No mention of Dresden firebombing anniversary in German media this year

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2018-02-13 18:29

Feb. 1945. This is how the Dresdeners who lived far enough outside the city center to survive the deadly firebombing behaved afterward to clean up their city. Does this remind you of the Jewish tales of how they were forced by German guards to carry heavy rocks from here to there for no purpose? Maybe this is where they got that idea.

By Carolyn Yeager

THE GERMAN MEDIA HAS GONE DARK ON ANY 2018 REMEMBRANCE  for its tortured Dresden residents of Feb. 13, 14 and 15, 1945.

The best I found was a series of recycled photographs linked to from the bottom of the long front page listings at Der Spiegel. The photographs emphasize how the rebuilding of the "Old Dresden" made the "New Dresden" of today better than ever.

I also managed to find a short article on an online site showing the current Dresden mayor laying white flowers at the very inadequate memorial in the town cemetery. Included in the copy I read: ''For many years neo-Nazis used the historical date to spread their ideology and to try to cultivate a sense of victimhood while relativising the crimes of Nazi Germany.'' [my underlining] 

Shocking. The attitude of those in control of post-war Germany is simply beyond belief and beyond decency. It has to be Jews and communists in control

I do wonder how Margaret Freyer, a Dresdener of that period who wrote the account in my previous post, would feel about this attitude toward what she experienced then. For 24 hours she suffered the ordeal of phosporous bombs falling from the sky as she wandered alone all night in the super-heated darkness lit only by the fires that were burning everywhere ... stumbling over dead people who were also everywhere and feeling the hands of the tortured still-barely-living reaching out to her as she passed by.

Margaret's physical-mental system had gone into shock, which allowed her to somewhat keep her wits about her during that literal hell on earth. But what is the cause of the Germans, and yes, the Dresdeners of today that they have lost all feeling for their own racial kin, especially for their ethnic brothers and sisters of the past, and even of today! How did Germans come to loathe themselves so much that they cannot sympathize with their own, and can only celebrate the memory of those who blame, condemn and hate them?

The answer to that is the U.S. Army under the supreme command of Dwight David Eisenhower during the Allied occupation of Germany after the May 1945 capitulation of German forces. And the "de-Nazification" program carried out mainly by the U.S. Government and it's thousands of newly recruited Jews. Give these people enough time and total propaganda control over a weakened, defenseless population and this is the result.

It  can happen to any of us.

The Holocaust is supreme

What I did find in today's German news media was a main feature at Deutsch-Welle about how Germans feel about the "Holocaust." It's worrisome to current German politicians if their youth are not convinced of the evils of Germany's Nazi past. This is the picture they show with the article just to reinforce the evil within Germany's own population.

So the "Jewish Holocaust" is being remembered on February 13th in Germany's state news outlet while the Dresden holocaust is totally ignored. Amazing how they get away with it.


Yes, nobody remember anything, nobody cares.The brainwashing that the german people have had it's a testament to the power of the propaganda and the absolute control of the media. I've posted in my facebook a remembering of this massacre, and also on a forum of the WW2, with some photos that are really hard to stand, more so when they are almost totally unknown by the people...

Carolyn, you're not letting (((them))) get away with forgetting.  I heard someone say a while back that the meaning of WWII was that history would henceforward be written, better rewritten, to underscore only the story the Allies want to tell about themselves.  Modern history is like a religion of false beliefs and half-truths and all challengers to it will be mocked or denigrated (no different from the Holohoax), and that's exactly what it does look like has happened.  People are rewarded for their amnesia, lack of curiosity and refusal to inquire.  It's so refreshing to come upon the truth that's been hidden under the slag of vile corruption and deliberate manipulation as you've done here and in your earlier article.  You revitalize history whenever you speak truth to power - in my humble opinion -- and you do it pretty often, too, which is fantastic  :-). I read your recent book and found it both dramatic and saddening because of all the historical facts you revealed or uncovered and conveyed about Hitler's real intentions during WWII and how treason surrounded him on every side.  

