The Trump-Romney Question

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2016-11-30 23:14

The expressions in this photograph are priceless.

By Carolyn Yeager

I HAVEN'T SEEN ANYONE BRING UP WHAT SEEMS OBVIOUS TO ME. Donald Trump is working to bridge the gap between Mitt Romney and himself as part of his stated goal to unite the Republican party behind him. Romney, as his most vociferous critic, and also the highest status person in that wing of the party, can bring all other “Never Trumpers” around with him.

Trump's goal is to unite the entire country behind him. He's starting with the Republican party and with the party's former top Republican, Romney, by dangling in front of him the prestigious Secretary of State position. Brilliant? Certainly. We the people, and certainly we who have been Trump supporters from the beginning need to stop second-guessing our man and instead sit back and enjoy what he is unfolding before our wondering eyes. It's great and it's going to get even greater!


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Agree, Carolyn.  Trump has been making high stakes deals for a long time.  He knows how to sell, he knows how to manipulate, he knows how to play long term and short, and he's not cowed by the Jew media noise machine.  He's not run by behind the scenes (((handlers))).  Romney as SoS would be on a short leash.  Post election's been very subdued and expect it to continue until the coronation in January.   Whatever happens, the bubble has been broken and millions more are getting oxygen for the first time in decades.

I agree,  Carolyn.  It is not Pres. Elect Trump who is eating grow here.  The SoS does not act independently of the President.  So if it is Romney that doesn't mean it's always Romney should he not represent US's agenda under Trump.  
Also, I think the media again is making the news in order to detract from Pres. Elect Trumps presidency.  They were biased before in defaming Pres. Elect Trump and there is no reason to believe that they have suddenly become objective jounalists.  
As for us deplorables, we are with the President Elect.  It is a brilliant move on his part even if he gives it to someone else.  It shows his vision for a great USA.  

Sorry, but I have no tolerance for proven cucks such as Romney.  A person who sells their souls and efforts to the Adversary for token power (which has been Romney's entire career) deserves nothing but scorn and banishment.  Rather than trying to "unite" the Recucklican party, he should be moving to sweep the filth from history.  When Hitler took over in 1933, he didn't try to bring the other fence-sitters around to his ideology... he brought in his own like-minded people to run things.  Look at the results... almost instant improvement - from banking to cultural blossoming.

You're not being very saavy, Joe. Romney has not been chosen so far, and I never assumed he would be. But Trump got Romney to reverse his pre-election statements against him. The less enemies you have, the better.

Someone has written a very good 'contributer' essay at The Hill today. It expresses what I was expressing but with more detail. Please read it.

I'm rooting for Dana Rohrbacher for SoS and Kris Kobach for DHS. What a team that would be, along with Sessions at Justice!

I'm afraid you're wrong about Hitler too. He welcomed every former adversary into his fold who wanted to come. That doesn't mean he put them in top positions. Hitler was about creating a united German people in exactly the way Trump wants a united American people. The parallels between them are amazing and I'm going to write about it sometime, but I'm a little hesitant to bring it up too early. I have seen it from the start, however.

Perhaps I generalized a bit with the Hitler comparison.  But, I still can't imagine Hitler allowing people who vehemently opposed him to hold an office as high as Secretary of State.  I just can't stand politicians with no sound base of principals.  Most of the old-guard cucks will move with any wind to retain some semblance of power.  I count Romney among them.  I guess we just agree to disagree.

Trump has not offered the job to Romney. You're assuming he has.

Very disappointed with Austria! I can't believe they voted for the crypto-Communist...

I was expecting to see Hofer in the Hofburg Palace, so it is tough.

The pro-invasion forces got their people out in greater numbers this time ... and maybe they exist in greater numbers in Austria. I don't know. See map here for 3rd Round (scroll down):

Where Hofer won, he won by a high margin, but it's those darn high-population centers. And look at the difference between men and women! I'm starting to believe women should not vote. Plus, did you know the voting age in Austria is 16! I don't agree with that. And now they'll bring in as many more foreign invaders as possible. The only hope seems to be more Europe-wide EU/Euro collapse in support, as happened in Italy. But the other countries voting in 2017 - France, Netherlands, Germany - are far more stable than Italy. The best thing we have going to effect change in Europe is Trump - what a blessing and a miracle we received in his victory. More important than any other.

I don't know why their is so much admiration for Trump. Trump is wired to the Jews. His daughter is Jewish, and his other children are Jewish, in having married Jews and   converted to Judaism. Trump is very sympathetic to Jews and clearly announced his support for Israel, just like all the other presidents before him. He is no different from them, meaning that he is a puppet of the Jews.

You say:

  • his other children are Jewish, in having married Jews and  converted to Judaism.

Wrong. Only Ivanka converted to Judaism. While Eric's wife is Jewish, she doesn't act or talk like a Jew ... so far. Don Jr's wife is half-Jewish through a secular father who died when she was relatively young, and she often wears a cross around her neck as a practicing Christian. Trump's other two children are not married and with luck will not become Jewish.

  • Trump supports Israel just like all other presidents before him so he is a puppet of Jews.

Trump is New York City born and bred so he is very comfortable with Jews. They are just other people to him. But 85% of Jews are very opposed to his presidency because he has made a stand for America First (which they hate), bringing back "Merry Christmas" to department stores and schools (which they hate), and protecting Christians from discrimination and violence around the world. No other president has done that.

Jews have exercised great power in the world ever since Nathan Rothschild amassed so much banking wealth in 1800. No one has been able to stop them. If you have a plan to reduce the power of the Jews, let's hear it. Otherwise, you're just pissing in the wind, griping but accomplishing nothing positive.

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