Must watch: Vincent Reynouard challenges British authorities over new UK Holocaust museum

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2017-02-26 15:11

This is the site given up to British Jews for the new museum - none other than Victoria Garden in front of the Victoria Tower, a part of Westminster Palace, the most iconic piece of architecture in all London. Imagine the power exerted for this to happen!

UK Holocaust Memorial Museum: I challenge the British Authorities
Next year, a Holocaust Museum Memorial will be built in the heart of London, near the Parliament. In this video, a French revisionist, Vincent Reynouard, challenges the British authorities. He asks:
   1) for the Memorial's designer to provide proof, a single element of proof that confirms the existence of "gas chambers" at Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, Sobibor or Belzec.
   2) for a public debate between revisionists and historians to discuss the value of this evidence. 


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Carolyn's comment:

Our politicians have become slaves to Jewish interests. They pretend that Jewish interests are our interests (in my opinion in order not to have to stand against the intimidating power of organized Jewry). Why are there no compensatory organized White/European interests? The Jews know how to divide and conquer.

Something called the Holocaust Commission was set up in 2013 “to establish a permanent memorial and learning centre” in London, chaired by Mick Davis of the Jewish Leadership Council. It was decided the government would give £50 million towards the construction and an endowment, but most funding will come from donors.

That further funding is easy enough to get from Jewish donors. The real, truly valuable gift to the Jews is the location – the property adjacent to Westminster Palace which has no price, is beyond price.

Compare this with the U.S. Holocaust Commission back in the 1970's, headed by leading Jew Elie Wiesel, and Congress' gift to them of a property on the National Mall in Washington D.C. just below the iconic Washington Monument and near the White House. In both cases, the location desired by the Jews was to be within the nucleus of the national power center - the heart of the country's government. It is, of course, symbolic of full inclusion of Jewish interests as American interests, and as in Britain as British interests.

Likewise, the Berlin Holocaust Memorial takes up many acres of land right next to the iconic Brandenburg Gate and German Reichstag (Parliament building) in central Berlin. None of this is by accident.

The US government also gave, and still gives annually, a similar monetary amount to the US Holocaust Commission but since its founding, the museum has become extraordinarily rich, with a huge growing endowment via gifts from Jews. Jews totally operate the US museum from top to bottom and spend a large amount of their time and money “fighting anti-Semitism" and creating propaganda campaigns against the same. It has become a fully Jewish-supremacist and pro-Israel enterprise located in the heart of our nation's capital, in the company of monuments to our nation's heroes and presidents – Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln. Our more recent weak leaders (only concerned with re-election) were tricked into betraying the American people and now the exact same trickery is happening in Britain.

What can we do? I don't know, but Vincent Reynouard has stepped up and is seeking support for a resistance campaign in the UK. Who will join him?


Holocaust Memorial: my challenge to the British authorities
Part Two: How, in 1945, old World War I trash was recycled into a "reality"
In this video, Vincent Reynouard destroys the argument that from 1945, the "executioners" themselves confessed the massacre of millions of Jews by "gas chambers". He recalls that in 1931, on the occasion of the "Moscow trials," Blum himself had written: "The value of confessions turns. They do not prove and can not prove facts that are false. They prove that, to moral perversion, the Stalinist terror adds a sort of mental decomposition." On the basis of specific examples, Vincent Reynouard shows that fifteen years later the same analysis applied to the trials conducted by the victorious Allies in defeated Germany. To moral perversion, allied terror added mental decomposition. And it was on these adulterated bases that the official history of the "Holocaust" was built.
Presentation plan :
1. 1945: a defeated Germany stunned by the propaganda of the victor
2. Confessions extracted
3. Germans retract their "confessions"
4. Psychological Pressures: Threats to Families

Carolyn says: Hopefully it will come out in English soon but a lot of the visual source material is in English, so can be easily read.

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