Merkel in panic, makes bad deal with Turkey

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2015-10-18 14:01

Merkel agrees to traitorous deal with Muslim Turkey to save her political skin ... she hopes.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel just made a very bad deal. Bad for Germans, bad for Europeans. 

Just 10 days ago, she reiterated her opposition to Turkey joining the European Union. Today she agreed to speed the process along in exchange for Turkey's support in steming the flow of Muslim refugees into Europe (the ones that she invited). Merkel is paying a high price for very little in return, and only because she wants to "save her face" for the time being. What kind of misguided weakling of a woman would do such a thing? Germans and other Europeans will pay the price because they voted the way their EU/globalist/jewish media masters told them to.

The failure of this woman to look after the interests of the German people, as Adolf Hitler did, is going to be legendary. She chooses instead to look after the interests of the money powers in the US and Israel. Germany will end up overrun by more Turks as well as all the newer Syrians, Afghans and Black Africans who won't stop coming because of this gift from Merkel, which Turkey has openly admitted. Erdogan didn't even bother to show up for the picture taking! Germany will become a Muslim country.

This woman has done all this harm to cover for her own political mistake of outright rejecting real border control, claiming it to be "impossible."  When you won't admit a mistake, you usually make more mistakes because of your denial of your original one. That's where Merkel is. Pity Germany, but can they possible learn from this? What will PEGIDA do tomorrow? How will AfD react? And the NPD? It's time for the patriotic, fighting minority in Germany to step it up, take advantage of this contemptible move on their chancellor's part - and become a majority.

There can be no other reaction. Watch out, Angie.


I read that many of these refugees are actually coming out of Turkish camps and not from Syria in any event. Is Turkey using these 'refugees' as a bargaining tool?

Of course Turkey is using refugees as a bargaining tool. Why not? But it's not blackmail. All Merkel has to do is say, "We have all we can handle now," and order border control barriers. This she won't do, so far, so she is just making a deal with Turkey. A deal she initiated. But her deal is German treason, because she's allowing a non-European, Muslim country into the EU.

But hell, maybe that will just hasten the breakup of the EU ... although that is not assured at all. I wouldn't say that would be the outcome. And Christians are going to oppose it, I would think. Especially now.

Now the useful idiot, UN head Ban-Ki-moon says "Too bad we didn't do something about Syria earlier." The usual pretence, or else incompetence. What does the UN ever do except create more multi-culti ... being a globalist organization designed for that very outcome.

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