Arab Muslims “massively” molest women on New Year's Eve in Cologne

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2016-01-02 12:42

Young woman in Cologne, Germany celebrating the New Year 2016 provokes a culture-clash with Arab  foreigners.

Cologne is, as you might remember, one of the high spots of the Welcoming Culture in Germany. The mayor, Henriette Recker, was previously responsible for running refugee services in the city—in charge of accommodating asylum-seekers.

So it is not unexpected that about 30 women have now reported to the police that they were molested in Cologne's main train station on New Year's Eve.

A group of men encircled multiple women and “with their hands they were really everywhere. This is something I've never experienced,” said a 22 year-old victim. “When we called for help, they laughed.”

Bags and valuable had also been robbed from the women. A 17-year old is quoted as saying: “I felt fingers in every orifice.”

Police report that New Year's Eve in Cologne was “largely peaceful.” [except where it wasn't.] On a Cologne group Facebook page, when eyewitnesses reported that the perpetrators were young men of Arab descent, the discussion was deleted. From sceenshots made, we can cite some of the eyewitness accounts:

"Andrea" writes: "I have, unfortunately, experienced the same and your words brought tears to my eyes again! What I experienced yesterday honestly shocked me. It was not like this before and I could not even make known who it was. (....) This puts everything into question, has brought all the help seekers [do-gooders?] into disrepute. "

"Angelina" reported: "So yesterday I was there and it was a disaster. Meat inspection, I couldn't look anywhere because I was stared at and accosted."

"Yvonne" wrote: "I was also in Cologne and had the same experience at Mc in the Hauptbahnhof (Main train station). Absolute no go !!!"  She recommends that others stay in their neighborhoods and do not come into the city of Cologne.

The Cologne police should by now have set up an investigation team.

The cited newspaper reports can be found here and here and here*.

* An official told EXPRESS that the perpetrators were a group of young North Africans who have already been noticed in the past for pickpocketing and drug trafficking near the main railway station. [Then why are they still there?! Such frigging insanity.]


[automatic translation, slightly improved]

Cologne HBF Sexual assault: The starting point was a group of 1,000 men

04:01:16, 15:08 clock

Cologne -

The incredible events on the station forecourt in the New Year's Eve:

The Cologne police gave a one-hour press conference on Monday. Among other things, police chief Wolfgang Albers commented.

The main facts of the press conference:

• The starting point for the attacks was a group of about 1,000 men. From this group the acts were committed later. Like many perpetrators there, is currently unclear.

• Although there are five arrests, but no concrete indications perpetrators. [No certain identifications?]

• There are now 60 complaints (or accusations) - the Chief of Police Wolfgang Albers speaks of 80 victims. A quarter of the complaints included sexual harassment.

• There is a high number of unreported cases. The police are looking for witnesses and victims to come forward. Important also was more video material. Note to police: email to [email protected], 0221-2290

• Wolfgang Albers: "There has been there many numbers of sexual offenses. Even in very solid shape. Women have been touched, addressed "

• Wolfgang Albers: "The crimes have been committed by a group of people who
in appearance mostly come from the North African and Arab countries."

• Wofgang Albers: "This is a completely intolerable situation - that in Cologne such offenses are committed to people who have come here to Cologne to happily celebrate the new year. "

I heard on American radio today that its now up to 90 women who have filed complaints! But the federal justice minister warns not to conflate the 1000 North African Arabs with Germany's policy of welcoming refugees from the middle east.

Wow. How else would they have gotten to Cologne, Germany?!!!!! And how else would they be living there without jobs, being subsidized?!!!

*      *       *

Here's the latest from Deutsche Welle, which ignored it as long as it could.

The state's police union leader Arnold Plickert said there had been similar incidents in Hamburg and Stuttgart on New Year's Eve, though to a much lesser extent.

Calling the crimes "a massive attack on basic rights," Plickert said he was not aware of anything like this happening before in Germany, but he warned against exploiting the incident to stir up anti-refugee sentiment.

For months, Cologne police has had an eye on groups of young North African pickpockets operating in Cologne in groups of three or four. A big organized group like the one on New Year's Eve, however, is something "totally new," police investigators said.

[Notice they "had an eye on them for months" but did nothing until they were forced to by the massive NYEve assault and they say they don't have any idea who any of them could be! Some police department. All 90 of those women should sue the city of Cologne in a group lawsuit. Cologne is run by commuinists and globalists.]

2 more suspects arrested in Cologne - criminal complaints now from 170 women!

Two more suspects have been apprehended in connection with the sexual violence perpetrated in the city of Cologne on New Year's Eve, according to German media, a 16-year-old and 23-year-old from Morocco and Tunisia The men allegedly had in their possession cell phones with video footage that showed rioting and the harassment of women.

The overnight arrests bring the total amount of suspects in custody to 21, and Friday saw the amount of criminal complaints rise to 170 - 117 of them for sexual crimes.

