CODOH presents video response ahead of Deborah Lipstadt's speech tonight at Northwestern U.

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TODAY, ON MAY 4, 2017, U.S.-AMERICAN PROFESSOR OF JEWISH HISTORY AND HOLOCAUST RESEARCH Deborah Lipstadt will lecture at 7pm at the McCormick Foundation Forum of Northwestern University. CODOH tried to place an ad in the Daily Northwestern, but that was rejected. We tried to find someone to inconspicuously leave several CODOH leaflets at that venue, but no one volunteered.

So we're left with publishing our own presentation exposing what a fraud "Dr." Lipstadt is. To do this, we used a speech she delivered on April 7 in England, during which she related her experiences surrounding her courtroom battle against British historian David Irving. The event took place at the Sheldonian Theatre, which is the official ceremonial hall of the University of Oxford in England.

Our presentation discusses some of the claims she made during that speech, which lasted only some 15 minutes. It is demonstrated that many of her claims are not only false, but are actually deeply rooted in prejudice and a profoundly anti-academic attitude.

Click HERE to watch the documentary.


In the past year that I've been writing for CODOH, one of the most striking facts that has come up again and again is the stupidity of Deborah Lipstadt. Her buffoonery has supplied me with good material for several articles.

Yeah, she is totally ridiculous.

This is a very good documentary Germar has made. I am so glad to see him doing it. If only we could get more people to watch it. But then, I doubt that many people watch Lipstadt either. Her only advantage is that the mainstream media write article after article about her, and cover up her idiotic utterences.

In Germar's video, we see her actually saying these things and you get the impression right away that she's not honest.

I guess it would have been beside the point here to indicate that the investigation of mass-graves after the attack on Serbia in 1999 never came close to validating the claim of mass-murder that was used to motivate that war.

The shooting that David Irving particularly likes to discuss, and does allege that Hitler had nothing to do with it, is the so-called Rumbula Massacre, supposed to have happened near Riga sometime in late 1941. 
This is an alleged incident that Irving likes to cite as an example of Hitler extending his hand to protect the Jews. The way Irving uses documents in this matter is dodgy. Irving endorses the story but says that Hitler was against it. It was a misrepresentation to portray Irving's position on this matter as Holocaust Denial. Irving has distorted the facts, but his motive was not Holocaust Denial, but rather (it seems to me) just to create an interesting story.
In reality, there probably never was a Rumbula Massacre. Thomas Kues wrote the only serious article about it, indicating that details like the date and the location of the event vary greatly. The confession of Walter Bruns, extracted while Bruns was a prisoner in the London Cage, is selectively quoted by Irving to support the proposition that this massacre did occur, but any intelligent person who reads that confession entire will find it very hard to believe.

"Thomas Kues wrote the only serious article about it, indicating that details like the date and the location of the event vary greatly."

That's always a giveaway that it's not a true story.

Thanks for sharing.

The lie of the official narrative of the so called holocaust is illustrated in the movie Denial where it is reported that Irving offered $1000 to anyone who could show a document that proves the holocaust.  What he said was he would give anyone $1000 that shows that the National Socialists had an official agenda to exterminate Jews.   However you feel about Irving he does speak out for the truth.  Further, what could be more revealing of the subterfuge of the holocausters than to have Lipstadt played by Rachel Weisz.  But not even Weisz could make Lipstadt look appealing.   The Jews should want to find out the truth and encourage dissent for they are in grave danger of bearing false witness against their neighbors.  But of course they do not consider the goy as their neighbors so they are safe from the wrath of God on that score.    

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