No more Germans, only "established residents" and "newcomers"

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2015-09-27 21:48

Hans-Georg Maassen, Germany's domestic intelligence chief, warned Sunday of a radicalisation of right-wing groups, not about the public disorder and law-breaking of migrants.

German President Joachim Gauck has warned of Germany's "finite capacity" to absorb refugees, cautioning against more "tensions between newcomers and established residents". But he's not putting up any resistance that we can notice.

No, according to the AFP he said: “Given the rapid influx," the government must now "promote the construction of apartments and build schools, hire teachers and kindergarten staff, adjust the labour market and vocational training, teach the German language and German law -- and do all of that at the same time".

Seems the government of Merkel and Gauck is in danger of resurrecting the idea of the  “Aryan Superman” with this kind of talk. It's pretty obvious, even to those less intelligent than Germans, that every nation has a finite capacity due to it's finite space and resources. Still, Domestic Spy Chief Hans-Georg Maassen acknowledged that Germany “expects” up to one million so-called migrants this year, and is doing nothing to stop them. The fact that they are 70% young, highly-sexed unmarried men is never mentioned, nor that it's commonly known that because of Chancellor Merkel's “open-door” welcoming statements, millions more Syrians and other Arabs have decided to try journeying on up to Europe.

Something doesn't add up. Like, why the apparent stupidity of one of the world's smartest nations?

The answer is hidden in plain sight in that question. Germans are too smart, and have become too strong and dominating once again, so they need to be brought down once again. We all need to be reminded that in this New World Order, we are just residents of wherever we have the official sanction (papers) to reside. That is all. So there now exists only “established residents” or “newcomers (wannabe residents)" and we don't hear the term Germans anymore because that is xenophobic and separates people. In the New World, we are not to notice racial characteristics or color, we don't connect with our ancestors, and one 'established resident' is as useful as another. Unless you're a skinhead right-wing extremist, of course.

If you are, YOU are the enemy, not the "newcomers." Spy chief Maassen warns that “What we're seeing in connection with the refugee crisis is a mobilisation on the street of right-wing extremists, but also of some left-wing extremists” who oppose them. He added there is “a greater willingness to use violence” by all extremist groups, right, left and Islamists.

Then why bring Islamists in? … and be assured it is not a real crisis but an engineered “invitational” event. It's purpose is to create chaos in society that will flush out as many nationalistic types as possible for the spy service to catalogue and work on.

No journalistic blather about a “humanitarian crisis” should be believed. The protesters, as few as they are, need to be joined by average Germans in the millions. If not, if Germans no longer want to stand up for themselves and their homeland, they will become extinct, replaced by “established residents” with no ancestral connection to the finite space called Germany.


Germans are far from intelligent and have just proven once again why their leadership would be an unmitigaged disaster for Europe. They might be book smart but complete imbeciles when it comes to common sense with extremely poor instincts. There is no moderation in German thinking-only radical extremes.  Germany is finished within one generation as its dark-skin loving whores will zealously mate with the newcomers and breed out their line.  Unfortunately, as an emergent muslim nation in the heart of Europe and forming an alliance witht the nascent neo-Ottoman empire of Turkey, this will be a huge threat for the survival of Europe in general.

Germans are not simply "book smart"; they have among the highest IQs in Europe which has the highest in the world. They are no different in their instincts from other North and West Europeans. They are also not radical extremists. You strike out on all counts.

The first Muslim nation in Europe was France, followed by England. Germany was the holdout, but no more. Take your filthy, unhelpful ideas somewhere else.

Take your nonsense to Anglin's anti-German 'dailystoner'. You fail to consider the intolerable tyrannical circumstances under which the average German is forced to live. The daily nonstop Holohoax brainwashing from day one. The total censorship of the Internet and even historical facts. They can't be exposed, even if they wanted to, to the info we take for granted without going to extreme measures to by pass the censors. And now they are banning and considering even jailing those who 'criticize' this invasion. The anti-German police and system is more worried about 'right-wing extremenists' and covering up the crimes of these invaders instead of law and order even. The censorship is really something out 1984. A young German patriotic friend never even had the chance to read one complete Hitler speech. 
Taking that into account, its a miracle that faithful Germans and some resistanse still exist in the Vaterland. I credit their high IQ and on average sober rational thinking. Over 40%, if correctly recalled, are 'concerned' about this invasion. Take the facts mentioned above into account and the fact that Germany is still relatively prosperous as opposed to other failed EU economies and you will come to the same conclusion. This current genocidal attempt is being orchestrated and enforced from the top down in brutal, clearly undemocratic ways.

Maassen looks somewhat Jewish, but I can find no information as to his possible Jewish ancestry.
It is clear the the White Genocide Project is presently going into overdrive. Either we stop it now or it will be too late. The crisis in Syria has been created by the same people who are flooding us now with  "refugees".

says this: Maassen Name Meaning -- Dutch and North German: patronymic from Maas.

Most Americans with that name live in Wisconsin and Iowa, where so many German immigants congregated.

Another site says: Maassen Meaning:  dweller at, or near the Maas River, which flows through Belgium and Holland.

You say we need to stop it now. I agree. You're in Europe - why don't you get out in front and stop it? Why don't you throw everything you've got into forming a huge protest? Courage is what's needed.

"Maassen looks somewhat Jewish, but I can find no information as to his possible Jewish ancestry" If it looks Jewish and talks Jewish nonsense, then it's a Jew, no need for further proof.

Well, the other day I did find the name Maassen on the list of Dutch Jewish names on :

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