee" in Frietal, Germany who wants to be returned to Syria because he feels safer there than among the hostile Germans!

He's quoted as saying,  "I come from Syria because I was afraid -- but here big afraid," because the other day a group of Germans piled out of a car and hit him.

I guess he was under the impression (wonder why and by whom?) that Germans and Europeans were just waiting to love him, help him out and give him everything. Good for those Germans who showed him otherwise.

We've known for a long time that the answer to unwanted immigration is to make the immigrants feel unwelcome - and unsafe. This works for Jews too, who are immigrants but often try to say they are full-fledged members of that nation -- while always having the option to flee to Israel.

Yet this French news article has the nerve to write: "[Germany] now faces a paradox: a generous asylum system originally meant to help atone for its Nazi past has opened the gates to Europe's biggest influx of refugees -- sparking ugly reactions that recall Germany's darkest days." What bull crap.

I guess Germany will never "atone for it's past", so why try? Once Germany is dead, and any remaining Germans are slaves in their own country, then the "atonement" will be complete.

Therefore I say, Keep at it, you hostile xenophobes! You're the only hope. And good luck!

Below: "Refugees" wait at a first registration point on a platform of the railway station in Rosenheim, southern Germany, on July 29, 2015. Always young men. You know they're expecting to get hold of German women.

Evil personified.

It's an instinctive trait in us. Reason why they change our environment We know we are just better. In the past, living insulated, poverty striken lives cast doubt in our Germanic qualities and thus pride. But now we see the world, regular Germans now also see this world and to many it seems, starting off with Greece, that Germans just do things better than certain people and it should be something to feel proud of. A good start I'd say.
It pains my heart to think that Heilges Deutschland and German womanhood are being insulted and humiliated daily in such a way by the mere presence of these dregs of sub-'humanity'. 

Meanwhile, Syrian pharmacist Alkhalaif had an easier time finding a job because she isn't an asylum-seeker.

She says her brother-in-law, a doctor in southern Germany, was able to bring her family and more than a dozen other relatives here by promising he would be responsible for them.

You just highlighted the problem! I get so angry.
She says her brother-in-law, a doctor in southern Germany, was able to bring her family and more than a dozen other relatives here by promising he would be responsible for them.

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