'Special Treatment for Poles' necessary to reach EU Green Deal

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2019-12-15 15:08

All smiles as European leaders Merkel and Macron greet each other in Brussels ahead of pushing the deadline for "climate neutrality" to 2050. They ended up allowing Poland to exempt itself from the agreement.

By Carolyn Yeager

THE COMMITMENT TO ACHIEVE CLIMATE NEUTRALITY BY 2050 (after having failed to reach the previous 2030 target) was agreed to by all at the current climate summit in Brussels … except for Poland. Deutsche Welle reported:

“Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced he had secured an exemption from 2050 climate neutrality” even though “the bloc had offered generous funding [of 100 Billion euros!] for regions that would be most affected by the fossil fuel phaseout.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters that Warsaw would now have until a summit in June 2020 to decide whether it can commit to implementing the goal.

"There is no division of Europe into different parts, but there is a member state that still needs a bit more time."

Translated, it means Europe wants to go ahead and roll out the “European Green Deal” even though Poland refuses to get on board. At the end of WWII Poland was given the coal-rich land in the former German Silesia, and wants to continue drawing on that coal for its energy needs. As usual, Germany, with its enforced guilt complex, goes along with making a special exemption for Poland in exactly the same way she goes along with the 'special treatment' Jews always demand. But it's also true that the Polish Prime Minister is also Jewish, and it is he who was at the summit. Morawiecki announced with satisfaction after the decision:

“We agreed that Poland can achieve climate neutrality at its own pace.”

It's Morawiecki's understanding that Poland will not have to abide by the target but will still get “a very significant part” of the €100 billion transition fund. However, the joke may be on him as the reality, according to Forbes.com, is that if the legislative proposal is adopted by a qualified majority next year, the target will apply to all EU countries whether Warsaw votes for it or not, making Poland’s veto largely symbolic.

It seems it is Angela Merkel who is covering for Polish intransigence in order to present a solid front for the EU, sans divisions. West and East are unified in all things according to her:

“I'm quite content that Europe is not divided into different parts. We have one member state that needs a little more time to think about how to implement this. But we have a good outlook for success.”

The EU bribe of €100 billion to help the Eastern European countries transition to cleaner energy systems was enough to cause the Czech Republic, Hungary and Estonia to relent, but Poland continued to refuse. Though EU emissions have fallen significantly over the past two decades, they still represent almost 10% of carbon emitted globally each year. DW's opinion writer Christoph Hasselbach is critical:

This summit has shown how little the German model is regarded as a desirable example. Worse still: Although Ursula von der Leyen is responsible for the whole of the EU [as the new president of the EU Commission], many eastern Europeans still see her as the German who's now trying, in the EU's name, to impose a German agenda in climate policy, too.

My own opinion is that since most European nations are weak and relatively unstable on their own, Germany is the only one that can lead. This is even more true since Brexit is now a sure thing. The lack of acceptance of Germany in that dominant position, along with Germany's own reluctance to assert itself, means an inevitable breakup of the EU down the line. This would then see Germans independently far outpacing their fellow European nations, both western and eastern, as they did in the past. The return of the Deutschmark!

AfD MEP comments on far-reaching totalitarianism of 'Green Deal'

Dated December 13, 2019: Federal AfD board member and member of the European Parliament Dr. Sylvia Limmer (left) warns of the looming transformation of our society towards a totalitarian system with the "Green Deal":

"The European Commission's Green Deal would not only significantly increase the targets for reducing CO2 emissions, but would also bring about massive interventions in the economy, because in future companies should no longer focus on financial success [efficiency -cy] but on sustainable ecological development."

"The Green Deal aims to transform all areas of society. This is the biggest and most serious attack on free society in Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall, of course under the guise of the war on climate change.” Limmer makes clear: "Whether in education, transport, housing or nutrition, the Commission is planning binding regulations in every area. Trade contracts are to be concluded only under inclusion of all conditions to be agreed upon with the Green Deal. Only projects that serve the overriding objectives of the Green Deal will be supported. The consequences for the economy are not foreseeable."

The Bayreuth Commissioner also voices strong criticism of the Commission's arbitrary expansion of competences. "Not only would any legislative initiatives be subject to the provisions of the Green Deal, but it is also planned to replace unanimity in the Council with a qualitative majority. In this way one would like to get rid of those states which do not want to agree to this socialist transformation of society. The fact that this applies in particular to those states which 30 years ago were still suffering under the reign of terror of socialism should give food for thought," criticises Limmer. "The fact that the Commission even intends to intervene in the budgets of the nation states and redirect taxes represents a serious breach of treaty. All in all, this paper is a conglomeration of totalitarian measures that a dictator could not have topped," concludes the MEP. "If we, as citizens, do not act together against it, this will be the end of free society as we know it." [From the Alternative fuer Deutschland website]


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1.  You still have provided ZERO proof that the Polish PM is Jewish... (edit) Nothing indicates that Morawiecki is a Jew. 
2.  You’re reading comprehension is embarrassing.  You bash Poland for resisting the green new deal, which, according to the article you just posted, is nothing more than a weapon of totalitarianism of the left which you yourself claim to oppose. (edit)

1. His name 'Morawiecki' is listed in the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index of Avotaynu. http://www.avotaynu.com/csi/csi-result.html?page=next

That, along with him telling Jews that one Jewish aunt was a blood relative, and never denying it is enough. You are the one providing ZERO proof that he is not of Jewish ancestry.

