PEGIDA under attack prior to tonight's demonstration

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-10-19 10:54

On it's one year anniversary, PEGIDA is under attack by the Merkel government. "Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West" is being portrayed as a cauldron of hate by the Ministers of the Interior and Justice. They are implying its leaders will face criminal prosecution if they continue to hold rallies.

Yes, German authorities are actually telling the German people that if they don't submiissively accept a million foreigners of a different culture and religion competitive to their own in their quiet, small communities, they are guilty of hate, xenophobia and whatever other names they can come up with.

They are blaming the assassination attempt in Cologne by an unemployed, frustrated German workman on the PEGIDA "culture."  Justice Minister Heiko Maas warned after the Cologne attack, "Pegida sows hatred, which then is used to [create] violence." 

The attacker was not associated with PEGIDA, but the police are treating it in the usual way, saying he was "associated with the extreme right-wing" in the 1990's. That can mean anything.

Justice Minister Maas threatened: "No excuses apply anymore" -- referring to PEGIDA. Reference is also made to a "tightening of the Criminal Code" to provide that one who "kindles hate" for something/anything will be punished more severely than a "normal arsonist." This allows them to take down political leaders or anyone who speaks out in opposition.

There is also a call for a new law against "politician-stalking." Because citizens are calling or writing to their local politicians expressing their opposition to the refugee policy, they will make that a crime too!
The Association of Towns and Municipalities (DStGB) warned that local politicians were facing a wave of hatred.  DStGB chief executive Gerd Landsberg said when asked if local politicians in Germany are currently in danger, "I do affirm this."

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maziere said in an interview with ARD television that the PEGIDA organizers were “hard, right-wing extremists.”

"They make blanket references to asylum seekers as criminals, and all politicians as being guilty of high treason," he said.

He advised Germans to "Stay away from those who are injecting this hatred, this poison, into our country. Anyone who goes that way should know that they are following rabble rousers."

He also played down the call by German police union chief Rainer Wendt for a fence to be built along the country's southern frontier to prevent illegal entry. It seems they're using the tactic of ignoring what Wendt said since they can't refute it. But still and all, de Maziere warned of the danger posed by ultra-conservative Salafists in Germany trying to reach out to newly-arrived refugees. Of particular concern, he said, was the likelihood that they would target unaccompanied minors who had found themselves alone in Germany. Greater efforts must be made to shield youngsters, he said.

This is a clear indication, if one were needed, that these people are in Euroope to stay – unaccompanied minors included – and must be loved and cared for. The Germans who wisely oppose them will be criminally charged.

When asked about Merkels visit to Turkey, the Interior Minister defended the “compromises” the Chancellor would need to make to help stem the refugee numbers …. not the refugees of course, they will keep coming, but the numbers must be reduced.

Germany apparently is scheduled to have as many mosques as it has churches. Like in the old days of antagonism between Catholic and Protestant, the 30 Years War, now we've updated to Muslim vs Christian. Nothing like religious wars to keep destruction going, which then requires rebuilding and new management. Not to mention high-level Ministry positions for some. This is how the Global Order functions, how it generates income and power. The 1000 plus year-old nation of Deutschland is caught in the Globalist trap. I believe they will stop at nothing to impede the progress of a popular uprising


English version

PEGIDA – 10 demands to the German asylum politics

1.) We call for an immediate stop for asylum seekers, and we call for a German asylum-emergency law - now!

Our asylum laws were conceived after the war for manageable quantities of approximately 2,000 refugees per year and not for 1,5 millions we expected to reach already in 2015!

2.) We call for strict border controls! We demand to suspend the Schengen Agreement IMMEDIATELY - for all the borders of Germany!

Other EU countries control their national borders - and that, although the completely failed Dublin procedure goes almost entirely at the expense of Germany. The temporary reintroduction of border controls during the G7 summit has proved that border controls are an appropriate mean to prevent illegal border crossings, the flourishing business of smuggling mafia and the entry of criminals.

3.) We demand that the group of "safe countries of origin" will be expanded on ALL Council of Europe member countries!

This European Council has 47 member countries with 830 million citizens and over 1,800 European officials.

All Member States have committed themselves to the preservation of democracy and rule of law as well as the recognition of the fundamental and human rights. That should be enough to count these countries to safe countries!

