How Russians see their president

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-10-07 16:13

Muscle-man Putin depicted shouldering the entire world, with Crimea featured.

Vladimir Putin's 62nd birthday today comes at a time of great popularity at home for the leader mainly because of his takeover of Crimea.

As part of the festivities, supporters in Moscow staged an exhibition of paintings designed to symbolise Putin's achievements, comparing them to the "12 Labours of Hercules", the demigod of Greek mythology renowned for his strength.

Above, Putin as a Greek hero rides to victory on a bull and attacks a giant serpent (the United States?) and also a kneeling modern giant. (click on images to enlarge)

The paintings depict Putin, dressed in a toga and armed with a sword, taking over Crimea, a feat compared to capturing the Cretan Bull. His anti-corruption campaign was compared to Hercules' cleaning of the Augean Stables.

The list of the Russian leader's achievements extolled in the exhibition is topped by the most difficult labour of all -- standing up to the United States, which is compared to the battle against the mythological, multi-headed dog Cerberus.

Getting into the spirit of adulation and conquest, Andrew Anglin wrote today at The Daily Stormer about Richard Spencer that

"technically, he didn’t have a “right” to do this [hold a meeting in Hungary after being banned by the government).  I don’t support the government of Hungary, and I do tend to side with him, rather than his gay friend Greg Johnson, on the issue of Russia.  I would probably even support a Russian invasion of Hungary, if for some reason that was a thing which seemed likely. 

With shooting-from-the-hip statements like this, I don't think Andrew will get a job as a Kremlin propagandist any time soon.


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This dreck is reminiscent of Kim Yong of North Korea.  Hitler always had dignified portraits and my guess is that he would not appreciate such sychophantic cartoonish depictions; Putin however seems to lack ego control and likes being portrayed as a god.  
Video of Putin
Putin states:
"At the foundation of American self consciousness lays an individualistic idea.  At the foundation fo Russia is collectivistic"
"Development of the American continent started with large scale ethnic cleansing which had no equivalent in the history of mankind.  Europeans who came did this, we need to say it bluntly"
"During development of the American continent by the Europeans... the native population was eliminated.  After this, American history knows slavery and this has permeated so deep even Colin Powell wrote in his book how difficult it was for him, how difficult it is for a person with dark skin to make it, how he always felt the gaze of others on himself.  That means this sits there in the souls and hearts of people.  Well look, we know, in any case today, many sides of the Soviet regime.  We know Stalin like we have never known him before.  We know he wa a dictator, a tyrant.  I seriously doubt that Stalin in the spring of 1945, if he had an atomic bomb would have used it against Germany."

Putin probably had nothing to do with this exhibit. Although, maybe they thought they had to ask his permission? I would doubt it.

He has, though, encouraged this type of thinking about himself by publicity events showing his bare chest, etc., and associating with wild animals. Haha. I didn't like what he said in this video at all. Thanks for linking to it.

...shows that the Soviet Union had world domination, or at least the tri-continental landmass Asia, Europe, Africa, aspirations. 

By invading Europe, much of Asia and almost all of Africa would have become Soviet by default, since Britain and France and Netherlands and some other European powers possessed most of those regions. 

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