Merkel: No limit; Bavarian governor: We revolt in "self-defense"

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2015-10-08 11:28

by Carolyn Yeager

While Angela Merkel made it clear in a TV talk show interview Wednesday night that her government will not "freeze" the refugee inflow at a particular number, saying it is "not possible" to do so, the governor of Bavaria and leader of her sister party, the CSU (Christian Social Union), Horst Seehofer (pictured above), is meeting with his cabinet tomorrow to organize something of a revolt.

Seehofer and his party, and even some key members of Merkel's party, the CDU (Christian Democratic Union), take a more realistic approach to the refugee invasion and are questioning Merkel's leadership on this issue.

In today's Spiegel Online, it's reported that Seehofer wants to return refugees that are being sent to his state by Austria. If necessary, he will violate the law, claiming it to be an act of self-defense. He argues that other EU countries, such as Austria, are waving refugees on to Germany when they themselves are responsible for carrying out the asylum procedures.

According to Spiegel, tomorrow's cabinet meeting will consider the following measures developed by the Bavarian Interior Ministry:

  • Transit zones to be established at land borders, along the lines of airports. This is currently incompatible with European law but Bavaria would do it anyway, using its own police force. In principle, border control is the responsibility of Federal Police
  • More railroad hubs in Germany, so trains can bypass Bavaria altogether. In recent weeks, the Munich Central Station was the destination for too many of the refugees.
  • Refugees coming from Austria will be bussed back to Austria. The onward journey of refugees from Austria to Germany violates the Dublin Procedure. If Austria continues to "ignore European law," Germany has to immediately examine and reject refugees at the border.

Bavaria feels it has been left alone to deal with the refugee problem - not only by the EU but by the other German provinces. Therefore, it must take tough actions that, in its eyes, are no more than an act of self-defense. 

Good luck, Seehofer and the CSU.


Seehofer may try to take good measures for his own state of Bavaria, Angela Merkel, who is hell bent on destroying Germany, will surely overrule him with the authority of the Federal Government (like happened in similar cases in the US). What Seehofer should do is hold a referendum in Bavaria and call for the other states to do the same. The outcome of such referenda is not difficult to guess. It would be very difficult for Merkel to ignore the will of the people and still maintain that Germany is a democratic country.

Thank god for Seehopfer to stop Merkel from screwing up Germany with her naive but dangerous intention.

Merkel is not naive. Her policies and actions are very deliberate.

What does he mean more railway hubs? He wants to BUILD more railway infrastructure? Sounds like a long-term project. I wonder about the most effective way of deporting all unwanted "refugees". Would it be easier to force them onto flights back to Turkey, Syria or Jordan? This seems most cost effective, even with leg irons and paid escorts. Austria, especially given its judephilic Vienna political climate is likely to raize a horrible stink and stop him in his tracks if he attempts to send them there. One thing is certain: Turkey must be forced to stop sending unducumented "refugees" without express permission as to each one. (Though it's just an assumption on my part that they're all coming from Turkey. Of course no one seems to know yet they are able to predict arrivals.)
Bavaria would be a nice place to preserve ha-ha can't believe I'm writing it. The place most certainly deserves an absence of trashing gepinken Arabs. They will try and destroy some of the greatest architecture, probably soon. That is South German Rococo churches in Bavaria and B.W. Ancient fragile wood frame structures requiring high maintenance, underfunded, some of the most beautiful abandoned by the Vatacan, and this is exactly the kind of stuff the Jews want rid of which explains the Vatican's negligence. If they were not German you can be sure they would be widely known among worlds most beautiful and original architecture. All famous architectural design / plasterer/painter teams, all consisting of two brothers, came from one town in Bavaria near Weilheim. Sorta sign from god.

Seehofer is no match for Merkel's power base, but he can give her a hard time, he can set the example or maybe be a lightening rod for opposition within Germany. Although he's no radical. He's a European Union man, and is only saying that the burden on Bavaria is too much, not that there shouldn't be any burden at all.

While I will look for and highlight any opposition to the anti-German traitor Merkel, I don't fool myself into thinking that anything or anyone will stop this process. Germany is going to be browned and muslimized in accordance with the master plan of the post WWII Globalist/Jew Order. If we thought it was bad in Germany up till now ... it's only going to get worse.

Still, I agree with Franklin that referendums, if they are possible (could they be made illegal by the Federal government?) and State officials speaking out in opposition is the best that can be done. Making the refugees feel unwelcome is also good, but only a few people will be willing to do that. Burning down their housing is very good, but takes brave souls, is not easy to do and I wouldn't want them to get caught. But it would mean police resources would have to be expended on security and protection. What happens when some young muslim men say they don't believe in the holohoax? Will they be threatened with prison? Family deportation?

