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The Deeper Meaning of Nuremberg

Saturday, Sept. 6th at 2pm Central U.S. time (3pm Eastern, 12 Noon Pacific) live on Carolyn's BlogTalk Channel

Maurice Bardeche's intellectually and morally courageous report on France's participation in the 1946-47 proceedings of the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg has been translated into many languages.

Carolyn discusses the first "holocaust" revisionist book to appear, Nuremberg or the Promised Land (1948) by Maurice Bardeche, which brilliantly foresaw the "New World Order" of the Allied victors to be based on Universal Humanism as the ruling spirit everywhere. This spirit is anti-Nationalist to the core and Bardeche was called a Fascist in his day. Carolyn ties this in with some current events and her own ideas about race realism.

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Carolyn Yeager