The Heretics' Hour: Tribute to Revisionists

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Jan. 26, 2015

This cartoon expresses what Revisionism is: The little boy is the revisionist, the "expert" instructing the crowd is the holohoax historian or museum tour guide, and the people reacting are obviously the mass of uncritical believers who don't even look for themselves but just accept what the "expert" says.

Carolyn Yeager gives her own tribute to Revisionists who brought an island of sanity to all holohoax-weary souls. In case you didn't know, Tuesday, Jan. 27th is the Second International Day of Commemoration in Honor of the Revisionists Who Introduced Sanity to the Auschwitz "Death Camp" Narrative.

  • How to tell when a survivor story is a lie--the mention of gas chamber and Dr. Mengele;
  • Francois Duprat was assassinated with a car bomb in 1978 that left his wife in a wheelchair--and no one was prosecuted;
  • Dariusz Ratajczak's publication in Poland of revisionist arguments against the homicidal gas chamber brought an end to his teaching career and to his life;
  • Paul Rassinier, the "father of revisionism" wrote 6 revisionist books between 1949 and 1967;
  • Thies Christophersen, by publishing The Auschwitz Lie under his own name inspired Wilhelm Staeglich to do the same with his book, The Auschwitz Myth, in 1979;
  • Arthur Vogt was instrumental in causing Juergen Graf to become a revisionist, and supported and encouraged many others;
  • Where would we be today without these brave men? What part can we each play?


I am sorry that I originially said that Thies Christophersen was a member of the SS. He was not, but was regular Army (Wehrmacht) funciioning as an agricultural expert. That's why he was at Auschwitz and Raisko, a sub-camp. Wilhelm Staeglich was also an Army officer.

I have now, at 10:30 US Central time Tuesday, edited that SS error out of the mp3. So if you downloaded it earlier, you'll have to replace it with what's there now. The same at Blogtalk. You'll find some of the writings of these two men here:

I would like to remind people on this high holy day of jew holocaustianity  that there were true mass slaughters of white European people committed during the 1930's. The Holodomor was the forced famine of up to 10 million Ukrainian citizens perpetrated by Stalin and his Bolshevist regime.
Jewish group objects to ‘Great Famine’ case
By Vladimir MatveyevJune 15, 2009 7:22pm
KIEV, Ukraine (JTA) — A Jewish group in Ukraine is objecting to a criminal case brought over the "Great Famine" committed in the 1930s.
The nation’s security service is pressing the case against a list of former Soviet officials accused of committing the Holodomor, which caused the deaths of millions in Ukraine in 1932-33. Most of the names on the list were Jewish.
Ukrainian lawmaker Aleksandr Feldman, leader of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, said last week that it was "a farce" to press the case.
“All organizers of the Great Famine are dead," he said.
Last July, the Ukrainian Security Service released a list of high-ranking Soviet state and Communist Party officials — as well as officials from NKVD, the police force of Soviet Russia — that essentially blamed Jews and Latvians responsible for perpetrating and executing the famine because most of the names on the list were Jewish.
The Ukrainian Jewish Committee called on the secret service to revise the list, which incited interethnic hatred, in order to clear up the “inaccuracy.”
Feldman believes there is a danger that the “Holodomor Affair” materials are being used for political purposes.
Ukrainian leader evokes Stalin's famine as fight with pro-Putin insurgents intensifies - Russia has long rejected the claim of genocide, calling it a 'one-sided falsification of history'
President Petro Poroshenko evoked memories of the 1930s famine that killed as many as 10 million Ukrainians under Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to rally citizens as pro-Russian separatists intensified fighting in the east.Poroshenko, flanked by his wife and administration officials, laid a jar filled with grains in front of a candle-shaped obelisk beside the Dnieper River in Kyiv yesterday to commemorate the famine, which was declared a genocide in Nov. 28, 2006 by Ukrainian lawmakers
Ukrainians commemorate 1932-33 forced famine 
Residents in Kyiv gather at Holodomor monument to commemorate those who died in Soviet act of genocideNovember 22, Kyiv, Ukraine: On Saturday afternoon in Kyiv, Ukrainians gathered to remember one of the darkest times in their history: the forced famine of 1932-33, in Ukrainian, called Holodomor.
Genocide by Famine Ukraine and Stalinism part 2 of 6

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