Pegida pulls large crowd, talks expansion on a rainy Monday

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-11-30 18:51

 Notice all the umbrellas opened up on this November 30th evening in Dresden.

The dark season is upon us, but this doesn't deter the Pegida  protestors in Dresden. They came out again in force and in high spirits, in spite of the rain, to hear Lutz Bachmann and Siegfried Doebritz, and two guests: Tommy Robinson from the UK and theologian Ernst Krahn from Nürnberg. But mostly they came out just to show their steadfastness in support for their cause: A peaceful, free Germany of Germans.

Tommy Robinson spoke in English while Lutz Bachmann translated into German sentence by sentence. He spoke of the inspiration Pegida has been and announced a sister movement made up of all Europe, plus Britain and Australia beginning on Saturday, February 6, 2016. [Full disclosure: I'm not fond of Tommy Robinson and am sorry to see him get a role in this movement. Well, where there's a vacuum, you know ...] 

Ernst from Nürnberg said: "This bacillus (the Koran and Islam) has no place on German and European soil! And also this State Turkey has no place in a free Europe." (Large consent.) "What we stand for. This is what Pegida stands for. Fascists OUT! Nazis out. Islam Adé! (goodbye)." He said many other things too and got a lot of applause and cheers. A good speaker.

Daebritz said the CDU interior experts must be studying the Pegida speeches and he reported on some of the things they've been saying. He said to them: You will not get us off this path until we have direct democracy on the Swiss model." Until then, stay tuned in to Dresden: "Until 2017, or hopefully sooner, this is our open-air voting booth."

Live Stream, full demonstration 1hr25m on 30-11-15

Pegida Dresden on Facebook

Below: The streets are wet but the march goes on, 11-30-15

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