Another 'secret' Himmler speech now being translated into English

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2015-03-13 13:17

Thanks to the great friend of WWII and Holocaust Revisionism, SHOAHBLOGER, we are gaining more insight into the high-level war-time treason Adolf Hitler had to deal with and into Heinrich Himmler himself.

The speech is described as "The first ever English language translation of a secret speech for Gauleiters held two weeks after the assassination attempt on Hitler by Stauffenberg. 

Himmler talks about the treacherous and defeatist attitudes and  activities in the leadership of the Wehrmacht before and during the War, as well as about the conspiracy to kill Hitler and take power in Germany.

A copy of this speech was deposited by Martin Bormann in the Central Archive of the NSDAP and today it is at the Institut für Zeitgeschichte in Munich. It was published in Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschicthe in 1953."

Parts 1, 2 and 3 have been posted so far on Shoahbloger's site. Don't miss it, as it is fascinating and eye-opening. When all the parts have been posted, I will copy it here at as part of my "important speeches" section I'm going to create, and also write a commentary about it.

Many thanks to Shoahbloger for doing the important work he does ... for free! Real truth-seekers are not in it for money or to advance their careers, but to share truth as widely as possible.


Thanks a lot Carolyn! Part 3 is now online as well, which means that there is still over 40% of the speech to go. And HH improvised it from start to finish. The text is what stenographers took down.

What Himmler has said so far dovetails with what Hermann Giesler was told (and some of the reports he was given to read) and recorded in his memoir Ein Anderer Hitler.

It's so great to hear what Himmler says. I'm on the edge of my seat, really. Laughing

Thats one hell of a good read. Could we assume thus far that there had been a plan to kill Hitler years before it actually happened?

But other dissafected souls tried to kill him in the 30's.

Once Stauffenberg decided to carry it out himself, it succeeded since he had access into the inner zone. Other's did too, like Felgiebel, but they were afraid to do it. These high officers wanted to stay alive - they were not heroes.

Of the four parts of Hermann Giesler's "Valkyrie" section, Part 3 probably best tells the extent of the treason, and what was known, when. But Himmler may go into it all too. We'll see. Himmler is more detailed and of course more knowlegeable - after all he ran the police investigation! Giesler was prone to making ironic statements which can leave today's readers completely in the dark or not fully understanding the meaning.

The shoablogger wordpress appears to have been deleted. The first two parts of this Himmler speech translation are still available via the internet archive, here:

... but parts three and four were not backed up. I'm mentioning it in the hopes that you, or perhaps one of your readers, might have a more complete version of the translation. Or know of a functioning mirror of the site.

Everything I have in the way of National-Socialist speeches is under "Fuehrer Speeches" under the heading "The German Reich" on the right sidebar. Yes, the Himmler speech translated by Shoahbloger is the last one. It is the full speech.

Carlos Porter is currently working on translating Himmler's Freedom Day (Freitag) speech and I NEED MONEY FOR HIM. I am not going to post it for everybody unless I get some donations for this project. As of now, I will send it privately to those who contribute, even if only $2 as a minimum. Just to show that they are willing to do some little part, and not expect everything for free.

I am really not surprised that more and more people are getting fed up with serving the spoiled and ungrateful White nationalist population.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

I can't responsibly send money at the moment. If the circumstances behind that change, I will.

That said, I think people should not be acting like you (and others who put work into this) owe them. I lurk because I know little. But I've been surprised and distraught to see how poorly a lot of White nationalists treat each other in discourse.

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