Muslim fags come to Germany for "freedom"

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2015-10-24 13:06

By Carolyn Yeager

“Now I'm in Europe, in Germany, I don't have to hide anymore,” says Rami Ktifan (2nd from left), a 23 years old student from Syria. The truth is he never did hide because he can't hide, as the story from the Washington Post reveals. He was picked on in his homeland, in his own culture, all along, which simply continued in the refugee centers in Europe. The reporter tries to tell us contradictory things. What these disgusting fags want is to be openly gay and flaunt themselves. They will join the fag culture in Germany and have a gay old time from now on, as a “protected species.” (Image: Four young refugees, who have been given an apartment in Dresden, Germany, on Oct. 15. They were taken out of official refugee shelters after facing harassment. Washington Post photo)

That, of course, won't stop the majority of the young male migrants from hating Germans, hating German culture (with it's traditional pork diet!) and setting themselves up as an oppositional force. This is as plain as the nose on everyone's face, so what are the “upper managers” of the EU thinking? Well, it's not hard to figure out.

They want to break down cultural differences that divide people. Globalization demands that. Even though mixing cultures on a fast-track in this way will cause huge explosions among the people (who are supposed to run the show, as it says in most all constitutions – see below*), that is simply collateral damage that must be expected and accepted, as in any conquest.

This WaPo story is half fiction. How can anyone think they can be “openly gay” in a Syrian Muslim refugee center? It's not possible. But this reporter Anthony Faiola writes:

What followed over the next several weeks [after Ktifan “came out”], though, was a litany of abuse — both verbal and physical — from other refugees, including an attempt to burn his feet in the middle of the night. [...]

Ktifan, Al Doori and Suliman said they were routinely pushed and shoved by fellow refugees while in line for food. Several of the male refugees would shout at them “to go wait with the women,” Ktifan said.

Now these useless vermin will join the 'gay' community in Germany, which is what they were after. They want freedom, yes … freedom to be openly homosexual and enjoy unrestricted sex; and to be protected and supported while doing so. At the same time, the young straight Syrian males will be wanting free sex too, according to their way.

You really need to read this story. Read the related stories too. But please don't think what's happening is inevitable. It requires awareness, but firm rejection.

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From the German “Basic Law”

The principles of democracy, republicanism, social responsibility, and federalism are key components of the Basic Law; these principles are constitutionally entrenched, and they cannot be removed or repealed by the normal amendment process.

[Key point of republicanism is that the people hold popular sovereignty, Vox populi. But in Germany, a large segment of the population are told to shut up, and their legitimate beliefs and positions are demeaned, insulted and even outlawed. Laws do exist, however, to protect fags and their fag culture. Today EU president J-C Juncker described these marginalized Germans as "so-called citizens."

Article 23 [The European Union]

(1) With a view to establishing a united Europe, the Federal Republic of Germany shall participate in the development of the European Union that is committed to democratic, social, and federal principles, to the rule of law, and to the principle of subsidiarity, and that guarantees a level of protection of basic rights essentially comparable to that afforded by this Basic Law. To this end the Federation may transfer sovereign powers by a law with the consent of the Bundesrat. The establishment of the European Union, as well as changes in its treaty foundations and comparable regulations that amend or supplement this Basic Law, or make such amendments or supplements possible, shall be subject to paragraphs (2) and (3) of Article 79.


The 37th World Zionist Congress, currently taking place in Jerusalem, is making history. The resolution “Recognition of Support for the LGBT Community” passed at the World Zionist Congress with 62 percent of the delegates voting in favor.

"It’s been a lively discussion, in which, unfortunately, a few representatives tried to stop and demolish the decision,” says Assaf Weiss, a member of the Zionist Congress.

Epoch Times, Sunday, October 25 2015

German security experts are appalled by Merkel's crisis policy and have submitted a 10-point plan. August Hanning, former Interior Secretary, presented the program to resolve the crisis. The most important measure: The recovery of control over the German borders. An integration is not possible. Because we "import Islamist extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other nations and other legal and social understanding."

"The high influx of people from other parts of the world will lead to instability in our country," warns a familiar with security issues top official in the world today. And further:

"We produce extremists through this immigration; the civic center is radicalized because they mostly do not want this immigration and it is forced by the political elite". His prognosis is grim: "We will see a departure of many people from this constitutional state."

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Yesterday three people were injured when a fight broke out over religious differences between two groups in a home for asylum seekers.

Dresden police said Sunday that about 100 people were involved in the fight overnight in the asylum center in nearby Niederau, the dpa news agency reported.

Police say an Afghan man was identified as the instigator and was taken into custody after he was treated for injuries.

About 30 police officers helped break up the fight between an estimated 40 Afghans and about 60 others.

Berlin, October 29, 2015. Commenting on the warning put out by the North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) Protection of the Constitution [agency] about Salafist dangers,  Deputy Chairman of the Alternative for Germany, Alexander Gauland said:

"The constitutional protection in NRW warns about right extremist Salafists as  helpers in the reception centers for asylum seekers. These radicals use asylum chaos to spread their stone-age ideas among the incoming people.This is extremely dangerous and has an explosive force that can cause extreme damage in our society.

This legitimate warning shows that the asylum crisis has arrived in its second phase. We now see how radical ideas and related conflicts imported into our country and are distributed, which have nothing to do with our original society. We will see in future proxy wars and a new level of crime and violence in Germany, which we would never have experienced without uncontrolled immigration.

It is five minutes to midnight. We must finally decide on a rigorous deportation. Religious extremism, delinquent asylum seekers and economic migrants do not belong to us." [are not a part of who we Germans are, nor are we obligated to them]

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