Fed up with "Holocaust"

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2015-01-16 10:05

Sign defaced in the borough of Newham, England yesterday. Police are appealing for witnesses as this is considered as "shocking" as the theft of 6 shoes from the Majdanak memorial museum two months ago.

Some folks in London non-violently express their disgust over too much promotion of the holocaust religion, which is understandable, but the authorities are viewing it as a big crime rather than just a little graffiti. They're calling it "racially aggravated criminal damage."

Even though the graffiti has already been removed from the adverts in High Street, Stratford, and West Ham Lane, near Stratford Park with no permanent damage done, police are checking the borough’s CCTV footage to try and identify the culprits.If they do they will be charged with a hate crime! [But I thought it was considered "free speech" to criticise or defame someone else's religion. "I am Charlie" and all that.]

The mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales condemned the behavior, as any good globalist would, proclaiming, “This despicable and cowardly hate crime is an assault on the values of decency and mutual respect which the vast majority of us share."

The vast majority? Don't be so sure of that Mr. Mayor.

Below: the other advert in West Ham Lane, near Stratford Park.


Between now and Jan. 27th, look for any opportunity to protest the advertisements and/or radio-television shows promoting this "big lie." They don't allow free speech for us; we should try to shut down theirs in return.

Even make your protest about free speech.

Absolutely right to frame anti-Holocuast advocacy in terms of the denial of freedom of speech that is the basis of the laws against "Holocaust Denial",  which is a euphemism for disagreeing with or even questioning the Jewish version of the history of the 20th Century, as embodied in the Holocaust Legend of WW2. 
Our message should be that we have as much right to disagree with the Jewish version of the history of WW2 as we do to disagree with the Protestant version of the history of the Protestant Reformation.  Free speech and history belong to everyone, not just to Jews. 

I am being increasingly impressed (not in a good way) with how the Jews have everything tied down and locked down. They have all the major institutions on their side, which means all the resources.

However, we have the truth, and that counts for a lot. If we would just use it.

Ohhhhhh, can I deface it, too? I wanted to get my spray can and spray on this! We should have a virtual defacing contest. I wonder if the Holohoax Museum could arrange for something like that. Spray and wipe. Then spray again. Maybe throw some eggs, too.

Wish they'd left it simply at LIARS.  The scrawling underneath is unnecessary and detracts.  Holocrock propaganda clearly labelled as LIES is best imo.

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