Jews in Germany “own” the people's only soldier's memorial day

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2019-11-17 11:31

Soldiers of the Israel Defense Force (enlarge) lay a wreath honoring Jewish victims 'of Germany' at a ceremony Sunday that at one time was meant to honor German soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. This epitomizes the travesty of a so-called "Free Democratic Germany."

By Carolyn Yeager


It originated in 1919 as a day of remembrance for victims of the First World War.

In 1934, the National Socialist government changed the name to “Heroes Remembrance Day,” with emphasis on the fallen German soldiers of the Great War.

After the end of the Second World War, under the rule of the enemy Jews and Communists as allowed and directed by the United States Eisenhower-led Occupation Control Council, the remembrance was expanded to include “victims of violence, terror and oppression, including victims of racism and xenophobia as well as refugees,” according to Deutsche Welle (

So it's not surprising that the featured speaker at the ceremony Sunday, Nov. 17 at the Federal Parliament in Berlin, attended by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, was Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

Current leader of the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer attended a ceremony at the Jewish Weissensee cemetery in Berlin, which was also attended by Schuster.

In his speech at the Bundestag, Schuster cautioned against “a creeping tendency” toward right-wing populism and extremism, reported DW. His speech is the only one that was quoted from.

"We should again be more aware of the crimes of National Socialists and the lessons we drew from them."

"We owe it to those who died in the Second World War, we owe it to the six million Jewish men, women and children to never, I emphasize, never, get used to such conditions."

Schuster spoke of "a real danger of" becoming accustomed to right-wing extremism, citing "regular neo-Nazi concerts" and the electoral success of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. He also criticized AfD party leader Alexander Gauland over his "bird shit" remark on the Nazi era.

There is no better example than this that Germany has been totally hijacked by its Jews, a situation that all the political parties represented in the Bundestag are complicit in, with the exception of a  portion of the members of the Alternative for Germany. Naturally the Jews and communists/globalists want to outlaw even that small portion of the public expression. Another very good example of this conquest is the recent action against the AfD patriot Stephan Brandner. 

AfD MP from Thuringia voted out as legal affairs committee chair on anti-Semitism charges

Stephan Brandner (right, click to enlarge) is the recipient of the first-ever ouster from the chairmanship of a parliamentary committee on the grounds of  antisemitism. Called unprecendented in modern history, all party groups within the Bundestag except for the AfD voted to dismiss Brandner as head of the legal affairs committee. The vote was 37 to 6.

The particular offenses charged against Brandner included tweets about Michel Friedman, the Jewish journalist who brought charges against revisionist lawyer Horst Mahler for giving him a raised hand salute when Friedman arrived to interview him. In other words, Friedman, who testified against Mahler, is largely responsible for the latter's long prison sentence which he is still serving.

Brandner called Friedman a “deutschen Michel” who is “driving us new followers in droves – keep it up!” [A “German Michel” is a disparaging term meaning a foolish German.] Brandner also described his fellow politicians as “draping themselves” in front of synagogues even though it was two German bystanders who were actually killed in front of the Halle synagogue in October. This supposedly brings into question whether Jews can be Germans, an idea that Jews object to.

Brandner reacted to his removal as committee chair by calling it “another low point for parliamentarism in Germany, and another low point for democracy in Germany.” AfD party leader Alexander Gauland strongly criticized the dismissal of Brandner by the other parties, saying: "I don't know where the scandal is … This [dismissal] is an affront to democracy."


The Jews took  advantage of WW1 to overthrow Russia and murder the Czar and his  family. and did the same  to Germany and other European countries and did the same after WW11.
That's why Hitler and Germany is hated by the Jews . Hitler and his friends knew Germany's enemies and removed them from powwer.The Jews are doing the same all over the world today with their Communiusm and money power. Under the Black Communist Barack Obama, the Communist China was given authorization to buy real estate in the United States. And probably, but I never heard it announced , the re-- newal of the Federal Reserve Ac taftewr 100 years in 2013.
We'll get our taste of Communism some day. The One Worlders have been training their dupes to rob, rape , pillage, burn and destroy since the 1960's and destroyng our morals ,culture, history and news. 
Hillary Clinton is hinting that" many people are pressuring"  her to run for President a third time to cover the fact that she is a two time loser.
Isn't anyone aware that the Jews under the Black Communist scum, Barack Obama , that the House of Representativves passed HR 6421 the Ant-Semitism Act to suppress criticism of them. It was put off until "next year" to be presented to the Senate under Donald Trump.  No wonder Trump is being imprached: he gave Israel Jeruselum as the capital of Israel and the Golan Heights   rich in oil and minerals which belongs to Syria.
But he is acting too patrioptic and nationalistic which doesn't go with the Jews and One Worlder's plans to infiltrate the White nations with Blacks, Moslems, and mixed race peoples too eventually take over these White countries and do to them what we allowed them to do to Rhodesia and South Africa.  That's why the Democrats want Donald Trump impeached: they can't stand to see what Trump will do in the next five years. They want the power to do their Communist goals now, not have to wait and hope they win next year or even five years from now.

Jews try to co-opt everything, it seems. Christians seem to just do their bidding when they should be stopping it and have the numbers to do so. Instead it's: How much money do you want? How much land do you want? How much control do you want? Who can we hurt for you? What can we do to help you oppress and ethnically cleanse Christians and Muslims in Israel? Which country would you like us to destroy next and cause the suffering and death of millions?

Only a month or two ago, we had questions about whether or not Jews rule Germany.  One side asserting strenuously that it appears to be so, the other side asserting that there are hardly any (or no) Jews in German Politics.
So what do we see here?
How to explain it?
In other so-called Western countries, Jews assert significant "influence" behind the scenes.  We are all familiar with corrupt congressmen, not only with Jewish interests but all sorts of other interests (think: Military Industrial Complex.)
Exactly what sort of pressure do Jews and/or Allies apply (and how?) to influence Germany to make descisions like the one described in this article... It's not exactly clear in which channels they operate.  Education?  Media?  Direct threats?  Bribery?  All of the above?
Oh, to be a fly on the wall in a politicians office for a day.
With that all said, I am reluctant to lay this all on Jewish power.  Without the "OK" from allied victors, how could they achieve this level of apparent control/subversion?
The Allies enabled these people and have therefore fallen into a trap, a catch-22 in which they cannot escape.  If Germany is not entirely guilty for WW2, then the amount of back-peddaling (not to mention reverse reparations) that would need to be done is out of this world - staggering.  Just don't count on any "mea culpa" happening soon... And so the show goes on.

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