It's going to be ugly, and we can see that Merkel is hardening herself for the task. They are expecting these people to be coming in like this for several more years!!!

Stoiber even said "Islam does not belong to Germany". 
Referendums are difficult as the BRD still runs under conditions of the Allies. The Bavarian Constitution is full of references to the American occupation statutes. 
The entire BRD has to go as did the DDR in 1990. Instead of reinstalling the German Reich operative organs, they simply reorganised the occupation administration and expanded it to the DDR zone. 
Seehofer also said "Those that make policies, are not elected, and those that are elected make no decisions". 5/10/2010
Theo Waigel said that "the detachment of East Germany (East-Prussia, Silesia etc) is not recognized by any international act."  
They are all Bavarians. In Bavaria, there exists at least some sort of sanity still  

When new Interior Minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, says Islam is not a part of the German way of life and "does not belong" in Germany, his comments sparked a new round of debate.

"In mid-November, Merkel told the CDU annual conference in Karlsruhe that the debate about immigration "especially by those of the Muslim faith" was an opportunity for the ruling party to stand up confidently for its convictions. "We do not have too much Islam, we have too little Christianity. We have too few discussions about the Christian view of mankind." Germany, she continued, needs more public discussion "about the values that guide us and about our Judeo-Christian tradition. We have to stress this again with confidence. Then we will also be able to bring about cohesion in our society." Merkel also said: "We feel bound to the Christian image of humanity -- that is what defines us. Those who do not accept this are in the wrong place here."


At the same time, Horst Seehofer, president of the southern German state of Bavaria, and a member of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister party of Merkel's Christian Democrats, has called for a halt to immigration from Turkey and Arab countries.

In an interview with the German newsmagazine Focus, Seehofer said it was time for Germany to look elsewhere for qualified workers, at a time when many parts of the labour market were facing grave shortfalls. "It is clear that immigrants from other cultural circles like Turkey, and Arab countries, have more difficulties. From that I draw the conclusion that we do not need any additional foreign workers from other cultures," he said.

These are the points, or dictates, made by Merkel in her talk today in Wuppertal to members of her political party, the Christian Democratic Union.

1. The "vulnerable", the dear refugees, are to be made welcome in Germany because it's in our Basic Law (but so is freedom of speech), it's in the Geneva Convention (of which Germany is a member, so ... gee, isn't that obvious?), and it's also the 'C' in our party name. (Because we're Christian, we should be willing to have a whole bunch more mosques in Germany. Surprised)

2. The refugees are not to be seen as an anonymous crowd but as individucals, each one deserving of respect. (No matter how they behave?)

3. We must improve on the return of the non-vulnerable. ('European' asylum seekers)

4. Those who stay in Germany will have to abide by our laws. (Hahaha)

5. All EU countries must accept their share of the refugees. (Who is going to make them? This could possibly bring down the EU, but the masterminds must have some plan up their sleeve to deal with opposition, one would think.)

6. Europe's external borders need better protection. (Maybe so, but it not going to happen because Europe wants to be "nice" and refuses to use force.)

7. We must combat the cause of refugees, which is war. (Good luck)

8. Globalization cannot only mean German companies doing business internationally, but also means dealing with the consequences of a civil war. (You didn't know that when you first agreed to it, did you? It was not pointed out then.)

Merkel was applauded on every one of these points.


I wouldn't say that the CSU is just another political party like the CDU. It's the Bavarian party, and Bavaria under the CSU has been essentially a one-party state.
Bavaria was the birthplace of the NSDAP, but after the war, since it was no longer permitted to be national-sozial, Bavarians became christlich-sozial instead. You can see in the CSU's advertisements that they really cherish and promote the ideal of a Bavaria inhabited by its traditional population. There's not a non-White face to be seen.
I think that Bavaria, and maybe some other Laender, will secede from the FRG if Merkel insists on continuing bringing in foreigners. I understand that under the postwar constitution they are allowed to do that.

You're right on the CSU. 
But their Constitution requires American approval. Unless they get rid of the occupation statute, they'd remain occupied, within the BRD or otherwise like other German territory. East-Prussia or Austrian BRÖ. It would be interesting nevertheless and surely slow down the decay. 

After watching this video, I am shocked and it is no wonder the Bavarians are trying to revolt.  A Doctor describes the conditions in the Bavarian Hospitals. It is just disgusting, they are like animals in the Hospitals and all this is kept a secret. What will it take to stop this all an epidemic of TB, Aids, tropical diseases etc. 

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