Greece loses, but thinks it's won

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2015-07-05 19:37

Democracy wins!

The childish Greeks who are cheering "victory for democracy" in Athen's Syntagma square tonight don't yet realize that Greece has lost ... or is lost. Greece came into the Eurogroup in 2001 in a weakened state and has been on the receiving end ever since. Yet they are portraying themselves as victims of a system that they forced their way into, thinking only of the benefits to be gained at the outset. When the time inevitably comes to stand up as a responsible partner, Greeks are not up to that and they turn to the communist promises every time. I am very happy, though, about the "No" vote. It's a prayer answered.

The news is still breaking but following are some of the first comments made by responsible Eurozone members and EU national leaders:

German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, leader of Merkel's centre-left Social Democratic junior coalition partner, said it was hard to conceive of fresh negotiations on lending more billions to Athens after Greeks voted against more austerity.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had "torn down the last bridges on which Greece and Europe could have moved towards a compromise," Gabriel told the Tagesspiegel daily.

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Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem, in a letter to his Dutch Labour Party members before Sunday's vote, warned: "Although the government in Athens would like people to think otherwise, it (the referendum) is about the question of whether Greece stays in the Eurozone or not."

*        *        *

"Now one has to ask the question whether Greece would not be better off outside the euro zone," Hans Michelbach, a senior member of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (Merkel's sister party) told Reuters. "Unfortunately, Greece has chosen a path of isolation."

*        *        *

The vote sharpened differences between Greece's few remaining sympathizers in the euro zone - mostly in Italy and France - and hardline countries led by Germany which are fed up with pouring loans into Greece.

Any future negotiation would run up against the hardening of opinion in Germany.

The head of Germany's savings bank association said Greece had broken with the rules of the euro zone and should leave the currency bloc.

The head of the German exporters' body said he could not see how Greece could stay in the euro zone now.

*        *        *

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble (denounced in 'No' campaign posters in Greece as a blood-sucker) has leaned towards making an example of Greece and pushing it towards the exit, sources familiar with his thinking say.

In a weekend newspaper interview, Schaeuble said Athens might consider leaving the currency area temporarily.

*        *        *

Poland's prime minister Ewa Kopacz says that if final results in Greece's bailout referendum are confirmed as a "no" victory, "the path of Greece can be only one: leaving the eurozone."

*        *        *

The Slovak Finance Minister Peter Kazimir said on Sunday,  "The nightmare of 'euro-architects' that a country could leave the club seems like a realistic scenario after Greece voted 'no',"

"Rejection of reforms by Greece cannot mean that they will get the money easier," he said.

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UPDATE 7-6-15:

Differing sharply from the creepy current French President, Socialist Francois Hollande, other French leaders are speaking out.

Former French president Valery Giscard d'Estaing, an architect of Greece's entry into the European Union in 1981 said on Monday that Greece's adoption of the euro in 2001 was a "mistake" as its leaders "neither wanted nor planned to follow eurozone policies" on limiting debt and deficits.

He said "Greece must be put on hold from the euro," since its voters have "abandoned economic union, and therefore indirectly monetary union."

Former prime minister Alain Juppe, a leading candidate for the French presidency in 2017, said Monday that Greece should be helped to leave the euro "without drama".

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And let's remember that Greece used deceit, with the help of New York Jewish bankers (Goldman Sachs to be exact), to lie about their financial balance sheet in order to be accepted into the Euro. So their inevitable failure is not surprising. Feel sorry for the Greeks? Not me! And I'm not alone. For background on this website, see here, here and here.


Well, Greece , like Germany, has lost long time ago...Both are provinces of the Banksters' Empire...and are of course both chained in debt!
Yes, the Greeks may be childish...but so is, also, everybody who does not see the Truth...The inconvenient and ugly truth...
Greece should have bankrupted in 2009! But she was forced instead to reconstruct her debt, placing everything, the whole country as a guarantee, she was forced to accept new loans with harsh away her sovereignity...
The GDP took a loss of 30%, unemployement rose to 30% too, took harsh austerity measures, and all these without a gain and without perspective...Greece is still struggling to breath and it seems like every day can be her last...And this nonsense goes on for 6 years now!
Greece should have bankrupted in 2009. The Banksters should lose money. She shouldn't be forced to do all these things she was forced to. The Europeans should also not give loans to Greece, paying the Banksters and taking the burden...They got enough debts of their own!
Greece was always in heavy debt...Since the War of Independence which should really be named War of (Bank) Enslavement! And she got always these loans with so high rates!
But after she entered the Eurozone, loans became cheaper! That means that while Germany took money with perhaps 0,5%...Greece took money with only a 6% rate...Even so Greece's debt gets double every 12 years!
Whose sick mind's idea was that countries members of the Europeans Union should loan money with such suicidial rates from the "markets"?
Whose sick mind's idea was that European privat banks could loan money from the Central "European" Bank with a rate so low as 0,5% ?...while countries members of the Eurozone could not do this and should loan from the privat banks or the "markets" with a 6% !!!
Anyway! Greece was always borrowing money with so high interests because according to the "laws" of the markets...high risk should have high profits!
The Creditor says "Yeah, you are right that interests are ridiculously high! And yeah you are right when you say that i earned ridiculously much money from you over the years! But you see...Everytime i lend you money, i take the risk to lose my money if you go bankrupt!"
And guess what Carolyn !!! That time came in 2009 !
It is common sense...You cannot have it both ways...Otherwise it is immoral! Greece has paid many times her initial loans...Greece took many loans with 20-30% rates and for so long! Greece has always paid her bills no matter if she bled dry...At this time in 2009...she should not be forced to reconstruct her debts...The usurers should lose money at last and that the risk claims could be justified!
You cannot take an expensive loan because the creditor takes risks and when the time comes for the loan to be paid...the risk just disappears...the whole "bankers universe" conspires so that the creditors are paid in full...and you are left in misery with no chance to pay the money back...and this time you owe money to other countries' peoples! The peoples of Eurozone...
Pure Bankers' Magic ! The leaders of the Eurozone betrayed their own people ! And of course doomed Greece!
Yes, you must be childish if you are a Greek and you are cheering "victory of democracy"!