4.) We call for a TEMPORARY right of asylum for refugees of war!

Of course, real war refugees and accepted asylum seekers is to grant temporary protection and full coverage in the modest scale. But once the situation in the country improves, the refugees have to leave our country again.

5.) We call for a binding limit for the annual reception of asylum seekers, namely defined by ourselves, the host country Germany!

This vital question about the future of our country must be carried out by means of direct democracy - through a referendum!

6.) We finally demand honesty in the integration debate and the end of the red-green social-romantic tale of wanting to integrate masses of male, African asylum seekers here!

No one wants that. The green socialists use the refugees to create a red-green job wonder for bachelor graduates of chatter Sciences here. The pathological altruism and feigned empathy gooders are moral invisibility cloaks, which should cover the mega-lucrative migrant market.

7) We demand that immediately all rejected asylum seekers and hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to be banished at once!

Again: We call MASS deportations - and do it now!

8) We demand that the refugee problem has to be resolved in locally in their own cultures!

Our so-called representatives of the people should finally show backbone and take Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in charge.

These wealthy, huge Sharia-paradises are much better suited to accommodate the crowds of Muslim asylum seekers, as an Europe of unbelievers! And we finally need asylum procedure-spot audits in the countries of origin. Even in North Africa has to be decided by fast-track procedure on applications for asylum in Germany!

9.) We demand that foreign criminals, which are connected with Islamic terrorist organizations, are banished immediately!

This naturally also includes the adopted "sons and daughters" of German Minister of Internal Affairs, de Maiziere, all these jihad returnees and all known and violent Salafists - these people are to be deported outside Europe immediately!

10.) There will be expected resistance from Brussels about any changes in our German asylum policies – so then we all have to leave this bullying dump EU!

The future French President Marine Le Pen has summarized it in "the destruction of these EU" - quote.

It’s only this radical way, which works! These EU will never be to reform - who should himself rationalize his highly-paid job?

Asylum seekers driven by nothing than economical reasons - are NOT welcome! Christian refugees, specially those who are surpressed by slaughtering Islamists are absolutely welcome in Germany and we provide every shelter, food and life-support they need, because this belongs to the German helping nature. To all others: STAY OUT!

We, the people of European nations, need to unite, to conserve and to defend our values, our culture, our freedom. We need to unite against the self-declared kings and queens in Brussels. We, the German people, need international support against our own politicians in our German parliaments.

Our politicians want to change the form of government of the Federal Republic of Germany, they want to abolish the German state people in Germany to replace us by a multicultural society, they want to establish a multiethnic state on German soil - this is a behavior like high traitors!

It seems likely to me the Cologne attacker is a so-called targeted individual, to use the intelligence community's jargon. Since the NYTimes exposed the case of the Washington Navy Yard killer in 2012 or 13, giving a detailed account of his life during the final three weeks before he gunned down twelve people, Alex Jones has pretty much gone silent about CIA mind control. In their 2-1/2-page article the Times was very specific about the technical mind control terminology that the known CIA asset used during his desperate calls to the local police from several temporary locations where he was living (they had recordings) begging for help to avoid some unknown catastrophic act he was afraid he was about to commit. During this time he was itinerant, moving hotel to hotel. No news outlet I know of is talking about CIA mind control any more, and I think it has been forbidden.
The attacker in Cologne was a member of a now outlawed political party during the early nineties, and has probably been involved in the secret Kameradschaft movement since, whose meetings were famously bugged with hoards of paid Spitzel (pl) only a few years ago. According to one thing I read, the attacker with the big bowie knife is a house painter-day laborer, which would provide incentive for cooperation. He has no criminal record aside from Section 130, etc. thought crimes. The Doner Morde also has the sheen of a CIA op, not so ably carried out (of course the lies - Holo and otherwise - often look careless when you see them for what they are)  and have read, though can't say where some time ago, that the CIA are providing assistence to the Verfassunschutz state units - and no doubt to the Nachrichtendeinst.
I think it's important that word gets around to the Kameradshcaften that the price of cooperating with the authorities can be extremely serious, but don't know anyone or have any idea where to begin. It might be that warnings could be published openly without triggering any legal mechanism, like with a mug shot of the attacker on a telephone pole, casting recrimination on the intellegence apparatus. On the other hand, secrecy, with nontheless total saturation of the message, might be best.

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