Positive “subliminal” statements can help your children boost their performance and overcome prior negative programming.

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Subliminal audio technology is based on how we learn and process information. Our brain has two hemispheres, left and right. The left hemisphere (in right-handed people) is called the rational mind because it analyzes and organizes the information it receives for logic and reason. The right hemisphere is the creative, intuitive mind; it absorbs information without question or analysis. It’s here where those early childhood self-defeating messages are stored, where they cannot be changed by conscious efforts.

To counter deep-seated negative programming, and/or the ongoing negative messages from school, media, other children — even your own parental slips and unmeaning mistakes—what is required is to deliver permissive statements to the rational mind (left brain) and authoritative statements to the intuitive mind (right brain). For example, a permissive statement is “It’s okay to succeed,” i.e. giving permission, which bypasses the rational mind’s analytical censor which doubts the possibility of success because of past experience. An authoritative statement would be “I succeed at everything I do,” which counteracts the negative programming of the intuitive mind, since the right hemisphere accepts everything without question. Using both these types of statements is what is meant by left/right whole brain programming.

There are several companies that produce tapes and CDs, even video products, of this type. They should be investigated before deciding on which ones would be best for your family. But the technology itself is proven effective and, as whites, we should be taking advantage of every innovation that will keep us on the cutting edge of evolution and excellence.

One company that has been in business for over 20 years is InnerTalk®. They have a full range of programs for children and parents. For children, the categories include: Young People; Successful Children; I Can: Building a Child’s Self-Esteem; Positive Interactions for Young People; Respect and Good Manners; Joy of School – Ending Dropout; Thumb Sucking; Stress In School; Bedwetting; A.D.H.D.; Leadership For Young People.

Under ‘Learning’ there is: Learning is Fun-damental; Genius Learning; Memory; Accelerated Learning and Study; Creative Writing; Exams; Learning for Examinations; Mathematics; Reading; Word Power: Spelling and Vocabulary; Concentration; Awaken The Genius; Using Both Halves of the Brain.

Under ‘Learn a Foreign Language Effortlessly’ there is Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Levels for French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.

This gives you an idea of all the help that is available to our children. These programs can be listened to right before bed, or at any time of the day while doing other tasks or chores, even while driving, studying and reading. By blending the word affirmations with pleasant music or nature sounds, they bypass the normal conscious awareness, thus do not interfere with other conscious pursuits. That’s the beauty of these programs.

My comment: I’ve begun listening to an audio recording, Synchronicity, produced by InnerTalk® that is supposedly different from an ordinary subliminal recording. According to the company catalogue, a subliminal tape is recorded at a subthreshold level of awareness, while InnerTalk is recorded at a perceptible level of awareness … that is, you can hear words or a voice some of the time, but barely. This is supposed to register more strongly in the mind. All of the affirmations in the recording are printed on the CD case, so you know exactly what you’re hearing. You’ll find a sample of the affirmations in the catalogue where each program is described.

I was sent this recording for free, but I won’t receive any money or donation for writing about it. I’m doing so here because I really believe this technology can help our children be all they can be, and we adults, also!

You can also contact Alexander Thiele at [email protected] for information and assistance, or go to his website.



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