Women’s participation in NSDAP from 1920-1940

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1921- Party membership for women under 10%

NSDAP excluded women from party leadership roles

1927- Women were forbidden to file past Hitler in military formation

1929- National Socialist functionaries in East Prussia were ordered not to discuss politics with their wives.

1931- NS-Frauenschaft was founded as a union of several German nationalist women’s organizations.

1932- Fifty percent of Nazi vote came from women even though party membership remained around 10%.

1933- Civil Service Law allowed dismissal of women from employment in civil service positions to make room for men.

Birthrate falls to less than half what it was in 1910.

Marriage loans to women, with one-quarter forgiven for each child produced.

1935- Nuremburg Laws forbade marriage between Aryans and Jews

Marriage Health Law prohibits marriages that might weaken the race, such as with partners with TB, alcoholism or insanity in the family.

1936- Lebensborn, a small-scale family and child welfare program is begun.

1938- Marriage Law permitted divorce on grounds that one partner refused to have children.

Education programs presented by women’s organizations with goal to develop healthy, informed mothers who could produce healthy babies.

Honor Cross of the German Mother awarded to women with four to eight or more children, a parallel with Germany’s highest military honor.

1940- Women are now one-third of the total of 8 million NSDAP members.


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