Show us a tattoo, darn it!

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2015-11-10 21:14

If Elie Wiesel’s supporters want us to believe he has A7713 tattooed on his left arm, THEN SHOW US THE TATTOO!



This is NOT a tattoo.

And I can prove it.

All we can see is a faint grey area on an arm that looks like it could be a tattoo, and it is situated where an Auschwitz tattoo would be, but we can’t make out any definite shapes, let alone numbers. So how are we to tell? It is nothing but a tease.

If it were an Auschwitz tattoo, it might not be the number A7713. That would be a very good reason for Wiesel not to show it to the public – his entire story would be destroyed.

I think this picture was taken in the summer of 1945, in France. If Wiesel just arrived from Buchenwald as a scrawny, starved, traumatized kid whose head was shaved clean only a few months before, as we see in the Barracks picture taken in April 1945 that he claimed in 1983 to be himself, then this photo of a healthy, well-fed, smiling boy with long hair doesn’t fit the EW narrative, does it? Is this why no one wants this picture to be circulated? I think that’s a very good explanation. Heidi, take note.  Continue reading at Elie Wiesel Cons The World


Elie Wiesel


It takes a healthy person one year at the average of 1/2 inch per month to grow six to seven inches of hair.  That little outstanding lock up there to his left proves the hair is longer than a few month's (1 inch or a little more) growth.  While a young person can remarkably recover with good food (was there good food at that time?) that hair is the give away.  

Why is he even smiling? People that experience severe trauma need years of treatment, best in an institution. These Jews only need Shekels and us fighting for and finanzing them Israel. They also get a kick out of blaming us and implementing Cultural Marxism domestically. If survivors really experienced "fountains of blood", wouldn't they all be damaged for life and not only pretending to be just to demand endless privilege?