Nuremberg hangman was a U.S. Navy-diagnosed psychopath who slowly strangled top Nazis

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2018-02-01 22:56

Master Sergeant John C. Woods poses for photographers in his ship’s bunk after he became a celebrity as the Army’s Hangman for the 10 alleged war criminals condemned to death by the Allies’ International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg in October 1946.

By Carolyn Yeager

THIS IS A GRUESOME STORY - THE CULMINATION OF A GRUESOME WAR which was followed up with an atrocity-filled post-war Germany occupation. Those responsible for the rampant criminality were the Allies—the All-Lies—who were successful at covering themselves with an image as world saviors.

On October 16, 1946, in a ghoulish death procession that began shortly after 1 a.m., ten political and military leaders of the Third Reich were hanged by the neck until dead by a psychopathic Navy deserter who lied about having previous experience as an executioner. He was Master Sergeant John C. Woods, promoted to that rank from private after being selected as the Army’s hangman.  The promotion cannot be attributed to any merit of his own, but in order to endow him with a greater sense of worthiness for his special task. His assistant was a military policeman named Joseph Malta, a 28-year old floor-sander in private life. Both had volunteered for the job after the Army put out word for an executioner, asking if anyone had experience. Woods claimed he had hanged two men in Texas and two in Oklahoma. No records exist showing that he did.

Malta said of his work of ultimately helping to hang a total of 60 Third Reich government and military leaders, “It was a pleasure doing it.” In saying this, he echoed his colleague Woods, who was widely quoted in newspapers and magazines with these homespun words:

“I hanged those ten Nazis … and I’m proud of it … I wasn’t nervous … A fellow can’t afford to have nerves in this business.”  Continue reading here


Thank you for the documented research and the composition, Carolyn.  Well-told, however gruesome.  Something for mature adults who appreciate the history of WWII, and it's heartwrenching story even as you report the deaths and details in a just-the-facts style of writing.  Touching.  

Brilliant as always, Carolyn.
All I knew previously about the hangings came from this article by Ed Fields:
Fields alleges that Woods is Jewish. I don't know if that's true or not. Fields may be confusing Woods with his assistant Obermayer.

In that rare picture showing his profile, he does have a hook-ish nose, and Woods is one of those names that could have been "revised" from a Jewish name. But his chin is definitely not Jewish and I found no proof or even any indication, except for your source,  that he was. Besides, Ed Fields did not say "Woods was a Jew", he said "Stag Magazine said he was a Jew." How good of a source is Stag Magazine?

I don't like when people are called Jews without any solid evidence, so I refrain from it. It hurts our cause.

"Even the hangman for the 10 Nazi leaders sentenced to death, Master Sergeant John C. Woods, was a Jew,..."

So what does this guy know? Stop passing stuff around that you know nothing about. He also says the hangings took place on October 16, 1946, the Jewish holiday of “Purim.”   NOT TRUE. Purim is in the Hebrew month of Adar, which is in Feb. or March. 

So this guy is guessing.

PS: By "this guy" I was speaking of Peter Quigley, not Ben Bradberry for whom I have great respect. If Ben Bradberry said this, I'd need to read the rest of it to find out if he gives more  information. I actually have his book but only got started reading it, then stopped and never went back. Too busy. If there's an index,  I'll check there.

No, there is no index. But from skimming through the book, I'm sure the information Andrew sent is from Peter Quigley, thus is not reliable.

I have the kindle version of Bradberry's book - It's in there in the Preface section.

So it is. Thank you Andrew.

We have the  situation that an author  we respect is passing on incorrect information that he probably read somewhere and accepted. Because it's definitely false that Oct. 16 of any year is the day of Purim, since Purim always falls in the early Spring. It's never definite that someone might not have a little bit of Jew in them, but if he did it was not openly known and probably he did not know. Therefore, he can't be called a Jew without showing some evidence for the claim. Personally, I don't think so.

This is exactly why "scholarship" demands sources for everything. If you claim Woods was a Jew and give your source as Ben Bradberry's book, with page no., etc.,  we can go there and see that he has no source for that and gives no reasons or evidence. This then makes everything in Bradberry's book less credible, even though most of what he presents is very true and needs to be more widely known.

Here is the gravestone photograph for Woods:

There does not appear to be a star of David on his grave or other indication here that he is Jewish.

Even the write up for him says he botched the hangings on purpose. And the only family listed is his wife. Since he died young, his family members must have disowned him, or else they are poor trash like him and no one knows where to find them. The Army obviously contacted his wife when he died as the only next-of-kin.

