President Trump led in rejecting UN Global Migration Pact—Hungary and now Austria follow

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2018-11-01 00:55

Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz (left) and vice-chancellor HC Strache announce they are following in the footsteps of leaders from the United States and Hungary by a decision not to sign the UN Migration Compact in December.

By Carolyn Yeager

THE UN MIGRATION COMPACT FOR SAFE, ORDERLY AND REGULAR MIGRATION was approved in July by all 193 UN members except the United States. Later Victor Orban of Hungary said he would not sign the final document, which signing ceremony is to take place in Marrakesh, Morocco in December. Now Sebastian Kurz, chancellor of Austria, has announced that his country has decided not to sign it and will not send a representative to Morocco for the event. Poland is also indicating that it will probably decide the same. [Update:]

The compact, which calls mass migration “inevitable, necessary, and desirable,” is made up of 23 goals, some of which definitely infringe upon the sovereignty of first world nations. Austria, in making its Oct. 31 announcement said that 17 of those goals are unacceptable to its government, led by Kurz's conservative Peoples Party in coalition with vice-chancellor Hans-Christian Strache's populist Freedom Party.

Strache and Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (former Freedom Party Secretary) played an important role in Austria's decision to withdraw. "Migration is not and should not become a human right," Strache challenged. "We decide who comes into Austria and no one else."

According to Deutsche Welle, since taking office this Austrian coalition government has tightened restrictions on rights and benefits for migrants and asylum-seekers and promised to crack down on illegal migration into the EU. Germany, under Merkel, is expected to sign the pact.

Only the Alternative für Deutschland party in Germany has come out against it in recent comments by several of its top spokespersons. Federal spokesman Jörg Meuthen said:

"While the German government prefers to deal with itself and its own ineptitude at a crucial time, Austria takes a self-confident pioneering role alongside Hungary and the USA in opposing this hidden relocation program for economic and poverty refugees. In particular, Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache and his FPÖ have pushed this positioning and thus set an important signal for national sovereignty in matters of migration. I assume that more rational governments will follow suit.

Alice Weidel, Federal Council member applauded Austria's decision:

"It is a logical decision, in the interest of the own population. Germany should also not sign this work. It is an incalculable risk for our country and the whole of Europe. Here, in fact, illegal migration is legalized and those willing to migrate from all over the world are given the key into our social system. They would obtain the same rights as the original population from the outset and would be equivalent to the Germans in everything. The Global Migration Pact must be rejected in full in December. That's what we stand for as AfD! "

On Facebook Weidel wrote of the dangers of this pact: “The Global pact for migration, which is to be adopted in December, opens the door for immigration from Africa to Europe.”

Albrecht Glaser, deputy AfD national spokesman, criticizes the Bundestag committee:

"The Petition Committee does not want to accept a petition filed by an AfD member for the 'Global Compact for Migration' for obvious reasons and therefore does not publish [it] on the website. The Global Compact for Migration promotes migration to Western countries, blurs their national identities and creates a multi-cultural society that has never worked anywhere.”

“This refusal [to publish] raises the suspicion that there are official instructions [not] to do so. Even the right of petition, a right granted by the Basic Law, is subordinated to 'political correctness'. In addition, they want to conceal that the Federal Government intends to join the 'Global Compact for Migration' in Morocco in December. The Alternative for Germany rejects the 'Global Compact for Migration'. We urge the Federal Government not to join the pact. That's why we started the 'stop the migration pact!' campaign (

With this approach, the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) intends to institutionalize, legalize and place under the special protection of the international community any global migration. All the sovereignty of sovereign states to regulate migration issues themselves would be eliminated in this way. "

This is the face of Globalism, the goal of the Globalist movement that began even prior to WWII. When Donald Trump comes right out and proclaims he is not a globalist, but a nationalist, he stands against the great ruling power in the world today. He puts himself in jeopardy and depends on the support of the people - you and me. Perfection is not the point - there is no perfection and cannot be. That goes against how ongoing life is created. Don't be stupid by following the ideas of cowardly bloggers who think they look smart by criticizing Trump for not changing things he can't change. He's trying to change whatever he can for the sake of preserving our national identities, and that's all we can expect from any of our leaders.


Very good for Austria, Hungary and hopefully Poland. But personally I think this is just one of those trials to see how far they can push the white people into accepting more and more ecconomic imigrants and stand by while their contry and culture is being destroyed. Other countries will refuse to sign this pact, so then they will come back with a revised edition which every country will sign. After all, they don't want to seem too Right winged. This game has worked before, it will work again. 

DW publishes a very weak, very brief explanation of the UN Global Migration Pact from the globalists point of view for those who need a little more clarity about it.

Here is the essence: "The compact is based on the recognition that the entire world needs to cooperate if current and future massive migration flows are to be managed in a humane manner ..."

The underlying premise is that "massive migration flows" will and should continue as the future reality for first-world countries ... until we are all alike.

My comment:

The erroneous idea or ideal that all people are created equal or all people have equal rights and privileges is the cause of the downfall of nations, empires and civilizations throughout history. But it is still being accepted and even heralded by so-called First Nation patriots today. Are YOU falling for that too? Are YOU condemning 'racism' as some kind of evil?  You need to take responsibility for that if you are.

This is simply the creation of an NGO, exactly as all the "Holocaust remembrance" initiatives are created by private Jewish organizations and then shopped around globalist governments and world-encompassing voluntary organizations like the United Nations actually is. There is nothing legally enforceable about it. It is all based on persuasion.

Why don't we ever know who's writing these "migration policy" documents for the U.N.   I'd love to hear some names.  and I'm sure they're probably Kosher. 

Well, the article about Poland I linked to had this:

Merkel, on the other hand, praised the treaty's commitment to ending illegal and dangerous immigration, saying it was "very important" and pointing out that it was not legally binding.

Germany played a major role in the 18 months of negotiations that led to the final draft of the deal, which was agreed upon in July.

This would have been at the UN, I think. And the other article at DW said

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party has published a list of questions and answers to reassure "concerned citizens." They can also be seen as refuting the objections made by the countries that are refusing to sign.

So she is really pushing it. Merkel often speaks of taking the 'Christian' aspect of her party literally - which means giving, giving, giving. More women in politics is a bad development. Women can be talked into things more easily than men - they are more yielding by nature.

Donald Trump actually reads these 'agreements' and knows what's in them, which makes him exceptional right there.