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Published by carolyn on Wed, 2015-07-15 18:59

"We are Europe's bankrupt child and as a child, Europe has been supporting us for five years and told us what we needed to do to get out of this situation. We did nothing and now we are paying the consequences."

... Yannis Theodosis, a 35-year-old civil engineer


Carolyn , I think you're going off on a tangent with this Greek stuff. Our state of affairs wouldn't change much if Greece were in an EU or not, or were financially stable or not.

Who do you mean by "our"? I am thinking in terms of Germany and the Euro. It's because Greece is part of the Euro that it needs constant bailouts ... not because it's in the EU.

Well, i can quote thousands of "intelligent" germans...claiming that their fathers and grandfathers did commit the most horrible crimes in world history during the years 1933-1945 !
This guy is not well informed or stupid !
Greece should stop payments by 2009... and recontruct her debt on her own without involving the so called "troika" ! This was her right but unfortunately...was forced by the "creditors" and "european" leaders, to pay all her debt taking new loans under harsher conditions...
Greece was was every European country involved...and so was Europe !
Perhaps one day you will realize it...although for some people it is impossible to face truth and reality !

You are showing that you are not intelligent or well-informed. You're talking nonsense. No one forced Greece to become part of the Eurozone or to remain in it. They do so because they know they can't make it on their own. Greece is addicted to outside infusions of cash ... called bailouts. My wish is that Greece would leave the eurozone, and whether they stay in the EU or not is up to them. But they should not get any more money from other Europeans - it's only the communists who push for that and tell the Greeks they've been victimized and it's not their fault.

Greece was not betrayed. If you think so, please detail exactly how and by whom. It is Greece who betrayed it's creditors right from the start. That's the reality.

But I want to make it clear that I"m speaking only to the current situation between Greece and Germany. But you, Kostas, jump from there to the entire question of the European Union, and Debt and who controls Europe. In my opinion, a workable European union is impossible under the current politics of the Left, and as long as there are jews interfering with everything.

" European union is impossible under the current politics of the Left, and as long as there are jews interfering with everything."
That is how the last war started if you recall.

Genetically, today's Germans are far closer to the ancient Dorians ("Hellenes" or "Greeks") than today's mongrels in Greece (see: here).

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