Holohoax-serving German court responsible for death of Oskar Gröning

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2018-03-12 18:22

Groening in court at the end of 2017, sentenced to 4 years in prison at the age of 96.

By Carolyn Yeager

IS THERE ANY DOUBT that the Jew-serving German legal system, designed by the United States Army occupation rulers over the defeated German people back in the late 1940's, is the cause of the death of 96-year old WWII vet Oskar Gröning?

Groening was declared healthy enough by the court authorities to enter prison for a 4-year term, even though he could not walk unaided. To prevent such an outcome, his lawyers used up every appeal process, including a plea for mercy because of his advanced age. He clearly did not want to go! But the vengeful and influential Jewish organizations and the compliant German judicial system insisted he must go.

Deutsche Welle, the German News Agency, reported his death today in a very short article that included three (3) added (old) anti-Nazi and pro-Holocaust videos and photo essays that had nothing to do with the news of Groening. They are embarrassed and the Jews are embarrassed and want this story to go away as soon as possible. They call him a Nazi war criminal even in reporting his death, saying he aided and abetted the “murder of 300,000 people at Auschwitz” which is clearly a false claim, totally mischievous and arbitrary. They don't want him to get any sympathy, which they know WILL be coming nevertheless. This man served his country in his youth, when his country was at war, and because Germany lost and fate had him assigned to work at the Auschwitz camp run by the SS, he has been dragged through the mud and villified instead of being given the gratitude of his nation.

Unfortunately, being old and weakened in character after a lifetime of hiding his past, he cooperated with the legal authorities and testified to false memories of “gas chambers” in the belief he would be left alone in the end. It apparently shocked him when this didn't happen. But when you cooperate with the devil, you get the devil's due, and that's what he got.

Groening died on Friday but it wasn't reported until today, 4 days later. DW says nothing about cause of death, and they won't because they know it was his dread of going to prison. There is nothing to say about the death of this man other than that.

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Below: Groening enters court for the last time by the back door.


It is so sad that Mr. Groenig passed away so soon after his incarceration.  I suspected at his sentencing that he wasn't going to be able to handle it.  It was obvious to me that the (((German))) court system was going to kill him by sentencing him.  I don't believe no one suspected his impending death might be a direct consequence of the system's judgment.  It was obvious to me that few cared to prevent such an outcome, however (excluding his lawyer) and few had the power to alter his fate.
The pop star singer Katy Perry recently sought suit against an aging nun over a house and some land she wanted to own, and upon learning she lost the lawsuit, the nun died of a heart attack.  Older people are frail human beings who survive by staying safe and keeping to a routine.  Major external disruptions to their environment result in major disruptions to their health, and anyone not elderly is also susceptible to the same ruin or loss of life.
I don't know who is the most vulnerable group in Jewish manipulation and control - goys in general or just the elderly ones.

I'm sorry if I gave the impression that he died in prison. He didn't. He hadn't gone yet. Just the apprehension that he would be going must have raised his stress level that much. Probably caused lots of anxiety.

it is another heartbreaking chapter in this anti human saga.
i wonder how people do not question the hypocrisy. how can these people condemn the germans for x, y, and z, and then be this merciless to helpless people? is it just cognitive dissonance?
anyway, this is off topic here but i didn't know where else to post it:
your paintings are very nice, i very much like your style!
anyways, take care, and keep up the good work.

I appreciate your mentioning my paintings.

Serves him right. He was a belly-crawler. He tried to serve the system
and it betrayed him, as it does everyone.
"I saw everything," he writes. "The gas chambers, the cremations, the
selection process. One and a half million Jews were murdered in
Auschwitz. I was there".
"I would like you to believe me. I saw the gas chambers. I saw the
crematoria. I saw the open fires. I would like you to believe that
these atrocities happened, because I was there."
It became apparent that his comments condemning Holocaust denial had
been printed in a neo-Nazi magazine, and that most of the anonymous
calls and letters were "From people who tried to prove that what I had
seen with my own eyes, what I had experienced in Auschwitz was a big,
big mistake, a big hallucination on my part because it hadn't happened." [4]:300

As a result of such comments, Gröning decided to speak openly about
his experiences, and publicly denounce people who maintain the events
he witnessed never happened. [4]:300 He says his message to Holocaustdeniers is: [blah blah blah, etc. etc.
My comment is:
... death to traitors and belly-crawlers.
He says he saw the crematoria, which are proof of nothing. He says he saw the gas chambers. How does he know that? Because somebody told him so? When was that? At the end of the war? He obviously know nothing about cremation technology, Zyklon, the properties of hydrocyanic acid, or any of the rest of it. But he was "there".
Ok, he was "there". OK. So was Fred Leuchter. So was Germar Rudolf.
What were Gröning's qualifications that he considered himself an expert on these matters? "Is this, or is this not, a gas chamber?" "OK, what is a gas chamber and how does it work?" He was some low-level clerk of some sort. Right? 
In short, the late lamented deceased was an attention-seeker who went out of his way to harrass people who didn't agree with him! A crusader. A world-saver. 
Well, the powers that be decided to show him that "Rome does not pay traitors". RI.P.      

I brought out some of that in my previous story about him that I linked to. That's why I haven't wanted to write too much about him. However, it still plays up how evil the system is that he cooperated with.

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