"History has to change" - Hitler-Stalin-Churchill-Roosevelt in WWII

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The following is copied from the julius milaitis blog, where it was posted in May 2011. It's a review of the book by Finnish author Erkki Hautamäki, titled Finland in the Eye of the Storm, recommended to me by a Dutch friend who will be nameless because he lives under the Stalinesque laws of the European Union. The blog post has no copyright on it so I've posted the whole thing. If someone with authority has a problem with this, just let me know and I'll make adjustments. Of course, it's because I think this content is very important in the interests of getting to the truth about the Allied role in starting WWII. Read more about Erkki Hautamäki here. -cy

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Finnish author Erkki Hautamäki was a councillor of education and a reservist in the Finnish army, holding the rank of Major. Hautamäki has completed a lengthy process and fulfilled a historical task in his book “Finland in the Eye of the Storm”, which Marshall Mannerheim and his trusted aid Vilho Tahvanainen left for future generations. Driven by a need to bring out the historical truth for the Baltic Youth, this book is dedicated to Vilho Tahvanainen, an unrelenting patriot and aid to Field Marshall C.G.E. Mannerheim.

From the prologue of the book, by E Hautamäki:

"The Second World War (in Europe) ended in the spring of 1945. Nations were awakening from a nightmare of which the toll of material destruction and human casualties could not yet even be evaluated. Germany, the core of Europe was a smouldering heap of rubble. National Socialism had been crushed, good had triumphed over evil and peace had finally arrived.

The defeated were forced to surrender without compromise. The word of the victor was now law and their interpretation for causes of the war and of those guilty would remain as the only truth for future reference. In the same instance one’s own slate was wiped clean of any guilt or wrongdoing. The full weight of guilt for the insane evil and war crimes that took place was placed solely on the shoulders of the defeated even though all parties involved have later been proven guilty of atrocities to varying degrees.

Justice of the winners of the World War II was dished out at the Nurnberg trials. Not in the sense that the accusations were wrong or falsified but in the sense that the accused were not given the chance to defend themselves against false and weak accusations. The same holds true for allied actions during the war.

Some of the war crimes committed by the allies were e.g. the mass murder of Polish officers by the Russians in Katyn in the spring of 1940, the horrifying terror bombings of Hamburg, and of Dresden by England and US in February of 1945 and the cruelty towards German POW’s by the Americans and Russians. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in September of 1945 remains one of the worst acts of genocide to date.

With time and a change in the political climate, restrictions were removed and researchers were granted access to previously inaccessible files giving us yet again a different viewpoint of true accounts. It then came to light that the truth of the victor had on many accounts been established by forgery, hiding documents, suppressing evidence and even lies.

For over half a century we have knowingly been brainwashed into linking all the evil in the world to Hitler and the German people. The holocaust, which is continuously in the press, literature, the theatre, film, music, the radio and television has coloured our judgement as to the actual causes of the Second World War and those guilty. [...]

Larger nations displayed a ruthless disdain towards smaller nations and their right to remain neutral. In its entirety are revealed the secret agreements, political intrigue, deception and an inconceivable chain of events that led to the beginning of the Second World War and finally its end.

Even Finland, a small northern republic and democracy was unwittingly drawn to this war frenzy of the larger nations. Finland was however fortunate in those years of turmoil to have as its military and political leader a figure of great foresight and determination in the form of field Marshall Mannerheim. He had a broad experience spanning many years in international politics and a network of contacts on to which Finland was able to build the military and political alliances that saved the country.

During the Winter War, having received details of a secret agreement between the Western Powers and the Soviet Union to destroy Germany, Mannerheim, along with Finland’s political leaders made crucial decisions that saved the nation and possibly all the Nordic countries from becoming one large battleground.

From 1932 onwards, Mannerheim kept original documents consisting of , for example, secret reports, letters, personal notes, into a file code named ”S-32”. Political reasons stopped Mannerheim from using this file as evidence after the war.

I have used secret documents, which victor nations have suppressed for 50 years, in Marshall C.G.E. Mannerheim’s file ”S-32” as the basis of my research. This material can finally shed some light on the historical truth that was not published along with Mannerheim’s memoirs.

I have strived (sic) to merge the dramatic content in file S-32 with other source material and to display it in chronological order to give a clear account of political and military development in Europe. We can thus follow a logical chain of historical events, which lead us on from the First World War.

We will come to realise – as the Marshall used to say- that matters which were put forward to him were often so complex, unclear and even unbelievable that he had to pause to get a sense of what was actually meant. The same patience is asked of the reader.

With this book I hope to prove, particularly to my Finnish countrymen along with readers from other countries that our wartime leaders were not guilty of the crimes they were blamed for or the wars Finland was dragged into between 1939-1945. Conflict was inevitable in order for us to remain independent. The crimes for which our leaders were accused and tried were a direct result of demands from the victor nations, especially the Soviet Union.

Was the non-aggression pact between the Soviet Union and Germany on 23.8.1939 just a tactical ploy to win time? Was allied aid to Finland in 1939-40 just a ruse to invade Norway and Sweden whilst giving the Soviet Union an opportunity to invade Finland and the Baltic States, creating a northern front against Germany?"

