We can do it!

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Tragi-comedy from Germany and Austria

We can do it!

Found at Pegida-Nurnberg

Seriously now, Angie?
Really without a parachute?

Clear, Werner! We can do it!

Found at Pegida-Kaernten

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The Refugee coordinator [Altmaier] coordinating refugees in the office of the Chancellor

300,000 from Irak? Bought!

400,000 from Afghanistan? Bought!

10 million from Africa? Bought!

We cover very thick! [?]

Found at Pegida-Dresden

The army at the border is used to as a strong sign of respect for our national sovereignty.

Found at Pegida-Kärnten


European commie traitor Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister for PM Alexis Tsipris, wants a multi-cultural Europe. He is a hard-line communist whose objective is to de-nationalize the world. I always disliked this Jewy guy, recognizing him as a fake from the very first, as can be seen in my posts on this site from earlier in the year. At that time, he was an implacable foe of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. But things have changed.

He said in a new interview:

As a European, I am exceedingly proud of Chancellor Merkel for her principled stance on the question of refugees. This is an example of how misguided the criticism is of Germany as the source of problems for Europe, which is prevalent not just in Greece, but in France, in Italy, and in Spain. I believe Chancellor Merkel's stance can be a harbinger of good things to come for Europe. When somebody knocks at your door who is hungry, who has been shot at, who is injured, you have a moral obligation - and I believe chancellor Merkel understands that - to open the door, whatever the cost, and take them in. By doing this, we are reconfirming our European humanism.

His words are practically identical to those spoken by Jean-Claude Juncker recently  who also stated the nonsensical idea that practicing "Humanism" to all the non-White, non-Christian peoples of the world was part of the purpose of Europe. To the contrary, the EU was created as an economic union, sold to Europeans as a structure that would STRENGTHEN Europe for the good of Europeans in a highly competitive world. Now it is being used to WEAKEN Europe by downgrading the quality of it's people and it's unifying values. It's values are now presented as like those of the USA, to become a refuge for all the refuse of the world! If this continues, Europe will be as cultureless as America. And that is capitilism/communism, folks.

Varoufakis always was and still is the enemy. And a real punk.

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece's prime minister said on Friday he was ashamed to be a member of a European Union that he said was sidestepping responsibilities over the migrant crisis and crying hypocritical tears for children who have drowned trying to reach its shores.

In some of the hardest-hitting comments yet on a crisis resonating throughout Europe, Alexis Tsipras told parliament Greece didn't want a "single euro" for saving lives as thousands of refugees continued to arrive daily on its shores, and the EU remained at odds on how to deal with the influx.

At least 35 people drowned trying to cross the sea between Turkey and Greece* this week. Authorities fear the death toll will rise as more people attempt the short but dangerous passage to Greece before the onset of winter.

*They are safe in Turkey, why take a perilous voyage to Greece if a safe refuge from a war zone is their aim? Of course, it is not. The destruction of White Europe is the aim.

"I feel ashamed as a member of this European leadership, both for the inability of Europe in dealing with this human drama, and for the level of debate at a senior level, where one is passing the buck to the other," Tsipras told parliament.

"These are hypocritical, crocodile tears which are being shed for the dead children on the shores of the Aegean. Dead children always incite sorrow. But what about the children that are alive who come in thousands and are stacked on the streets? Nobody likes them."

Oh, the noble Greeks! So virtuous, always at the expense of wealthier, harder-working European nation states.

Greece has agreed to temporarily host up to 50,000 refugees pending their relocation to other countries. That agreement was struck at a meeting of several European nations last Sunday in Brussels.

Disgusting.Greece promises to hold 50,000 temporarily while Germany takes 1 million permanently!

Since Merkel has promised to help Greece in their difficult task of facilitating the arrival of Arab Muslim migrants into Europe, she is  working with the communists too. I am becoming convinced of that, since there is no other reasonable explanation for her actions.


I must add that Merkel is doing now with Greece as she did with Turkey. She is making promises to Tsipris in exchange for his help in slowing down the flood of refugees. She is doing the same with the Croats. All this private "deal-making" rather than close the southern border. This is called non-confrontative politics. Because she won't respect her own people and German "democracy," she deserves to be run out of office.

But remember, Germans have no guns, no explosives, no nothing. All they can do is join together in peceful  public protests.

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