I already knew that the Nuremberg trials should and will be remebered as one of the more shamefull chapter in history, but I've ignored these horrifiying details of the execution. The election of this man was another insult to the germans, whose leaders asked for a death in front of a firing squad, petition that was denied in favor of the degrading hanging, and performed by such a perverse man. The world saviours image that the allies have built it's one of the most hypocrite lies I've ever seen, and one that has surprised me most it's the one of Eisenhower, that changed the status of "war prisoners" to millions of germans soldiers to "dissarmed enemy forces" to avoid the compliance of the Geneva conventions. A simple search on google of the "Eisenhower meadows" reveals this barely known atrocity.

The hangings are peanuts compared to what the German pows went through in Russia. Today Russia is trowing a big showdown to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Stalingrad (renamed Volvograd) victory when 100 k Germans were taken prisoners of whom only 4k survived. 
At a memorial in Volvograd to honour the dead there is a portrait of Stalin against an Orthodox cathedral. At a survey last month in Russia Stalin topped the list of the most outstanding person of all time; guess who came second? Putin!
The icing on the cake: Putin is backing a referendum to change the city's name Volvograd back to Stalingrad!
As the old saying goes: You can take a Russian out of communism but you can't take com.......

Name change for Volvograd is an old report from 2013-14. If you know of a current petition for this backed by Putin, please post it. Otherwise, don't mislead the readers here just to push your idealogy. You knew it wasn't current; that's why you didn't include a link.

Carolyn: Obviously I'm pushing my ideology! I only hope you're not having a crush on that finest specimen of alpha eurASIAN masculinity, Mr Putin.

You gave me a chuckle with that. But seriously, the issue I'm concerned with is not Putin, but good information vs. any old passing mention said by any old person on the Internet. And naturally you shouldn't present something as current when it's from 4-5 years ago and nothing ultimately changed. Where is the story  of the big showdown to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Stalingrad victory? Here is a video on it from yesterday:

Here's a news story w/photos:

And the hangings are not peanuts just because it's only 11 men involved.

Carolyn, thank you for this story and even though it is indeed gruesome to read it should be brought to the attention of the public at large. As I was reading it I was trying to take myself back to the day of this ignominy, observing the faces of the 'avengers' who were present. Yes, the eventual death of that hangman was too fast! What a despicable human being.

Excellent historical research. Whoever filled out Woods' death certificate probably had to write in 'Reckless Stupidity' for cause of death. But considering his other deliberate miscalculations and designs, suicide could be a possibility; perhaps he was haunted or even had a guilty conscience.
The name of the city is Volgograd, not Volvo. Stalin was 10,000 X more of a vicious psychopath than Woods, and yes, the Russians love him for it.

I only realize since yesterday (..) we in the West hanged our Liberators/Defenders. Because of Hess' Peace Mission Flight to Scotland, May 10, 1941, few days later Stalin postponed his inital Attack date from June 12 to July 7, 1941. Only because of this german planning suddenly 2 weeks  ahead of soviet planning, instead of 2 weeks behind... This simply SAVED the west. As gratitude they were all hanged by soviet/communist butchers, being part of Nuremberg 'Trial.' Tried, Sentenced and Hanged all involved.  Germany is the only party with complete clean sheet. If ever Karma exists Germany will shine as no one ever will...

Thanks Captain Cooke, for reminding me of the date of Hess' flight to Scotland and the change in Stalin's attack date from June to July. I was thinking about you last night and wondering when/wishing you would return here. Must be telepathy.

Two days ago I recorded an interview on the new book and mentioned that change by Stalin, but attributed it to the German defeat of France in mid-June and that the invasion of England didn't take place. But I was unsure and knew I didn't have the cause clear in my mind. I showed quite a bit of confusion there. Can you say exactly when Stalin made that very crucial change from June 12 or 13 to July 7th? Is it in Suvorov's The Chief Culprit? I can check there but maybe you have page numbers, etc.

