Hungary seals border with Croatia

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When the long border with Croatia (Kroatien) is fenced off, that will leave only the short border with Slovenia (Slowenien) open. If/when that is also closed, it will increase the length and difficulty of the migrant's trek. (Map courtesy Spiegel Online) enlarge

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto announced that Hungary would seal its border with Croatia at midnight. He said the EU summit in Brussels did not make progress on the refugee issue on Thursday (specifically on a plan backed by Hungary to send EU forces to block migrants from reaching Greece), leaving Hungary with the need to protect its own borders. It will install two transit zones where travelers can be checked and, if permitted, be allowed to enter at official crossing points.

As the map above shows, barbed-wire fences installed by Hungary on its border with Serbia have caused the migrant invaders to cross from Croatia into Hungary. From Hungary they cross into Austria, then to Germany - "the promised land." (Angela Merkel impulsively promised them a big welcome and tender loving care.)

Poland is sending border guards and equipment to help Hungary reinforce its border with Serbia. Expected are five vehicles with night-vision equipment, several other cars and 70 officers, according to news reports. Slovakia and the Czech Republic also agreed to send 50 police officers each.

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See how weak and useless these countries are? Sorry, but it cannot be denied.

[The migrants] were diverted into Croatia, from where they entered Hungary, crossing in recent weeks at a rate of 5,000 to 8,000 per day en route to Austria and Germany, the preferred destinations of most.

With that route now sealed, too, Croatia said it had a plan in place to send them to Slovenia from midnight, in agreement with its fellow former Yugoslav republic.

Both Croatia and Slovenia indicated they would not restrict the flow so long as Austria and Germany kept their doors open.

But the scale threatens to test the resources of Slovenia, an Alpine state of two million people, and of Croatia and Serbia if a backlog builds, with weather conditions deteriorating fast.

Confirming “operational talks” with Croatia, Slovenia said it would convene its national security council on Saturday.

I hope a huge backlog builds and these travellers get stuck in the Balkan countries, and really drag them down. Let Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia  realize what they're doing.

Migrants would be able to submit asylum requests at two so-called 'transit zones' to be set up on the border with Croatia.

A similar system in place on Hungary's border with Serbia has seen asylum requests summarily rejected, slowing the flow of migrants to a trickle and drawing fire from the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) and human rights groups, who say refugees are being denied their right to protection under international conventions.

Those who try to breach the fence are rounded up, put on trial and in almost all cases expelled.

Great. That's the way to do it, Magyars. Why can't the Balkan Slavs do what you do? Anyone have an answer to that?

Maybe it's because Hungarian is so different from all other surrounding languages. It's not related to Latin, German nor Slavic. If Hungary loses its tiny territory, that's it, no USA with similar language or Argentina, a unique cultural island. Hungarians were always very good and sincere allies of Germany, as equal nationalists. Slavs have this Pan-Slavic thing going on. If one Slav nation falls, there is plenty still standing. Maybe that's why?

I said: I hope a huge backlog builds and these travellers get stuck in the Balkan countries, and really drag them down. Let Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia realize what they're doing

But in fact, Slovenia is doing the right thing by limiting the number that can enter the country each day. So Austria and Slovenia are starting to take some responsibility. 

Today's News:

In Serbia, tempers frayed as overstretched police officers tried to keep order around a kilometer short of the border, where some 40 buses packed with migrants were stacked up in the village of Berkasovo. On reaching the border, migrants disembark and cross by foot.

“This part of the trip has lasted 20 hours, and we’ve been here for almost 12 hours,” said Khair, 40, a former sales manager from the Syrian capital, Damascus. “What can we do? We’re here and we have to wait.

Some climbed over a wire fence into an apple orchard and corn field to forage for food.

“We’ve been here for 20 hours; we need water, food, there are women, babies in the bus,” said a bus driver who gave his name as Miroslav. “Who on earth coordinates this? It’s a mess.”

You know what I'd say to them?  You should not have come. No one invited you. Accept the conditions you find. At this point, no more should come because there won't be any place for them ... but they will anyway. So let them suffer if they're so stupid.

I was in Slovenia a couple of years ago. A lovely clean clountry. Like parts of Germany or Switzerland. Only saw one black, a woman with her white lover (spoilt my day!) the whole of the tme I was there (about a month).

Yes, Slovenians have been living next door to Austrians forever. And they are very proud and jealous of their independence. There has been a certain amount of intermixing, I think. Willi Kriessmann told me that in his home area, Carinthia (far south) there were many with Slovenian names who were loyal Austrian citizens. And some Austrians who were real skunks.

I think it's always the leftists who make the problems.

At Idomeni, on the northern Greek border with Macedonia:

Back at the camp, a volunteer trying to keep the chemical toilets clean was at his wit's end because of the endless numbers passing through.

"I don't know what they do in their own countries but here you can't imagine the mess. I'm sick of it! We can never keep it clean even though we don't stop."

They think they have to do this because a long time ago something happened in Europe called "The Holocaust" and it can never happen again. It starts with disliking "foreigners."
Women and girls are subject to rape and forced prostitution on a daily basis, according to women's rights groups. Although the facility has separate dorm rooms for women, the doors cannot be locked and men control access to the sanitary facilities. Approximately 80% of the refugees/migrants at the shelter are male, according to Bavarian Broadcasting (Bayerischer Rundfunk), which reports that the price for sex with female asylum seekers is ten euros. A social worker described the facility this way: "We are the biggest brothel in Munich."
It is routine for men to urinate in whatever corner they find. In the sleeping accommodations it has become a daily occurrence that single women are being urinated on by male persons from other countries, even as the women are sleeping. Sexual harassment occurs daily.


Dr. Renee Buck of the Ministry of Health, and organizer of refugee medical care in Schleswig-Holstein, speaks to Die Welt newspaper.

Die Welt: Alcohol also plays a role (in creating conflict within the camp)?

Buck: Alcohol plays a role especially among young men. Many have been sent by their families on the journey, to make it through (and create a space for the rest of the family). We are faced with the challenge that they are not necessarily always grown (mature). Therefore, alcohol is increasingly playing a role – no matter from which country of origin the young men have come. This is a problem which has now been recognized.

Die Welt: Especially since many of these young men are not used to alcohol?

Buck:  Especially when they come from the Arab countries, Islam indeed forbids the consumption of alcohol – even if that is not strictly adhered to.

Die Welt: Refugee children were born in Schleswig-Holstein? How many are there?

Buck: Quite a lot. At the moment, in Neumuenster alone, one or two children are born per week, but they are not automatically given German citizenship. It is striking that among the refugees there are an unusually large number of pregnant women. Obviously, many are trying to achieve safe ground (through migration) as soon as they realize that they are expecting a child. [Anchor babies. These so-called migrants have got it all figured out. -Carolyn]

Further comment: Does anyone notice how the logistics of lodging hundreds of thousands of refugees in shelters takes us back to the old concentration camps of the 40's. Maybe they need a Heinrich Himmler to organize it. 

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