Police also found a piece of paper with translations of phrases like "nice breasts," "I'll kill you," and "I want to have sex with you," translated from Arabic into German, wrote the broadcaster.

Some war refugees, yes? Not exactly.

From AFP -

Cologne police said they have now recorded 379 cases of New Year's Eve violence -- ranging from groping to theft to two reported rapes -- with asylum seekers and illegal migrants making up the majority of suspects.

Latest count of perps identified is 31.

Here's how it breaks down: 9 Algerians, 8 Morrocans, 4 Syrians, 5 Iranians, 1 Iraqi, 1 Serbian, 1 American, 2 German citizens (but not German)

Cologne -

What happened new
year's eve before the main train station is for the CDU party and faction leader Bernd Petelkau "appalling and totally unacceptable".

The politician demands immediate consequences: "It is unacceptable that lawless areas arise in Cologne." This the CDU had already criticized in Bocklemünd, and now it is done at the main station.

"It can not be that criminals believe they have free rein." Petelkau calls for a strong, concerted action - namely immediately.

"Police, justice and the municipal clerk's office must work together to ensure that such abuses be stopped immediately and never allowed to repeat

- even with regard to other major events such as the carnival."

"Public authorities have taken a lot of money in hand to enhance the environment at the main station and Dom. The shocking, criminal events I regard as a significant setback.
I emphasize: This is not acceptable. "

Ha! He needs to blame the leader of his own party! Dear mutti.

Merkel's party is meeting in Mainz, Germany now and they are recommending Germany become more of a police state with more video camera, like Britain. Now that's progress. NOT.

Besides laws, the party's "Mainzer Erklärung" (Mainz Declaration) calls for increased security at hotspots of criminality like the Cologne train station, where many of the assaults took place. The proposed measures include more video cameras and random checks on individuals by security personnel.

The last evening of the year has taken an ugly end for two 18 year old girls in Stuttgart. When they were on the Schlossplatz just before midnight, they were harassed, molested and robbed by 15 men.

On New Year's Eve about 11:30 p.m. two 18-year-old women were  on the Schlossplatz (a public square) in the field of Königsbau when they were suddenly surrounded by about 15 men. The men prevented them from moving on, they wanted to rob and touch the girls in immoral ways, according to the Stuttgart police.

One of the two women said the perpetrators snatched her purse. Only when passers-by and a bouncer came to help, the group let the two women go. Then they noticed that their two cell phones were stolen in the confusion.

Now the police are looking for clues. So far it is only known that the perpetrators are southerners, Arab in appearance with black hair, aged 30 and 40 years. The people who came to help the women, and other witnesses to the incident are asked to report to the Criminal Investigation Department at the phone number 8990/5778.

[The police are trying to play it down]

"The fact that women are harassed by larger groups is rare. The fact was an isolated incident," said a police spokesman to Focus Online. Overall, there is no regularity of sexual assault: "Sometimes there are two occurances on a weekend, sometimes for weeks nothing," said the spokesman for the Stuttgart police to FOCUS Online.

[It's a good bet that such incidents won't be "isolated" from now on.]

They will come to see that they need us.

You know, the more these New Year's Eve assaults unravel, the happier I'm becoming about it. It's like a gift, even the police's inaction. Nothing could have shook up public opinion, without all that much actual harm, like this has.

And in the town of that migrant-friendly mayor too!

Yes, it's a great opportunity and I hope the Germans can make the most of it.

Yes, it's totally gift that keeps on giving. I believe there's zero chance these chaotic primitives are going to take over Europe. They are way too primitive, stupid and impulsive to wage an effective war against us. We will lose our comfort, but our people will to survive.
Tide is turning and I think year 2016 will be the year of the nationalist street patrols. Whole bunch of different local and national groups are starting/running street patrols here in Finland, and now there's also like 10k volunteers for one in Dusseldorf. I strongly believe this will spread to all of Europe during the 2016.

Remember who is behind the arrival of these "primitives" into Europe. Those ones are not easy to defeat, and I'm speaking of World Jewry. So it will take changing the voters' habits of sticking with the big parties. The regional elections are in March when the German voter must change his/her party loyalty.

Sure, Jews are not easy to defeat, but the movements that successfully kick out the third worlders, will most likely kick out the Jews too.
I wouldn't put too much hope in elections, as it's pretty easy for establishment to just ban the nationalist party and imprison it's leaders if it starts to get too popular, and many of the popular anti-immigration parties are already controlled by enemy, to some degree at least. I believe victory is more likely to come through street patrols which, after gaining massive popularity, become more and more  self-confident, aggressive and violent, and eventually turn into paramilitary groups that openly engage the poorly motivated ZOG-police. After this happens, police forces' motivation plummets even further and many of them switch sides or quit their jobs, which leads nationalist gaining even more power and momentum, and soon they take over as few dare or want to defend the establishment anymore. That's how I think future will play out.