Erkki Hautamäki 

Erkki Hautamäki, who holds the rank of Major in the Finnish army, has at his disposal the secret files of Vilho Tahvanainen, an undercover courier and trusted aid to Marshall Mannerheim. The Tahvanainen files consist of copies of Mannerheim’s secret (S-32) files covering the years 1932-50 duplicated with the authority of the Marshall himself. The author of this book has had a unique opportunity to compare and contrast documents and files from different countries and get an idea of the behind the scenes politics of the larger nations during WW2. The following appears to be quoted from the book:

“Churchill and Stalin negotiated the starting of co-operation in a war of many fronts against Germany since April 1939. In July it was agreed that when Germany and the Soviet Union attack Poland, the declaration of war of the western allies would be focused only against German actions. On the 23rd of August 1939 Stalin and Hitler signed the so called Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement. Its secret extra protocol included the so-called concept of the sphere of interest that did not mean permission to conquer the Baltic states and Finland. It meant instead the right to demand strategic bases in case of war. On the 15th of October 1939 an agreement was signed between Stalin and Churchill (the allied forces). The core of it was the plan to destroy Germany both militarily and economically. Churchill’s old plan regarding the Scandinavian operation was also accepted.

The winter war of Finland did not stop because of Stalin’s fear of a possible threat of western allies attacking to defend Finland. It ended when Hitler sent Stalin an edict that Stalin shall cease the acts of war against Finland, or Germany will bombard Soviet troops and fight for Finland unbidden. The Marshal received from Hitler information about this edict and copies of the plan of the western allies and Stalin concerning Finland. If this would have happened, the allied forces would have conquered Norway and Sweden in the name of Finnish aid. Simultaneously the Soviet Union would have conquered Finland. Finland would have been drawn into war and Scandinavia would have been a front against Germany.

Churchill and the allied forces thus sold Finland to the Russians. Stalin played simultaneously an ally of Germany and the western allies. His goal was to get the western allies and Germany to wear themselves down in their fighting against each other. After this he would conquer a weakened Europe.

Stalin purchased first the newest mechanical weaponry from Germany. After it he obtained from the USA an immense amount of war material against Germany (and Finland) as Lend-lease aid. No final account of these possessions has yet been made.

The unconditional denial of passage for allied forces through Sweden partially saved Finland. The agreement of Churchill and Stalin allowed the conquering of Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. A section was added that the conquered areas should be given their independence back after peace had come. When the general courier of Stalin was transporting the strategic war plans from Churchill, the German air force compelled the airplane to land on 9 Feb. 1940. During the examination of the air crew and the passengers, all documents were photographed. Hitler received exact information about the attack plans on several fronts of the allied forces. He thus started a preventive attack plan in Norway. [See “Ahead of the Allies: Narvik”, Chpt 3, page 54-56, The Artist Within the Warlord by Yeager & Kriessmann -cy]

Stalin did not know that the plans had been revealed. The Marshal’s so called scabbard order of the day on 9 July 1941 was born after Hitler’s edict to unambiguously express the goals of Finnish warfare, or otherwise Germany starts taking Finland under its government. Marshal Mannerheim was before the continuation war compelled to accept Stalin’s demands that were secretly introduced to him: Finland shall not advance to Leningrad or over Lake Syväri and shall not disturb the railroad leading from Sorkka.

In March 1940 Sumner Welles visited Italy, Germany, France and England. The persons he met said openly that they were compelled to war, no peace propositions are accepted. Similar orders were also given to Poland. Germany was driven into a compulsory situation. The terms of World War I were already shocking.” (end of quote)

Now we know Comrade Stalin planned an attack operation (Thunder) against Germany on 6 July 1941. [this was the coming attack Hitler instigated his preventive strike, Barbarossa, against -cy] To execute this Plan, Russia had entered into Two Treaties: the first on 23 August 1939 (The Molotov - Ribbentrop Pact) with Germany and the second one on 15 October 1939 - (The Stalin - Churchill Pact) with England, which was more favourable.

We are asking what would have happened if the Scandinavia plan of the allies would have come true?

1. Nothing would have been left of Finland. It would have been a total collapse. According to the Marshal’s opinion the occupation of Denmark and Norway made by Germany – as regrettable as these phenomena locally were [or were proclaimed as being -cy] – partially saved Finland. Sweden saved Finland by denying the passage.

2. It is not right to blame Swedes, for they saw the overall situation. King Gustaf  V personally received the assurance from Hitler that Germany has no claims, if Sweden stays neutral and delivers ore as before. The King also got knowledge of the plans of the allies.

“History has to change. The truth will appear undisputedly”, affirms Erkki Hautamäki, the writer of this very interesting book.


... after no one cares about it, or even knows what it is about.
No matter. It's all lies, anyway.

True observation. Julian, Weishaupt, Nero, Frederick, Goethe, Thomas Paine, etc. are and have been open to rehabilitation for a long time, but the unthinking masses and our primitive intelligentsia are all but cut off from them. Scarcely anyone knows they existed or what they believed beyond a superficial summary from encyclopedias.
Hitler, on the other hand, represents a golden opportunity to cultivate a devotion to long lost heroes and great men. The Jews cannot ever get rid of him. They are obliged to keep him and the holohoax in people's memory as long as they live. That is why he is the sole exception to the unwritten rule of not wasting energy defending defamed people from the slander of haters. With his rehabilitation will come profound changes in all spheres of life. That is what I've been trying to archive on my site, I only need one or two capable individuals to continue where I leave off.
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Good stuff, and can be verified elsewhere.
Welcome to the New World Order.

Most intressting, but this is only the first book, that ends 1941.
The author, Erkki Hautamäki, was supposed to do one more book that describes events after 1941. He is almost 90 years old, and will soon die.
Seems that, you know who, do not want more information out.

It's jaw dropping for me an agreement between Churchill and Stalin immediately AFTER the Ribbentrop-Molotov one, but explains perfectly why France and England didn't declared war to the URSS after their attack to Poland. More and more the huge  web of lies is exposed, and it's evident that a planned war of destruction was imposed to Germany by the allies "saviours of humanity".