New from Vincent Reynouard: Shoah - a story that is not believable

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-09-07 11:51

By Vincent Reynouard

Editorial: "Shoah: a story not credible

Here's the video synthesis that I promised you. In 47 minutes, I developed the revisionist arguments most impactful in my opinion.

Outline of the video

1) Simple administrative officials chose the method of extermination

  • - The choice of Zyklon B
  • - The ridiculous thesis of improvised massacre

2) A first lie from Georges Bensoussan, the historian, about the crematoria of Auschwitz

3) Crematoria 2 and 3: an absurd Construction

  • - Gas chambers in the basement: an illogicality
  • - 140-200 return trips of the elevator for a single gassing!

4) The insoluble problem of cremations

  • - Ovens provide very inadequate returns
  • - The cremation pits: a physical impossibility
  • - Provisional Conclusion

5) Two simple ways to suffocate. The absurdity of "introductory columns"

  • - A simple way that should have been used
  • - Zyklon B useless ...
  • - The ridiculous thesis of "introductory columns"
  • - The non-existent holes

6.) The "alternative proof"

  • - The shoes, suitcases ...
  • - Hair of "gassed"

General conclusion.

To view the video with English subtitles: click here

Carolyn's recommendation is to turn on the "closed captions" (CC). It helps in understanding the French, which has many similarities to English. I do hope someone will supply sub-titles in English. But unfortunately, supposed supporters do not send money to this cause. It is really quite shameful. Go to


This video follows the previous one: [Reynouard] demonstrates that the alleged extermination of 1.5 million Jews in the "extermination camps" Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka is a totally crazy story. 11 minutes

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