2. "You're" should be "Your." Your spelling is embarrassing. I'm quite aware of the seeming contradiction you mention, but it really is not. Poland objects to any cost to them, not concerns for their national independence. They're just like the Jews, demanding special treatment, special help, special financial assistance. If you disagree, you explain why.

Interesting...you edited my comment before posting it.  Now the reader will never have full and correct context of the discussion.  
Surnames, while they may be an indication of ones ethnicity, change like the wind either due to marriage or because one may simply decide to legally change it.  There is also significant overlap in surnames based on geography.  There is no shortage of jews with germanic or russian sounding surnames for example.
There is also no proof that he actually said she was a blood relative...just a heresay report that he did.  If he was on audio or video stating that then maybe it would mean something.  Even then, it could certainly be the case that she was a blood relative who married a jewish man and became jewish through that avenue...so still not a bloodline jew. (edit)
So, let's take a look at some of the walking and talking by my man Morawiecki:
Here he is having a row with is supposedly fellow jews:
At odds again with his supposedly fellow jews:
Looking at pictures of him, he does not have a jewish phenotype in my opinion.  But i'm sure you'll claim to think the exact opposite. (edit)

.you edited my comment before posting it.  Now the reader will never have full and correct context of the discussion. 

There was no "discussion." I only edit out Carolyn-bashing. You're not going to do that on my dime, dummy. 

Whatever resembled your attempt at "proof" I left and posted. Including your links, which I don't find convincing. All I'm saying is he is half- or at least one-quarter Jewish. And I'm saying that's very common in Poland, even among 'Christians.' YOU are the one who has made a big issue of it; I only pointed it out in the interests of accuracy.

But I enjoyed being reminded of when M.M. said that to pay compensation to Jewish victims of Polish atrocities would amount to a "posthumous victory for Hitler." Ha ha. Yes, he's caught in the middle, alright.

Nothing jewish about his father, a national hero of Poland:
And here is Mateusz making some powerful Polish patriotic statement at his father's funeral, again citing Christianity no less:

I think his father, Kornel, looks quite Jewish, with his big ears and nose.

Mateusz probably takes after his Christian mother nose-wise ... or he had a nose job. I don't doubt he was brought up Catholic. But all in all, this is not an important issue to me. There is so much Jewish genes mixed into Poles that it's far too common to make a fuss over.

"There is so much Jewish genes mixed into Poles that it's far too common to make a fuss over."
Then factor in the name change decree, after the war...

Did you read through that entire topic thread at codoh forum? These facts are never proven there and it should be remembered that these are unidentified amateurs that post there. It's a fact that name-changing took place on a large scale, but whether it is in the millions is not clear. I did a better job of putting out this information in my article archived on this site: https://carolynyeager.net/search-wwii-mass-graves  "The Search for WWII Mass Graves" I highly recommend it.

The manipulated Polish numbers takes up about the first 1/3 of the article. It ends with information from Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, ex-Polish secretary for foreign affairs: "Of the 3.5 million Polish Jews, nearly 2 million lived in the Ukraine and White Russia of today." Naturally, they became, in October 1939, Soviet citizens and were never again Polish citizens. He says, regardless of what happened to them, they became Soviet citizens and could not be counted as Polish citizens or they would be counted twice. "Counting twice" explains most of the 6 million Polish death toll. 

This is why we need to see remains, but no mass remains of Poles can be found, other than the "Katyn" mass graves, perpetrated by the Soviets. That has been fully admitted.

