Himmler's Oct. 24, 1943 Posen speech coming soon

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2016-01-31 21:17

The English translation of the Heinrich Himmler Oct. 24, 1943 Warthegau "Freedom Day" speech has arrived from Carlos Porter. And it is fantastic! In my opinion, that is. I think, in general, most people of full German heritage will find much that is agreeable in it, while people of mixed or non-German heritage will likely not.

It addresses race (White and Yellow; Germanic and Slavic), during a time when National Socialist Germany was not only waging a war for its very existence, but looking to and preparing for a future Reich expansion in the East. Everything Himmler says makes perfect sense--from the German point of view. And can he be faulted for having a German point of view? Nationalism was the common currency of the time—every European state was nationalist and many states sought to expand their borders. In the end there were winners and losers. But Himmler gives us the essence of the National Socialist German Reich's outlook on Europe's future that emanated from the Führer Adolf Hitler.

I will eventually publish the speech here, soon in fact, but first I've emailed it out to those few who contributed specifically for it, asking them to keep it for themselves only. Now I'll work on a commentary to go along with it. I will only say at this time that Veronica Clark's overall “interpretation” of the speech, as presented in her book “Hitler & Himmler Uncensored,” does not reflect the meaning of Himmler's words but her own wishful ideas.




I worry about whether the recording and German transcript are an unaltered representation of what Himmler actually said. There are what seem to me some strange discontinuities in the speech. The speech is stored not on disk-recordings but tape, which can be edited.

What "discontinuities" are you referring to? Have you read it? Have you listened to it?

Okay. There was more than one Posen speech in October 1943. The speech that I had in mind, which is often presented as evidence for the Holohoax, is dated 4 October 1943.
Wikipedia under "Posen Speeches" mentions two speeches on 4 and 6 October. I never heard about one on the 24th.

That's why I put the date very visibly in the headline. Did you think I had the date wrong??!! I don't think you even read the text.

I actually considered you might know something I didn't know, but I suspected you took it for the Oct. 4 speech, which you have written about. This speech was difficult to track down (which Carlos did) and I had talked about it on several radio programs.

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