Joey, I think you'll be interested in the essay I'm going to write: What I learned from Giesler about "the Adolf Hitler I'd never known."

Carolyn, you bet I'm interested!  Thanks for alerting me to this new item.  I know you have already stated in a recent interview that Giesler helped you pull together disparate facts you already knew about Hitler but hadn't quite put together in a way that now brings greater clarity to you about him.  I'm all ears.  I like learning about the man and I learn a lot from you.  I learned a lot that I didn't know about Hitler and the Third Reich from reading "The Artist Within the War Lord."  I look forward to this new piece of writing. Thanks for the advanced notice!

Yep.  Holohoax memorials ad infinitum at the end of January, but not a peep about the REAL burnt offering holocaust of Dresden, February 1945.
There will come a day, however, when truth explodes these injustices to public consciousness.

This trained self-loathing is almost unbelievable but true. This was rammed home to me last year when I visited the PanOmeter in Dresden which I mistakenly assumed to at least in some way memorialise the at least 135,000(according to the every reliable David Irving) who were bombed, burnt, crushed and machine-gunned to death on 14 and 15 February1945.
Inside is a massive panorama of Dresden after the attack. I also expected to see some kind of memorial to all those who were murdered in the attack. But what did I find? Portraits of sad Jews. Oh vey, how we've suffered.
Ive written about the effect it had on me. Please go to my blog:
and type in Dresden in the search slot

Yes, the message (or lesson) at that PanOmeter, and in the Dresden cemetery too, is that, especially for Germans, nothing must supercede, let alone equal the Jews in their position as the world's greatest victims. For that they must be worshipped. Thus, 'good Germans' must willingly sacrifice their own self-recognition to the worship of another people who actually set out to destroy them. 

The Jews are particularly jealous of Dresden (a true holocaust) so must delete its memory from history. Thus they insist on minimizing and relativising that giant atrocity, and sticking their own faces out in front of it, the very behavior they denounce revisionists for when it comes to their own pride and joy, the jewish "Holocaust."

Thank you for writing these articles. I had 2 family members killed in the bombing of Dresden. It's absolutely ridiculous that this event is continuously swept under the rug. Dresden (being one of many events) is an event where the "official" death toll can be continuously changed , and by changed I mean lowered. In the eyes of "historians" it's completely acceptable and acknowledged with open arms to disgrace the people who were killed, and lower the desthtoll too "only" 25,000. However, GOD FORBID somebody wants to re exam the jew deaths in the holocaust or anything along those lines, gets slandered, has their careers ruined, is called anti Semitic and in over 10 countries, thrown in jail. Why do the jews love to play victim and pretend they're the only people who have ever suffered? Not only are there tons of other "Holocausts" and genocides throughout history but there are some that even happened during the same time as the Third Reich. Why are the jewish lives more important than everyone else's?  This is besides the point though.
Now back to what's important. Regardless of the death toll being the incredibly low estimate of 25,000 or the logical number which is clearly way more, innocent people lost their lives. The 25,000 minimal number would be the equivalent of wiping out 2 full towns where I live. This also doesn't include that these were innocent people, as well as the suffering the people directly involved experienced, as well as the friends and family who had to live with a lost loved one.
Where I live in the USA there is an absurd amount of holocaust related memorials/museums across the state's. In NY alone I'm counting about 5 of these places. This lying nonsense has been pushed down my throat from as early as I can remember. In middle school, we had a " Holocaust day" where all my classes were canceled and we learned about the holocaust all day. I don't recall having a day for any other event like this. I also know I wasn't taught about the bombing of Dresden at all. Not even in passing or briefly. Zero information on it. I learned about it from my grandpa who shared with me how he lost his grandparents that night.
I could go on and on but that's not the point of this post. My main point and question which everyone should think about is this:
Why do the Dresden (German) lives not matter?
Why at all costs is it important for the different  government's, media, etc etc to tell us that the jews lives are worth so much more?
You have to be blind if you can't see the problem here.

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