I wish Merkel would stop playing Mom to Greece's Tsipris

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2015-05-10 17:06

It's disgusting to watch Angela Merkel cooing and comforting Greece's  momma's boy Alexis Tsipris, the communist Prime Minister who thinks he can get his country out from under its self-made financial crisis by piling on the charm for the lady Chancellor of the Eurozone's most influential member nation.

Merkel continues to have private conversations with the young communist PM, seemingly at his request, just so it doesn't appear that her warm, womanly German heart is cold to the plight of the Greeks.  They, after all, suffered so much under the now despised regime of Adolf Hitler, whose government from 75 years ago German politicians like Merkel must continue to apologize and pay reparations for.

Thank God there are at least some men in her government who have enough sense to talk straight and true, acting more like some Germans of old. It would be better in my book if Wolfgang Schäuble could take over as Chancellor and let the overly sympathetic Merkel go back to civilian life. Her useful days seem to be over. Everything with her is give, give, give.

The latest from Bloomberg tells us that "Members of Merkel’s Christian Democratic bloc are openly challenging her stance of keeping Europe’s most-indebted country in the 19-nation currency region." Some are even concluding, as I have been saying for several years now, that the euro area would be better off without Greece! 

The whole song and dance pony show we've been subjected to for so long, that an exit of Greece would be a terrible blow, and even a survival threat, to the Euro, has never had any substance and is probably sourced in Greece and other Euroean fringe countries who benefit from the EU rules and euro currency.

Merkel herself has consistently pushed the view that it's important to keep the euro area whole for "geo-political reasons" although she gives no financial arguments for that view. It's supposed to be self-evident? At a Bremerhaven rally last month, she said, “I’m trying, in everybody’s interest, to do everything possible to keep Greece in the euro.” Seems to me this is the Global World Order's interest, not "everybody's."

Many in her government have been unwilling to challenge her, but some are now speaking off the record. They voice the opinion that they view Greece as a rule-breaker and a drag on the region's economy.

Alexander Radwan, a Merkel-affiliated lawmaker, has said openly that "the euro would be strengthened if Greece left. The other countries could then move closer together and apply the rules more strictly."

Another wrote in an emailed answer to questions: “Having its own currency could help Greece get back on its feet,” ventured Hans-Peter Friedrich, one of 29 lawmakers from Merkel’s bloc who voted against extending Greece’s aid program.

It's well known that Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has given plenty of signs of exasperation with Greece since Tsipras and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis took office in January on an anti-austerity platform. Schäuble has recently faulted Greek politicians for not telling their voters that their financial troubles stem from living above their means for many years. Instead, they tell their people that it's the fault of their creditors who financed their spending spree, using borrowed money.

I hope other Germans in government will take a harder line than Merkel is willing to take. She needs to get over the "Mother Merkel" image that seems to have pleased the electorate of her country, winning her a third term as Chancellor. Since she won't be seeking a fourth term (God forbid) she can drop that homey guise and get down to the business of the state. Germany needs  leaders that don't give Germany's hard-earned money away in exchange for being liked, or for keeping a union going that only benefits the Jews and the weak. Germans will be liked more when they are respected as tough bargainers for a strong Europe who respect themselves first and foremost.


Examples of this are:

Pensions:  The age was among the lowest in Europe for receiving a pension and too many were taking early retirement on top of that. They also enjoyed something called 13th-month pension payments.

Labour :  Minimum wage higher than is justified by market standards.

Privatisation:  Too many state-owned assets that are inefficiently managed.

Another problem is that Syriza is a coalition of movements, of whom many are sincerely committed and lifelong leftists and/or communists who are not willing to compromise on their "principles."

Alexis Tsipris continues with his doubletalk that carries no weight with the practical-minded financial ministers of the Eurogroup. It's only useful for personal appeals to Angela Merkel. Laughing

He said today:

"The Greek side has so far fully met everything the Feb. 20 Eurogroup decision foresaw. It has taken as many steps as possible toward the European partners' side. It's now our partners' turn to make the necessary steps in order for them to prove in practice their respect toward the democratic popular mandate."

Ha! Whatever the Greek voters voted for only has meaning among the Greeks. Tsipris' "mandate" does not reach to the other Eurozone nations whose leaders have their own mandate from their own people.

Just goes to show that what he says is directed to politically pleasing the Greek voter. At the very last possible second, the Greek negotiating team will concede and then blame the Germans and heartless bankers for impoverishing Greece, while claiming they fought the good fight right down to the bitter end.

Imagine any other government would sponsor ads like this accusing others of lying, let alone state the obvious that Jews have taken over the media. 

This metro campaign in Athens is the project of the Ministry of Defense, whose head is Panos Kammenos, one of the most hard-line communists in Tsipris' government. Supposedly it won the approval of at least 5 ministries, incl. the Dept. of Tourism. It's going to be enlarged, they say. So this is a good opportunity to see how Germans will react -- whether they have grown any balls or not. Of course, my hope is that Germany will not give one red cent to Greece, for any reason.

Hopefully, the sham prosecution against Golden Dawn will collapse and the people of Greece will get behind them and consequently resolve the countries problem's - USURY in particular!

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