This "vote for democracy" was a vote by the majority of Greeks for other people (other Europeans) to continue supplementing their standard of living while their own government refuses to carry out the necessary economic REFORMS to make their country more financially/economically sound. Using the word "austerity" is a propaganda ploy. The Greeks have a higher standard of living than many other European nations - they retire earlier and with a more generous pension. The wealthy don't pay taxes - but the European nanny states function on a high-tax system. So Greece either adapts or goes it's own way. They are free to do that but the reason they don't and never will is made clear by looking at the European IQ map

Thankyou for adding some sense to the usual conspiracy rubbish. Greece should leave the Euro as it will not hurt Germany or anyone else. In the end they still have to pay back the debt. By Germany's own calculation they will only lose 3B Euro a year if Greece cannot or will not pay back the money. Who will then take out Greece government bonds as an investment. Nobody in the international community will give them any loans while they have defaulted before.
The Greeks spent the money and lived the high-life. Its time now to pay back the money as the party they had is over. They however think that this means they dont need to pay back the money or that everything is going to be great. Its going to get worst and they just dont seem to see it. 
They really are odd people - always victims.

I don't think they will pay back their debt, no one even expects them to, but they are supposed to be serious about the economic reforms. Since they don't seem able to do that, and they don't want to leave the euro, then things will definitely get worse for them.

If it were me, I would kick them out.

Can you tell me if you are planning on bringing Günter Deckert back again for another interview? It would be great to hear his views about Greece, the Euro and Austrians who want out of the EU and also the whole Pegida issue that I see is coming back but in a different format this time. 

I have not talked to him in a long time, but we know what he would say about Greece. He's already said it in previous programs. He would laugh. I have a lot of other things going on, but I could see it he would be willing to do a skype chat. Shouldn't be too difficult. Be patient.

Greece has more potential to "go it's own way" in every sense than for instance Finland does, although Finland is soon in the same league with Greece economically due to our own ZOG. The IQ map is pretty ridiculous argument. It takes other qualities to make such uprising. Finns have perhaps higher average IQ points, but national character is way more sheeple and adaptive than any southern ones who are more rebellious and outspoken. They have at least Golden Dawn waiting to win the poll next, once Syriza has played it's empty cards. Althought already it's name suggests some masonic influences and it has got some thugs giving bad press.(controlled opposition?)

"Finns have perhaps higher average IQ points"


You expect too much from Golden Dawn, and from the Greek people. Unfortunately.

I just read this under "the latest on Greece":

2:10 p.m. (Brussels time)

Finnish Finance Minister Alexander Stubb has summed up just what is on the line financially for his small country in the Greek negotiations — a whopping 10 percent of Finland's annual budget.

On his way into a meeting with his peers in the 19-country eurozone, Stubb said Greece owes Finland 5 billion euros — a big dent in its budget of 50 billion.

It's also equivalent to 2.5 percent of Finland's annual GDP, he said.

"So a lot is obviously at stake," he said.

The Greeks bring up this German war loan again and again. For what was the loan taken by Germany? I suppose it was to cover the expenses for Greece's occupation, possibly for a Fortress Europa. It's not for Greece's inner affairs hence. Loans are usually connected to certain objectives. The money can also only be paid by the German Reich, which is inactive due to Germany's illegal occupation by the Allies. How come Germany remains afloat even under tremendous pressure since 1945 but Greece isn't? Greece's bankrupcy is also not comparable to Weimar Germany, since there is not reparation extortion. Greece defaults under the pressure of international finance, which all other countries are subject to as well. Germany has such a surplus well of innovation that it's still in the game, while Greece falls.
P.S. Commie Syriza gives empty promises. Golden Dawn already declared that they want the German war debt too. I wonder if they implement German Reich's objectives for the money or not.

Although I don't understand your last sentence.

I have read that the Reich required all occupied nations to pay the occupation expenses to the extent possible, and that this was/is common policy of all occupiers. It's not something only Germany did in Greece.

Isn't Tsipris and his fellow travellers a joke? All he had was a "charm offensive" and when that failed, he held no cards whatsoever. Well, he also had the "blackmail" effort ... to scare the eurozone members that the loss of Greece would kill the whole currency. Even though the media kept up with that idea, I never fell for it.

Germany's objectives in Greece were securing Europe's South-East wing. 

Germany has paid for its occupation in the BRD, in part at least, since 1949 for sure. Article 120 of its Basic Law says so. Are we getting that money back?

Greek communism runs very deep. generational.
My personal encounters with them, they are extremely volatile and dangerous.And that has been here, not in Greece, they are no different from jews in exportation of their revolutionary nature.
But there is a proven way and only way to negate them, beat the absolute snot out of them to the point of near death, crippling them for life.Trust me, it works like a charm.