You're most definitely right, it's certainly not proven in the thread that millions of Jews took advantage of this law.  His evidence amounts to a quote in the 2nd edition of the dutch book (if you take his word for it) which is not in available in the PDF he links to.
Also, is Jurgen H. Breedeveld a known/trusted revisionist source?  I'm no expert here, that's for sure.
The next piece of evidence he gives is a link to the Jewish/Polish Virtual Shtetl site - and it's not working, but I found a similar one on the very same site and archived it here:
Note the link he gave *was* valid, it's just been removed.  In fact, it has been purposely scrubbed - it can be confirmed via web archive:
https://web.archive.org/web/20170415061256/http://www.sztetl.org.pl/en/t... (click on "powojenne prawo o zmianie nazwisk" and it returns to the glossary page.)
Make of that what you will.
One thing I did like though, was the quote from Jaruzelski, regarding the wildly varying population figures of Poland (especially the tongue-in-cheek remark about Vinegar being an aphrodisiac) which I actually later found on a Polish website (some years ago) so it's certainly valid.  Curiously, his complete quote is very difficult to find now days as well.
Your work uncovering that quote from Bartoszewski is very much appreciated and confirms my understanding that a good part of the "6 million dead Poles" was largely due to population displacements.  Try telling that to the new breed of Polish Chauvinists though...

More Polish intransigence ,playing the part of a major power, and we all know the outcome the last time they played this game. I can't understand why they were given EU membership in the first place as they have nothing to offer the other member states.The coal they have has been stolen from Germany along with anything else of value they have.
Oh, and Morawiecki is a Jew.

Excellent article, superbly written and thank you sincerely.
Your work is very much appreciated, respected and applauded.
My people stand with C.Y.. God Bless you.

Thank you.

"The European Commission's Green Deal would not only significantly increase the targets for reducing CO2 emissions, but would also bring about massive interventions in the economy, because in future companies should no longer focus on financial success [efficiency -cy] but on sustainable ecological development." 
Ironically, this is also the case with fracking, which damages the environment.  Companies that use fracking to extract natural resources do not make a profit.  It's a loss making commercial enterprise.  But, the whole US economy is now run that way.  Many companies that have been the best performers on the US stock market have not made a profit since their founding.  This is something the US does by going further into debt each year by issuing billions of dollars of new bonds.  But financial experts (Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and others) say that will come to an end very soon, as the US dollar will take a huge fall, perhaps even completely collapse.  Various people say this and I believe it.  Do you think the Chinese run their economy this way?  The financial expert Max Keiser says there is a information coming from various sources that China will announce it's enormous gold reserve figure, which will revael it towers over every other country's gold reserve and they will launch a new currency backed by gold, and this will sink the dollar according to Max Keiser.  I do not understand how Europe's leaders, including German leaders can be so careless about their future.  
I also do not understand this drive towards communistic totalitarianism.  It wasn't just the democracies that governed over Europeans in a fair manner, but Europe's royalty (maybe in particular German royalty) led their people in a benevolent manner.  They had their people's best interests at heart.  The same can be said of the fascist regimes in Europe, even if the end result was a disaster.  These leaders typically loved their people and had the best intentions towards them and that is why Hitler had so much loving support until the end.  Does anyone believe that of today's European leaders?  Other than Victor Orban, Italy's Salvini and some other so called "far right" leaders, I don't think so.  Trump's supporters feel the same way.  They think he's fighting for them.  Admittedly, the communist Stalin was also beloved by many Soviets, but he was also despised by many others, as is evident at the warm greetings German soldiers often received all over the USSR.  This is another well kept secret of the war.  No Americans, British, French or Soviets were greeted as liberators by Germans, or for that matter by Hungarians, Latvians, Estonians, Romanians or others.  
You can not run a succcessful economy on loss making enterprises forever and the US has been running its economy on loss making enterprises for years.  That is the reason Europe wants gas from Russia and not the USA.  Russian gas is much cheaper.  US gas is liquified, which costs money to do, is transported thousands of miles to get to Europe and may be derived from fracking, which is all costly.  I could see running a loss making commercial enterprise in wartime, if it is necessary for the war effort, but even that is expected to come to an end when the war is over.
Many of the biggest successes that countries have are when a big project is organized to achieve a goal.  The USA's Manhattan Project that produced the atomic bomb and its space program are two excellent examples.  These things would not have happened without government support.  Europe's Airbus is another example.  Airbus is now the undisputed leadng commerciao plane producer in the world.  It's only competitor, Boeing, has serious problems.  The European cosortium which resulted in Airbus started way back around 1968 and was created despite strong resistance from the Americans.  The US achieved leadership despite Europe (most noably Germany with the first operational jets and missiles) having superior technology at the end of the war and Europe wanted to have an aerospace industry too.  Years ago, France and Germany announcd it was considering a joint effort to create a competitor to Google and then they announced they wouldn't.  I believe they had the know how to do this and it would have been a very profitable company eventually.  Big gov't financed projects can work and often won't happen without gov't involvement.
It appears Merkel is an authoritarian communist, but it's not just her, Macron and other western leaders appear to be too.  But they are communist type authoritarians and they don't work in the interest of their own country, or even Europe.  They work to advance the world and as the"refugee" crisis shows, that is a disaster for Europe and ultimately the world.  Europe could help poorer countries like those in Africa more with responsible, so called "far right" leaders.  

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