Pregnancy and Childbirth should be a joyous time

Published by admin on Sun, 2011-11-20 19:20

Even if it occurs totally as planned, pregnancy can still be a lot to adjust to. Subliminal recordings that send positive messages to your brain can help you deal with all the physical and emotional changes that normally take place. InnerTalk® self-empowerment CD’s are available in a wide range of topics.

They include Childbirth (“Life is wondrous. Life begins in the womb. My child gives me joy …” etc.); Pregnancy (“I am loved. I love my unborn child. I am comfortable …” etc.); Newborns (“I am alive. I am alert. I am healthy, I breathe easily …” etc.); Fertility (“I can conceive. I choose to be fertile. I choose to care for my body …” etc.); Maternal Depression (“I am good. I look good. I have done well …” etc.); Successful Children/Family Dynamics (“I am confident in myself. I share my happiness. I am a positive influence in all my relationships …” etc.); Positive Parenting (“I am patient. I am encouraging. I enjoy my children. I discipline my children in love …” etc.).

For more on the science and technology of these recordings, go to this page.


My Comment:  I can’t think but that these can only help by creating the most positive attitude for bringing precious new lives into the world. Everything that can make it better should be done. That’s why I’m bringing attention to this particular technology. I encourage every mother-to-be and father-to-be to consider using it and do the necessary research. There are other companies, but they don’t all have programs on infants, pregnancy and parenting. Centerpointe supposedly has one called “Dive,” but I could not access it on their website.


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