Saturday Afternoon: Brad Love -"interrupted"- fights on for his right to speak in anti-White Canada

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2013-07-06 12:25

July 6, 2013

After various delays, Brad Love did connect with Carolyn in the first hour and gave an informative report on the type of unreasonable persecution he continues to experience from Canadian police and judicial authorities. Even in the town where he now lives and works, Fort McMurray in the oil-field area of Alberta, he is being brought up on seven charges, four of “harassment” and three of “sending scurrilous material” through the mail. This was, in fact, typified by a single letter to a newspaper and a single phone call to a disc-jockey.  You have to hear him tell it to believe it!

During the second hour, John Beattie called in and also chatted informatively about the Canadian mentality and the repeal of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. He sees it as a major victory for free(er) expression and feels much freer himself with it gone.

Apologies for the technical difficulties; this podcast is about 10 minutes shortened. Thanks to the listeners for hanging in there.

Image: Employed, tax-paying peaceful letter-writer Brad Love in custody in Toronto for "hate" in 2009.

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