Orban: European leaders have no mandate to allow unlimited migrants

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Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban spoke today at the European People's Party Congress in Madrid, Spain. (above) Participants from 32 countries deliberated, including 14 heads of state or government.

He said the migration crisis had the potential to destabilize governments, countries and the entire European continent. The problem must be solved, Orban said, with open and honest dialogue, without hypocrisy or political correctness, which includes listening to the people and incorporating their views into our policies.

Orban said earlier Thursday on the Hungarian state television channel that European leaders had no mandate to let hundreds of thousands of migrants enter the EU with little or no control. "If the European Union cannot protect the Eastern gate of the Balkans [meaning Greece], Europe must be protected at the Western gate of the Balkans - Hungary and Slovenia."

He stressed that Turkey was an important strategic partner but if we expect Turkey to solve the migrant problem, then we become vulnerable. "If you don't want to be vulnerable, then we have to protect our borders."

"This exodus consists of economic immigrants, refugees and armed foreigners," Orban said. "It is an unchecked and unlimited process, with an unlimited supply of people involved in the process."

He emphasized that the European Christian conception will bear no anti-Muslim policies. "The Muslim faith, which we respect, is not responsible for this migration." But he said it was time to clarify the nature of moral responsibility. Even though we recognize those who have abandoned their homes as victims, does not mean that it can be our aim to provide a new European life for them. We have a moral responsibility to return these people to their homes and their country."

Orban also said: "We cannot hide the fact that the European left has a clear agenda. They are supportive to migration. They actually import future leftist voters to Europe hiding behind humanism. It is an old trick, but I do not understand why we have to accept it. They consider registration and protection of borders bureaucratic, nationalist and against human rights. They have a dream about the politically constructed world society without religious traditions, without borders, without nations. They attack core values of our European identity: family, nation, subsidiarity, responsibility."

Orban then reiterated his earlier statement that everyone has the right to human dignity and security, but not a right to a German or Hungarian lifestyle, but only those who have earned it.

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An excellent and much needed speech by Victor Orban. He is really doing everything right. He either does not feel vulnerable, or else he's testing the waters. Anyway, he's Europe's hero right now.

It's possible that the reason Merkel agrees to accept all the migrants is because she cannot say that the U.S. is the responsible party in the creation of the mideast wars, which spawns the migrants, as Orban freely implies. This goes back to what is discussed in my previous post. However, it's also Brussels policy to encourage multiculturalism in Europe. So who's the boss - Berlin or Brussels? 

Sources:  http://www.miniszterelnok.hu/in_english_article/speech_of_viktor_orban_at_the_epp_congress




Merkel repeated her support for the range of measures the European Council has agreed on this year, including frontier controls but also pilot schemes to relocate Syrian refugees and other asylum-seekers around the bloc.

[It's so damn clear that Merkel's approach is the reason that more and more are coming even though it's close to winter. She is totally, totally irresponsible.]

Tusk said: "Our political aim should be to strengthen Europe against right-wing extremists, and not to become like them. 

[Tusk wants to strengthen Europe's border but still share responsibility for the migrants -- although his country of Poland is not cooperating with that.]

From the German language magazine Zuerst!

Ossiach, Austria.  In anticipatory consideration toward the expected refugees that are to move into a hotel in Ossiach (Carinthia), an association that keeps traditional Germanic customs alive canceled their planned Krampuslauf. They wanted to play it safe, that there would be no incidents, the association "Moorteufel Steindorf" informed the public.

The reason given for the waiver of the age-old tradition by the Secretary of the Krampus Association:  "No one could tell us how many refugees will be in Ossiach at the end of November. And we do not know how they would respond to this tradition. Therefore we didn't want to take any chances."

The Ossiacher Mayor Johann Huber expressed "full understanding" for the cancellation. Criticism came, however, from the ÖVP, the Austrian People's Party, established in 1945. Their junior country manager for Carinthia, Sebastian Schuschnig, expressed doubts: "If we ourselves do not keep high regard for our customs, how can we demand of immigrants to respect them?"

The Krampus is a tradition of the Eastern Alps. The Krampus is a figure of terror that comes along as a companion of Saint Nicholas, similar to the Bogeyman. In wintertime, men dressed as Krampus are seen running through the streets and frightening the populace, especially the children.

Already, Germany is preparing for the refugees to take jobs away from German workers.

Jörg Hofmann, leader of Germany's largest trade union, IG Metall, calls for zero tolerance with right-wing 'agitators' in the Network.

Employees who spread Hetzkommentare (hate commentary) on the net should not be employed.

IG Metall calls for a looser, compromise approach against xenophobia in the workforce. Companies should dismiss workers who publish openly racist and xenophobic comments in the network, the new IG Metall leader Joerg Hofmann said on Germany radio in an interview to be broadcast on Sunday. The companies could count on such dismissals with the endorsement of the union.

"Whoever incites - goes", Hofmann said. "This must be clear to everyone." It is unacceptable when racist bullying splits the whole workforce, said the union leader.

Hofmann warned at the same time against playing off locals and refugees against each other in finding work. "The long-term unemployed has here the same rights and opportunities as the refugee who comes to us." Equality counts also in that there should be no deviation from the minimum wage of 8.50 euros for low-skilled refugees. Lowering wages at the expense of refugees is excluded.

Big Brother is looking at you.


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