No, Carolyn, it is not mentioned in it. Just did little check. But of course 1-2 days later everything was known in the Kremlin, be sure of that. But I also realized this little again...: this RH-Scotland situation was a TOTAL embarassment all of a sudden to AH and Germany's plight. AH again managed this by 'arresting' all involved and by writing a truly b r i l l i a n t letter to Herr Stalin, dd. May 14, 1941. This one was partly printed in russian newspaper 'Krasnaja Zvezda', nov.26, 2003. Letter is in the book by dutch slavist/historian Marius Broekmeyer (1927-2007), titled 'Cheated Deceivers' 2007. If there ever is a reprint of your latest book AH-letters to Stalin should be included.
NB: Stalin trusted AH more than Churchill, his real partner in crime. Can you imagine...? Yes, of course you can.
Paul Ballard's 'Fourteen Days that Saved the World' on  is a superb expose of what went on those days... 

In our book, Artist Within the Warlord, on page 99, we quote Suvorov as:

"M-Day" - the mobilization - fell on June 13, 1941, but the preparations went back to early February the same year, and even further back into 1939 and 1940 [shortly after the end of Germany's campaign in Poland].

Both  Zhukov and Vasilevsky,  and staff officers, were planning the attack on Germany in deep secrecy. I see now that the date of the attack was not changed. That is a misunderstanding I have fallen into. The Mobilization was the beginning date for bringing everything to the West in readiness for the actual invasion. That invasion date was set for sometime in early July.

So Germany actually lucked out by having the date for their invasion forced to move forward, except for getting a later start according to seasonal considerations. They had less time before winter set in.

I now read in Suvorov's 'The Icebreaker', german language version, in which he describes month May 1941 as by far the MOST ENIGMATIC month EVER in communist history... Ok. Makes so much sense reading and trying to grasp this all.... It simply regards the big and so TOP SECRET preparations of the oncoming soviet/communist ATTACK/ONSLAUGHT on the West and with doing so fulfilling Stalin's pledge to Lenin on World Conquest. All thx to great researchers... And thank you Carolyn for mentioning Viktor Suvorov in your AH book, because without his research results these so essential essentials would most probably never be known... And not only May 1941 would be enigmatic, but that whole period of course... And of course there is no Nobel Prize for 'History', but if ever there was one...

Wilhelm Kriessmann had the same high opinion of Suvorov's revelations, and after beginning to read The Chief Culprit, he ordered another copy and had it sent to me and asked me to read it. That's the kind of person he was.

I was also excited about it and we wrote the short item on TCC for the Barbarossa installment.  You have  to remember, our book is a translation of Hermann Giesler's memoir, not OUR book in the sense that we can throw in anything we want. Also, I'm not sure about adding letters from here or there, even if very revealing, without Willi being here to agree to it. But I'd like to read them to see what they say.

...suspicion turned into proof, persecution mania transformed itself into bloodlust' Title: 'Imperium' (1948), p.600 by Francis Yockey. I read this sept. 2015 in book 'Breaking the Spell' by Nicholas Kollerstrom. This one was my BIG eye-opener regarding Nuremberg 'Trials'. I never ever would have grasped this all without this so spot on description. Yes, of course, the Katyn-Killers presiding over it in a real and such a paramount 'court' before the eyes of the world. Of course germans were sentenced and executed because of Katyn. And so much other outright horrible injustices... The Rudolf Hess Scotland mission was excluded from the Nuremberg 'agenda'. Simply not allowed there. For obvious reasons. I now think 99.9% of the people still agree that so important Nuremberg was righteous and justified... Without that so decisively Kollerstrom book/phrase I would have as well... Everything a complete charade and total fraud. Lord have mercy on us...

This article title says that Woods was a diagnosed psychopath - what is the source for this? So the U.S. military let a diagnosed psychopath remain in the military, and even permitted him to do sensitive duties like this? Was he diagnosed before or after his executioner duties? I'm no psychiatrist, but one would think that someone having such an an affliction would make them really unstable and unreliable for doing anything. I doubt the Army was short of enlisted men desiring to be an executioner for these duties.

Why don't you actually read the article with comprehension and all your questions  will be answered. You just seem to want to engage me or someone for any reason you can come up with.

Just gruesome! The allies playing "the good" but butchering their convicted like that was to be expected. Streichers hint about purim is interesting tho, 11 man would have been hange just like in the jewish tale, preventing that was Reichsmarschall Görings last victory and the best he could do.
PS:Maybe you want to have a look at this "jewish survivor" (a member of the auschwitz orchestra) talking in the german parliament on the 28th of Jan this year:
"Anita Lasker-Wallfisch in der Gedenkstunde für die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus im Bundestag"
There are lots of claims in that "speech" nobody in Germany sadly can address without fear and that person even talks about people being "recycled" ( to soap ?).

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